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Destiny: The Taken King – Regicide Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

Now that you have a piece of Crota’s soul, it is time to fight Oryx and end his reign. This feature will tell you how to beat the Regicide mission in Destiny: The Taken King. You will use Crota’s soul to become Ascendant, allowing your Guardian to enter the Rupture and then battle Oryx. 

You kick things off by entering the Hull Breach on the Dreadnaught ship. Pass through the wrecked ship again and into the Mausoleum. Kill Cabal that get in the way and move towards the Rupture, located in the middle of this area. When you’re in range, the Rupture identifies Crota’s soul and allows safe passage; it must think you are Crota. Head inside the Rupture and it will take you to the Founts. 

Move through this corridor to the Asylum. Along the way you’ll need to kill Taken Hobgoblins sniping you from range. You must destroy all of the enemies so the glowing door opens. When this happens, walk right in. 

Oryx appears as a shadow and says you are unworthy to fight. For now, he spawns bosses you killed a while back, specifically Ta’aun and Baxx, both of which come in via portal. Use the rocks nearby as cover and return fire. There’s a chance Ta’aun will enter the room first, and you have a chance at killing him before Baxx shows up, but you’ll need to be quick.

With these bosses down for good, proceed into another Rupture. Take the yellow corridor towards the Trenchway and wait until a bridge appears. Walk across the gap and then through a narrow doorway. Look for a white flame along the floor. Walk into it and another doorway will open, which leads to the Altar of Oryx. This is it! 

Oryx will consume your Guardian’s Light if you take damage. He also teleports to different platforms. We suggest taking cover behind the barricades. Additionally, Oryx will summon waves of Taken minions to gain the advantage. Quickly destroy these pests, then hit Oryx with everything you have. 

When Oryx is down to roughly a quarter of health, you teleport to a room filled with mist. Oryx uses this mist to sneak around, and is now immune to your attack. Once again Taken will appear and you should kill these creatures immediately. Doing this causes Oryx to leave the mist, letting you get in some shots. A Hunter with Shadowshot can tether Oryx to the ground, which gives the rest of the team a great opportunity to strike. 

Eventually Oryx will go down and the mission ends. Watch the cut scene starring Eris Morn, who talks about Oryx’s sword. When you resume control, head to the Tower and visit the Vanguards, who hand over sweet gear. 

Game over, right? Of course not! You still have Strikes, Patrols and Dead Ghosts to find, so visit Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide for all of this and more.

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