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Destiny: The Taken King The Sunless Cell Strike – Beat Darkblade

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to complete the Sunless Cell Strike in Destiny: The Taken King. The Sunless Cell is a prison of sorts containing Hive adversary Alak-Hul, the Darkblade.  According to the plot, Alak-Hul rebelled against Oryx and was thrown into the Sunless Cell. You will need to kill this creature.

You begin on the Dreadnaught ship. Follow the waypoint through some corridors until you move into The Founts. Search for an opening in the floor with some enemies. Slaughter these foes from above and then drop down, then battle the Acolytes and Thrall that appear.

Keep pushing forward down the passage and dispose of the Hallowed Wizards. These guys are a bit of a pain, but a weapon with Solar damage will help you destroy them with ease.

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Take down everything that moves and then walk into The Asylum. You’ll see a fancy door locked by magic. You will need to deactivate the batteries to the right and left to open this door. Each battery is near moving platforms, Shriekers and Wizards. We pelted the Wizards with gunfire from range and then used a Void elemental weapon to deal with the Shriekers.  

Now leap across the gap onto the platforms leading to each battery; don’t fall. Hack the batters, kill the Hive and then walk through the unlocked door. Inside you must fight some Taken. Don’t think it’s this easy, because after killing these creatures more waves appear, including a Hive Wizard.  Providing there’s a Nightstalker in your fire team, tell this person to use his or her Shadowshot against the opposition. 

With all foes down, walk over to the side of this room and through the door. This takes you down corridors and then into the Hanging Crypts. Remain atop the staircase and kill the Shriekers from a distance. Battle them all at once or use one team member as bait while the more offensive-minded players attack.

Use the pillars as cover, then pop out to attack the Shriekers. Don’t let those guns cool off, though, because a shielded Wizard and some Taken are about to make things even tougher. 

Take of business and head towards Darkblade’s cell. Kill the Thrall on the way and hop into the void. Hang out on the dimly lit circle and Alak-Hul will eventually show up.

Kill Alak-Hul, Darkblade 

Darkblade brings an axe into this fight, and you’ll die the moment it touches you. Additionally, this boss does not battle solo, as you’ll need to deal with Thrall and Cursed Thrall. What to do? Quickly exterminate these minions while staying away from Darkblade. 

Darkblade is capable of suddenly appearing nearby and killing your fire team in one blow, so spread out to avoid this from happening. On top of that, always check the radar to see where Darkblade is. 

If you feel up to it, walk out of the circle and into the darkness in an attempt to lure Darkblade out. He will occasionally walk into the circle of light, making him easier to see. Since you’ll have trouble targeting him, use weapons with splash damage, like a rocket launcher. A Nightstalker may also use Shadowshot to tether Darkblade to the floor, but this is tough to pull off. 

Best case scenario, have someone battle the Thrall while the other two Guardians deal with Darkblade. Remain spread out to avoid getting ambushed, and revive fallen teammates. 

When his health is low, Darkblade’s helmet comes off. He becomes faster, but by now you should have a sound strategy in place to put this guy in the grave. Congratulations! Collect the loot and move on through The Taken King.

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