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Destiny: The Taken King – How to Beat the King’s Fall Raid

by Bryan Dawson

If you picked up Destiny: The Taken King, then you’re probably about to prepare for the King’s Fall Raid. This Prima Games King’s Fall Raid guide will tell you everything you need to know to clear the raid. Find hidden chests, get through the jumping puzzles and learn how to defeat each boss, including Warpriest, Golgoroth, the Deathsingers, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk and finally Oryx, the Taken King.

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King’s Fall Raid Tips 

  • While you can probably take on Oryx around Light level 285, it’s recommended that you wait until you’re in the area of Light level 300.
  • It’s possible to clear some portions of the raid with less than six people, but we recommended rolling with a fire team of six at all times.
  • When you reach the jumping puzzles, there are no enemies nearby. Equip any gear that gives you an agility boost. The Bones of Eao worked well for our group.
  • You want to make sure you have the Nightstalker subclass and Shadowshot super ability. They’re a big help against many of the bosses because they provide a significant damage boost.
  • Try to use Sniper Rifles when you can. Pick up a 280 variant from the Tower vendor, or go with a weapon with 300 damage.

Opening the Portal

It doesn’t get any easier than opening portals. Split your fire team into three teams of two and head out with the following instructions.

  • Left Side – L1/L2
  • Right Side – R1/R2
  • Adds Control – A1/A2 

L2 and R2 will be your blockers, while L1 and R1 will be carriers. A1 and A2 stay in the main room where you start, and should be shooting the barriers on the left and right, taking out the adds in the hallway with the statue.

You start in the room before the statues for the Court of Oryx. They play a large role in the upcoming strategy. There are two Relics on top of poles. L1 and R1 need to pick them up, and place them on the statue where the black orb is located. This takes care of one of the six statues.

With the clock running, L1 and L2 should head left of the main room and continue through the corridor until they see the next Relic. L1 should grab it while L2 handles any adds that spawn. Once L1 grabs the Relic, L2 should blast the barrier so L1 can head back to the main room. R1 and R2 should follow the same strategy at the same time. In a perfect world, the two Relics will arrive at the statues around the same time. 

In the main room, A1 and A2 should take out all of the enemies. Once a barrier pops up, turn left and right, shooting it open so L1 and R1 can head back with the Relic. A1 and A2 also need to take down the barrier blocking the hallway with the statues. That’s a total of three barriers between the two of them, which allows L1 and R1 to place Relics on the corresponding statue, the second of six. 

Follow this strategy for the remaining statues. Place two Relics in each of the statues, one coming from L1 and the other from R1. If for any reason you can’t get a Relic to the statue in time, you’ll be set back one statue, but you can still continue with the mission.

Once all of that is complete, finish off the enemies from the area where you fight in the Court of Oryx, then head through the portal to complete this portion of the raid. There’s a chest waiting here that usually holds materials, such as Moldering Shards and Wormspore. 

Continue moving forward into a room with multiple and swinging pendulum-like objects. There’s nothing tricky going on here, just jump from one to the next until you reach the far side, then continue forward until you hit the ship jumping puzzle. 

Ship Jumping Puzzle 

Check out your subclass and make sure you have perks with high agility. This will allow you to complete the puzzle without worrying about getting enough height. Don’t worry about using different gear that drops your Light level because there aren’t any enemies in this area. Drop your Light level as far as you need to, then change back to your normal gear once the puzzle is complete. Using the Nightstalker subclass and Bones of Eao, we ended up with a quad jump, making this very easy.

Expert Tip: With one of the swords equipped and at the ready, you can see your Guardian from a third-person perspective, which makes the jumping puzzle significantly easier.

The following directions assume you’re facing the front of the ship you just jumped onto. This means we’ll always assume that your 12 o’clock is the front of the ship, and will tell you where to look/jump based on that. Since the ships you need to jump on are moving, they may not be exactly where we say when you look, but it should give you a good idea of where you need to go. 

