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Destiny: The Taken King – Lost to Light Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

In this feature, we will tell you how to beat the Lost to Light story mission in Destiny: The Taken King. Your primary objective is to steal a piece of crystal housing Crota’s soul at the request of Eris Morn. This means returning to familiar territory on the Moon. 

In the previous mission, Enemy of My Enemy, you discovered Ascendant Hive are the only beings that can enter the Rupture portals. The idea here is to use the sliver of Crota’s soul to become Ascendant, or at the very least fake it the whole way. 

Lost to Light begins on the Moon near the Circle of Bones. From here, you must enter the Chamber of Night and grab the crystal. Start by killing Hive and moving to the waypoint on the screen. If you completed The Dark Below, you know this place well. 

Keep pushing onward while battling Hive and a Wizard while en route. When you reach the Chamber of Night, multiple Thrall will appear and you should kill these critters without hesitation. After doing this, you will see an area filled with bones. 

It’s here where you battle an ogre named Baxx, the Gravekeeper. Deplete its health enough and Oryx will appear and cause Baxx to vanish, giving you a chance to grab the crystal in the middle of this location. Easy, right? 

It seems like the mission is about to end, but things are just picking up. Baxx returns as a member of the Taken, and is now referred to as Oryx’s Hand. On top of that, he brought some buddies. Don’t even bother fighting back. Turn around and run the heck out of there. 

Do whatever it takes to avoid dying at the hands of the Hellmouth; oh, and don’t look behind you! Continue running and you’ll pass through the World’s Grave. When you get there the Taken will lock the door leading out. In order to unlock this door you must pick up a floating black orb (a Relic) called the Tomb Husk and insert it into the area near the door. You’ll find the Tomb Husk on the top platform at the front of this room. You may want to thin enemy ranks before doing this, since you cannot shoot and carry the orb at the same time. 

With the door unlocked, dash into the next room and prepare to mix it up with Acolytes and Taken Knights. There’s another locked door to bypass, but now you need two Relics to unlock it. You’ll find the first on a platform across from the door, all the way on the other side of this area. The second, meanwhile, is inside a short passage on the lower level, on the right. 

Go through the door into the Temple of Crota, which contains the final locked door. Surprise! It requires three Relics! Look for the first orb to your immediate left. The second rests on a platform in the middle of this room. Finally, the third orb is behind a barricade to the right of the locked door. This is obviously much easier if you eliminate the Taken Captains. 

With the door now open, run up the steps into the final area and escape. The mission ends as soon as you go outside. 

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