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Destiny: The Taken King Shield Brothers Strike – Destroy the Goliath, Kill the Bond Brothers

by Prima Games Staff

This is a step-by-step walkthrough to beating the Shield Brothers Strike in Destiny: The Taken King. During this mission you will board the ship, locate the siege team and destroy the Goliath Tank. Additionally we’ll cover the boss battles against Valus Tlu’urn and Valus Mau’ual. While somewhat difficult, an experienced fire team shouldn’t have much trouble emerging victorious.

You begin inside the Mausoleum, with an objective to Board the Cabal Ship. Start off by moving towards the waypoint. There’s a good chance a few enemies will attempt to thwart your plans, and you’ll want to make them dead. 

Eventually you’ll enter a new location called the Dantalion Exodus VI. From here you must Find the Siege Team. Once again aliens will spawn and you’ll need to put those weapons to excellent use. 

Thus far it’s been a cakewalk, but now you must deal with a Goliath Tank; as expected, your new objective is to Destroy the Tank. Shocking, yes? We suggest hanging out on the balconies above the tank, with the goal of hitting its four legs to score critical damage. The tank will go down for good when all four of those legs are destroyed. 

The new objective is to Reach the Command Deck.  Some backtracking is required, but if you get lost your Ghost will always display the next waypoint. This brings you to a location with Taken, so use some ammo on these guys and continue following those waypoints. 

You’ll find yourself in a circular-shaped room known as the Narthex, and there’s a big structure in the middle of this place. Deploy your Ghost on the other side from which you entered the Narthex. Doing this sets the boss fight against the Shield Brothers in motion. 

Kill the Bond Brothers 

Valus Mau’ual is up first. This Cabal uses his size to bully you around, attempting to squash your Guardian with powerful melee attacks. Keep your distance and blast his head as much as possible for critical damage. Whittle away his health and Valus Mau’ual will leave.

Now it’s Valus Tlu’urn, who relies on rocket attacks to get his point across. Since he doesn’t rely on melee strikes you’re able to get much closer to him than Valus Mau’ual. When he fires rockets, make note of the indicators on the ground and move out of harm’s way. Should he target you specifically, he won’t stop unleashing rockets, which is both good and bad. On the one hand this allows the other fire team members to attack without mercy. On the other, you may have trouble staying alive. To make matters worse, he uses a dome shield (similar to Ward of Dawn) to block your team’s attacks. You will need to wait for this to vanish or run into the shield and hit him with your sword. If you don’t have a sword, see below!

When Valus Tlu’urn’s health is low enough, his brother rejoins the battle. This is by far the most difficult part of this boss fight, and you’ll need to strike back with the new Taken King super abilities. Tell the Hunter (Nightstalker) to use his or her Shadowshot to tether one or both of the bosses. From there, the Stormcaller and Sunbreaker can do all of the damage. Once they’re both down, pick up all of the sweet loot! 

There’s plenty more to experience in the new expansion, so visit Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide, where we tell you how to find the sword and the Dead Ghosts.

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