To begin, jump on top of the stationary ship in front of you. It will start to move, and you’ll want to move to your 5 o’clock and look for a ship that is approaching from slightly above you (you may even see it at 3 o’clock if you look early enough), but moving to a position below you. When it’s close, jump to it. 

For the second one, you’ll want to look for a ship at your 2 o’clock. When it’s close, jump for it, using your special jumping ability to break your fall and prevent you from taking damage. 

Your third ship will approach from about 9 o’clock, but since it’s moving you can look to the left from your 12 o’clock position and you’ll see it. It’s just a little bit below you, and this jump should be fairly short. 

The ship you’re on now will take you directly toward a platform. Be brave and ride it out, jumping to the platform when you think you can make it. That’s the first leg of this puzzle down. 

From the platform, look for a ship that spawns in and runs parallel just a short jump in front of you. Land on it, then move to the front and face 12 o’clock as we mentioned. Your next ride will spawn in at your 11 o’clock, but again this is a short jump. 

Move to the very back of this ship, but face 12 o’clock again. You will see a ship pass incredibly close to you, and common sense would tell you to jump on it. Do not do this, however, instead waiting for the next ship that will appear at your 1 o’clock the moment the first is out of your field of view. 

As always, move to the 12 o’clock point we spoke of on the ship, and as soon as another spawns in at your 1 o’clock high, jump to it.

The second to last ship you need to jump on will spawn in at 11 o’clock, but within a second will be at your 12 o’clock. Jump from a short distance back, allowing you to get the height required to make it on top. 

This ship will be your longest ride, as the last ship you need to jump on will test your patience. Face 12 o’clock once again, but this time ride this ship for approximately 22 or 23 seconds. A few ships will pass in front of you, but the one you want will spawn in just a second before the one you’re standing on fades away. This ship you seek will appear at your 1 o’clock, so jump to and ride it close to the platform. When you think you can make it, hop over and put your feet back on solid ground once again.

The next part is actually quite easy, but we’re going to complicate it for you so you can get your hands on a hidden chest. From the platform you landed on, make your way up the left or right stairs, and then clear out all the Hive on the opposite side. You will see a ship sitting idle in front of you, and at the top of the stairs leading to it will be a plates, also on the left and right sides.

Four members of your fire team are going to jump on the stationary ship  sitting a little ways in front of you, and two are going to occupy the two plates. This will accomplish two things. One is that it will drop the barrier in front of you, and the second is that it will open the door that leads to the secret chest. 

The group on the ship will be looking toward the wall that is to the left of the barrier. Running horizontally along that wall will be a small ledge, with another ledge that looks to be on about a 45 degree angle. When you think you’re close enough, run and jump (paging Bones of Eao) to the horizontal ledge, and then carefully ascend to the one on an upward angle. Part way to the top you will notice an alcove that you can jump into, and in that alcove will be a doorway that will be open, assuming your two trailing teammates are still sitting on the plates back where your ship originated.

The chest is on a timer, but you should be safe as long as nobody has gone to watch an episode of the Big Bang Theory. Once the first four have looted it, they need to drop down, clear out the adds and then stand on the two plates on their side. That will allow your two remaining team members to follow the same path you did and pass through the door to the secret chest. 

Once your fire team has regrouped and taken a celebratory photo, head into the hallway where the Shrieker was. Just behind its location, on a ledge attached to the giant structure in the middle is a Calcified Fragment. Be sure to grab that. 

From here, it’s pretty simple stuff for a few moments. Just jump into the upward energy stream and ride it to the top (don’t move around in it or you’ll get stuck). 

Power the Glyph 

The door in front of you will open, and there are some things you’ll want to take note of. First of all, you’ll see some Hive that appear to be worshiping, and they are not to be touched until you’re ready to kick off this portion of the Raid. The second item of interest is a plate in the middle of the room, and that is of great importance. The third thing you’ll see is a big door in front of you, with some symbols running up the side. That’s basically your progress bar. Finally, to the left and right you will see two Relics (one on each side), and beyond those more plates. 

Before you begin, split your team into two teams of three.

