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Destiny: The Taken King – Last Rites Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to beat the Last Rites story mission in Destiny: The Taken King. You grabbed an empty crystal during the Lost to Light mission, and following The Promethean Code, it’s time to return to the Moon to move one step closer to battling Oryx.

If you experienced the Crota’s End Raid, this scenery will be familiar. Regardless, you’ll find a Dead Ghost left of where you steal part of Crota’s soul, tucked away in a room.

Visit the Moon once again and get ready to dive into the Hellmouth. Your mission is to use the piece of crystal you nabbed earlier to capture a tiny piece of Crota’s soul. Thanks to your new stealth gear, your Guardian should have little trouble sneaking deep into Hive territory.

The action kicks off at the Stills on the Moon. Cross the bridge and move into the light. Your Ghost will automatically activate the cloaking ability the moment you reach the other side. 

Move outside near the Oversoul Throne, the same one featured in the Crota’s End Raid. Although you’ll see Wizards, Swordbearers and other Hive in the area, do not open fire or let them sense you. Carefully sneak past these foes and move to the left area of the bridge. Do not get too close to the aliens because they can sniff out your Guardian. You will see a red mist surrounding the Hive, and the last place you want to be is inside of it. 

Find the Tomb Husk Relic and carry it to the front of the bridge.  The bridge will then appear, allowing you to walk across it and through the glowing doors. Now move down the corridor on the left towards the cry of the Deathsingers. When you reach the end, drop into the hole and walk towards Crota’s Tomb. 

Stay close to the steps on the side of this place to sneak up to Crota’s Tomb and basically extract his essence.  After doing this the Hive are made aware of your presence and you must battle like mad until Eris manages to save your Guardian, thus ending the mission. If you have trouble surviving, stick to the rooms on the opposite side of where you took Crota’s soul, as this lets you funnel Hive into one spot instead of getting hit from all sides.

With this mission complete, proceed to Regicide, or head to Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide

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