  • Left Side – L1/L2/L3
  • Right Side – R1/R2/R3 

We’ll tell you what L1, L2 and L3 need to do, and really you just copy this exact formula on the right side. Also, be sure you switch back to the gear with your highest Light level, and even consider configuring your subclass so that you have maximum toughness. Deaths in this section are almost always going to result in your squad wiping, so be sure you can all take a beating. 

To begin, L1 (remember, R1 does the exact same thing at exactly the same time on their side) will run down and pass over the Relic. This will give them something called the Brand of the Weaver, and a 30 second timer that’s counting down. Also in the bottom left of your HUD will be a message that the Annihilator Totems awaken

While all of this is happening, L2 should be following L1 and sticking to them like glue, and L3 will be back in the main room, on the steps with the plate in front of them. L3 is currently in charge of killing all the adds in that center area. 

L1 and L2 will run forward and stand on the plate beyond where the Relic was picked up. All you have to do at this point is clear enemies and wait for the Brand of the Weaver timer to run out. When it does, L1 will have a message that says Aura of the Weaver, and another that says Deathsinger’s Power x 10. L2 will now have the Brand of the Weaver and a 30 second countdown timer. 

L1 will now leave L2, but L2 must be standing on the left side plate. L1 will run to the center room and then stand on the plate in there. As this is happening, L3 will quickly rotate out of the center room and join L2 on the left side plate. 

As L1 is standing on the center plate, they will notice that the Deathsinger’s Power will begin reducing, and continue until it is completely gone. When it is, they will move back to the steps and clear out enemies.

Remember how L2 picked up the Brand of the Weaver? Well, when their timer runs out they will also get the Deathsinger’s Power, and must then pass the Brand of the Weaver off to L3, who is rotating in from the center room. L2 will then run to the center and stand on the plate until the Deathsinger’s Power is all gone, and then move back to the steps. 

That is pretty much the entire process. One team member will always be in the center room, losing the Deathsinger’s Power by standing on the plate. One team member will have the Brand of the Weaver while standing on the left side plate, and one team member will be moving from the center room to the left side plate in order to take the Brand of the Weaver from someone else. You just continue to rotate L1 to L3, L3 to L2, and then L2 to L1. Continue this process until the symbols to the left and right of the giant center door are fully lit up, and a message appears on-screen that says the Warpriest deems you worthy. 

Before you move forward, make sure to loot the chest in the middle of the room. We got the Kingslayer Shell from it, a 300+ Ghost that looks beyond cool when you bring it up. You’re also likely to get more of the Moldering Shards, as well as the Wormspore that you’ll need to upgrade certain Taken King items.

Defeat the Warpriest 

The Warpriest is the first difficult boss encounter of the Raid. Expect to die against this boss multiple times before you finally score a win. Allow yourself to make mistakes so you can learn from the process and improve with each additional run. Once again, it’s time to divide your team.

  • Left Team – L1/L2
  • Center Team – C1/C2
  • Right Team – R1/R2

Your team should be divided between the three plates in the room. The left one is the highest, the center plate is the lowest, and the right plate is in close proximity to the stairs. L1/L2 and C1/C2 should stay together, with one person stepping on the plate at the designated time, meanwhile R1/R2 should split up. In order to keep everything clear you should designate L1, C1 and R1 as your plate members. L2 and C2 should support their partners, and R2 should be positioned in the room to the right of the Warpriest (from the perspective of looking in his direction). 

The ideal situation is to have your best fire team member stepping on the plates. This is the most important job and you want to make sure the right person is taking care of it. 

The way the Warpriest works is probably a little easier than you may be expecting. First off, have R2 head to the area right of where the Warpriest stands when he enters. Their job is to look at the back of the glyphs in the room. When the glyphs light up only R2 will be able to see it. They relay the order that L1, C1 and R1 need to step on the plates, mimicking the order that the glyphs light up. 

To kick the fight off initially, have L1, C1 and R1 step on the plates. This brings out the Warpriest and also spawns a few enemies. Quickly start taking down the enemies, with a focus on Adepts and Wizards, followed by the Knights. There’s one of each for each two-person team in the room. Once the enemies are taken care of, R2 should watch the back of the glyphs (the side facing the Warpriest) and relay the order they light up to the assigned fire team members. The order may be random, so every person needs to be ready. If plates are stepped on in the wrong order, everyone must step off the plates and start over again. 

Step on the plates in the correct order and the final person who steps on a plate will get a Brand of the Initiate buff. Every team member must stand within the radius of the Brand of Initiate to inflict damage to the boss. In addition, the Brand of the Initiate holder should focus on their own specific task. 

The fire team member that holds the Brand of the Initiate will see a 10 second timer with an x4 beside it. Once the timer reaches zero, the fire team member holding the Brand of the Initiate will die. In order to avoid this death, that player must kill one enemy before the timer expires. This changes the x4 to an x3, and resets the time back to 10 seconds, allowing the team member to kill another add before the timer expires again. Continue this process until you complete the final 10 second timer puzzle.

The remaining fire team members can only damage the Warpriest while the Brand of the Initiate is active. In addition, they must be within the radius. If the fire team member holding the Brand of the Initiate kills an add with the timer about to hit zero, your fire team will end up with roughly 50 seconds to inflict damage on the boss. If an add is killed with only five seconds left, the team only has roughly 25 seconds. As you can see, the person holding the Brand of the initiate should wait until the last possible moment to kill each add. This gives the team as much time as possible to finish off the boss.

The fire team member holding the Brand of the Initiate should count down with the timer during the last 10 seconds. Your team will need to be prepared for the Warpriest to call upon the Oculus. This is the giant ball above the Warpriest’s current position. During this time, huddle together and hide behind one of the glyphs. This is the only action that will save you from certain death during this sequence. The reason why you have to huddle behind a single glyph is because it will be destroyed. If you hide behind all three glyphs, you’ll have nowhere to hide after a single run. Use the center glyph for the first run, the right glyph the second run, and the left glyph for the final run. The left glyph is easier the most difficult and if you’re working together well you probably won’t even need it. 

Once the Oculus is down, your teams should reset. L1 and L2 to the left, C1 and C2 to the center, and R1 and R2 to the right. R2 should head back to the room to the right of the Warpriest. You now must slaughter more Adept’s, Wizards and Knights, then prepare to repeat the entire process once again. Once the Brand of the Initiate is finally gone, your team should huddle behind either the center or right glyph, depending on which one is currently still in place. 

This process changes a bit once you have survived a second round with the Oculus. Now you must deal with the Taken, but everything else is fairly similar. Continue to kill all of the adds, but be aware the Knights you kill are now on the three plates. Take them out quickly, then R2 should read off the order plates again. This results in another team member getting the Brand of the Initiate, and you should once again huddle up within its radius and start inflicting damage to the Warpriest. 

At best you’ll have one more shot after this attempt, because there are only three glyphs that can save you from the Oculus. Most fire teams will likely defeat the Warpriest on the third attempt, so the Oculus won’t even spawn a third time. That should be the goal you’re aiming for, but if you fall short, the fight is still very similar to what we’ve described above. 

Golgoroth’s Cellar 

This part of the Raid lacks combat, so you can take a bit of a breather and let us help you navigate. You’ll need it, as Golgoroth’s Cellar is extremely dark, and full of holes. While you’re down here you’ll have three tasks to complete as a Fireteam. 

  • Find the Calcified Fragment
  • Open the materials chest
  • Navigate out of Golgoroth’s Cellar 

If all you want to do is get through Golgoroth’s Cellar, take the first right and head down the hallway. Turn left at the end of the hallway, then take the next left, followed by the next right. This places you on a straight shot to leave Golgoroth’s Cellar and start the boss fight. 

If you’re here in search of the Calcified Fragment, from the starting point take the first left and continue down the hallway until you can go left again. You’ll find the Calcified Fragment in the far right corner.

Now getting the material chest open is an entirely different problem, but we’ve got directions for you, once again from the starting point. 

Plate 1 – Take the first right, followed by the next left, then take another left, and continue down the hallway. Head through the door on the left to find the entrance to the plate via a hole above the door. Climb up the nearby rock and jump through the hole to find the plate. If you’re having any issues, turn up your agility and use your subclass.

Plate 2 – Take the first right, then another right once you’ve reached the end. The plate is found in the corner. 

Plate 3 – Take your first left, then continue down the hallway until you reach the end. The plate is located in the alcove to the left, near the Calcified Fragment. 

Plate 4 – This plate is easily the hardest to reach. Once again, from the starting point take the first right, then left again when you reach the end of the corridor. Take the next left, then your next right, and take a second right at the upcoming junction, then follow the corridor to the end. Head right to find a short passage leading to the plate. 

Loot Chest – Upon entering Golgoroth’s Cellar, take the first right, then go left. Take a second left, and continue down the corridor until you see a hole in the ground. Enter the door to the left of the hole, and when the plates are properly activated the door opens to reveal a secret chest.

The way the secret chest works is that players must step on the plates in order. We actually gave you the directions to each one in the order that you need to step on them, but in case you get confused, here is all you need to know. 

Have one player step on a plate, listening for a single sound. If you hear it, that was correct. If the sound is ongoing and extremely annoying, you messed up. Have everyone step off, then start the sequence again with someone else. Just keep working your way through, using the single sound as the indicator that you’re doing things correctly. Again, our order should work, but it’s always nice to have a backup plan. 

As you leave the secret chest room, the way out of the cellar is actually straight ahead. Just go that way, watching out for at least three death pits along the path. 

Defeat Golgoroth 

For Oryx’s next trick, you get a boss fight against an angry Ogre named Golgoroth. He is a tricky one, and you’ll need Guardians who can do some pretty big damage. Up to this point you could get by with about 280 to 285 Light, but now you’ll need to think about hitting 285 to 295, if not more. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple members pushing or past 300 Light.

We’re dividing your team up again, as you might have expected. 

  • Left Gaze – L1
  • Right Gaze – R1
  • Damage – D1/D2/D3/D4 

Upon entering the room there’s an orb-like object hanging from the ceiling near the center. Destroy the orb to initiate the battle, but it will be replaced by six more orb-like objects. Three of the orbs are on the left, with the remaining three on the right. If you take down one orb, a Pool of Reclaimed Light drops which gives you a damage buff against Golgoroth when shooting his belly (critical hit spot). Unfortunately, you must stand in the pit, inside the pool if you wish to use the buff. This is the job for D1-D4, and they will be able to output the highest percentage of damage on your team. 

L1 and R1 should be along the sides, handling Golgoroth’s Gaze. This mechanic works with L1 shooting Golgoroth’s back. When they do this he turns to face that fire team member for 30 seconds, focusing only on that individual. This allows D1-D4 to stand in the pit safely and dish out significant damage to Golgoroth’s belly. When the timer is about to expire, R1 should shoot Golgoroth’s back, redirecting his gaze for another 30 seconds. If no one captures Golgoroth’s gaze, the team in the pit needs to vacate the area as quickly as possible. 

The team positioned in the pit has it pretty easy compared to the team outside the pit, but it’s not all fun and games. Cursed Thrall approach throughout the duration of the battle, which is why you should have one team member (presumably the person with the lowest Light level) deal with them exclusively. This allows the remaining team members to focus on inflicting damage to the boss. For weapon, if you have them, use Sniper Rifles with 300 Attack values. Otherwise, Sniper Rifles with the highest value available will have to do. When you run out of ammo, switch to a high-powered Primary or Machine Gun. 

Of course, in order to cause damage the team in the pit must destroy the orbs that are hanging from the roof. This is where teamwork and coordination are key. Let’s say that L1 captures Golgoroth’s gaze first. That means D1-D4 need to destroy the front left orb, then move to it to cause damage. When R1 is about to capture his gaze, they need to destroy the front right. The goal here is to move through all six orbs before having to leave the pit. When you do that you’ll have to repeat the process from the beginning. 

Before we give you a sample run, there is one more mechanic you should know about. There is a glyph behind Golgoroth that has symbols on it, and each time someone dies one lights up. As soon as you rack up six deaths, you’re done. There is no beating this mechanic. You must stay alive. 

To recap and put it together for you. Enter the area and shoot the large orb on the ceiling. Golgoroth will come out and spawn adds. You kill all of the adds, collect your ammunition, and then have L1 capture his gaze at exactly the same time as the front left orb is destroyed. D1-D4 enter the pit and start using high powered Sniper Rifles to land critical hits. When R1 is about to capture the Golgoroth’s Gaze, D1-D4 will take out the front right orb, move to it, and continue to land critical damage. You repeat this until someone fails to capture his gaze, or you run out of orbs to create the Pool of Reclaimed Light. Exit the pit and deal with the next wave of adds, and then start the process all over again.

The only remaining things you need to be aware of are the Taken spawning in when Golgoroth’s health dips too low (we want to say about 30 percent), and enraging him, which causes your screens to go black until your squad wipes. Also, Hunters with Shadowshot are amazing here, as they allow increased damage to Golgoroth when you’re in the pit. 

Take the big man down, and then scour his body for your loot. You should get something good, but we’ve all been ripped off by RNG enough to know that there are no guarantees. 

Transept Jump Puzzle 

Leave the area that you fought Golgoroth by using the tunnel that’s behind where he was standing. Go straight through two doors, then turn to your left. On a shelf to the left is another Calcified Fragment that you’ll want to snag if you have dreams of getting your hands on the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle.

Backtrack into the room with the spinning device in the middle, walking around it and taking the door on the opposite side from where you found the Calcified Fragment. This will eventually lead to a ledge, and the final Calcified Fragment of the Raid. If you stand on the ledge and look down, there will be another ledge directly below you. While looking down, the Calcified Fragment is to your right, just beside that very annoying device that likes to shoot out of the wall and mess up your jump puzzle. 

We’re not going to help you too much with the jump puzzle, as it’s really not that hard to figure out. We would suggest, however, that you turn your agility up, and use armor pieces that give you increased agility or even more jumps. As a Hunter, we used the triple jump with our Nightstalker, and then threw on the Bones of Eao to give us a fourth jump. Just make sure to re-configure your subclass when you reach the next section, allowing you to take damage like a champion again. 

Make your way along the ledges in the only direction that makes sense, which is away from the Calcified Fragment that you picked up. Eventually you’ll reach a plate, and across the gap you’ll see another. There is actually a third beyond that one, and these are the keys to you getting across. Have one person stand on the first plate, and then send at least two members across to the second. Have one person stand on that one, and then send the third person across to the final plate. Make sure you’ll all standing on the three plates at the same time, locking the bridges in place so that everyone can get across. You can now all step off the plates and the bridges will not disappear.

Looking out over the gap from the first plate you’ll see a large support beam to your right. That beam can be jumped on, and it’s the key to finding a secret chest. You’ll have to use your Ghost to reveal more hidden bridges, but the doorway to the secret chest is across from the first plate, high up on the wall to your right. When you have the secret chest (for us it’s only dropped materials), head back down and make your way over to the third plate. You’ll have to continue jumping from platform to platform to proceed, but it’s pretty hard to go the wrong way. 

When you reach the end you’ll find another room, and you’ll have to jump from ledge to ledge to get to the top. This one is pretty simple, and should only take you a moment to navigate. When your fire team is all at the top and safe, the time will have come to kill Oryx’s daughters. 

Defeat the Daughters of Oryx

You’ve killed his son, Crota, and you plan on killing him, so you might as well take out Oryx’s daughters while you’re at it. Ir Halak and Ir Anuk are Deathsingers, and their fight can be a very short one if you get things right on your first attempt. There are also a lot of ways to mess up, so expect to spend some time learning the mechanics and getting your squad on the same page.

Let’s start by explaining the basics. First of all, you can see the Deathsingers on top of two platforms, with one having a haze around her and the other not. 

Secondly, from where you entered the area, look to the far end along the middle path. That is where you will stand as a fire team to do damage to the Deathsingers when the time comes. Your squad will need to meet in that location. 

As you’re entering the area, one of your teammates needs to report their screen changing to black and white, along with a message stating Torn Between Dimensions. This is a randomly selected team member, so you need to have a versatile team to get a win here.

There are also four plates with an orb above one of the plates. Four of your team members should stand on the platforms below the plates, with one person where you entered the area taking care of any add that spawn, and the person Torn Between Dimensions with the plate that is furthest from the orb in the sky if they were to travel in a counter-clockwise fashion. If the orb is hovering over the far right plate, the person who is Torn Between Dimensions should start on the far left plate, then move to the front left, followed by the front right, and finally collect the orb at the far right. 

Have four members of your fire team stand on the platforms below each of the four plates. The add control teammate should get into position close to the entrance. Have the person Torn Between Dimensions standing at the plate furthest from the orb. If the orb is hovering above the far right plate, the person Torn Between Dimensions would stand at the far left plate. 

The person directly below the far left plate should jump on top of it, then the person Torn Between Dimensions should join them. The fire team member positioned at the front left plate should jump on their plate, and next the person at the front right. Finally, the person at the far right should jump on their plate. While all of this is going down, the person Torn Between Dimensions should be jumping from one platform to the next while forming in front of them above the plates. During all of this they should have a Hymn of Weaving message on-screen and a 60 second timer that’s counting down. 

When player Torn Between Dimensions reaches the orb they will get a Brand Claimer message. From here they will be able to jump to one of the two platforms containing the Deathsingers. The Deathsinger that does not have fire around them is the target. Jump to their platform, pressing the Square or X button depending on your console. This will give that person the Brand of Unraveling

As soon as the person who was Torn Between Dimensions grabs the orb, every other member of the fire team should meet at the back of the room along the center path. Huddle close to the person who carries the Hymn of Weaving and Brand of Unraveling, damaging the Deathsinger that isn’t surrounded by fire and nonsense. Get her to at least half heath, and then focus on killing adds. You don’t need to kill her, so just do half damage and then clean the area around you. 

The process will continue like this for the rest of the fight, with a random person being chosen to be Torn Between Dimensions each time. The orb will also move, so adjust your strategy accordingly. Make sure that every plate is covered, and each member jumps on their plate in the correct order. If you do half of the damage to each Deathsinger each run, it will require four successful runs to finish this fight, and then you get some loot, as well as a date with the Taken King, Oryx.

Defeat Oryx, the Taken King 

The final fight really isn’t that much different from the previous one, with the bonus that you get to choose the player who will take on the duties of the plate jumping madness. Start by having four players occupy the platforms below each of the four plates, and one player standing on the platform where one of the Deathsingers was previously located. The sixth player in your squad will be going for the orb, only things will be just slightly different than before. 

You still have to approach the orb from the farthest plate, moving in a counter-clockwise direction to get to it. If the orb is above the back right plate, the player going for it will start at the back left, working their way around to it. When they have it, all players will meet in the middle of the map, between the two platforms where the Deathsingers were. You’ll cheat to one side or another, peeking out to damage Oryx from here. 

The only difference in starting the plates off is that the person going for the orb must be the first person to jump on a plate, as that is how they are chosen for the task. The four players who occupy the plates are going to have to deal with Light-Eater Ogres, and these beasts are very important.

When you kill the Ogre closest to your plate, you will see a black orb form where it died. Avoid this until we tell you, but keep its location fresh in your mind. 

When the person going for the orb has it, all Ogres need to be down, at which point the fire team will meet in the middle, killing a lone Knight that is there. At this point they will huddle together, and wait for Oryx to open his stomach, and for a loud boom that comes from it. As soon as you hear that sound, shoot his stomach with every Sniper Rifle round you can fit into one magazine. These weapons need to be getting close to 300 Attack, and you should be close to 300 Light. If you deal enough damage you will stagger Oryx, and if you do not he will kill your entire team.

If you stagger Oryx, each member of your plate team needs to go back to where their Ogre died, standing close to it until they first see a message that says Channeling Reclaimed Light, and then that they have detonated a Corrupted Light. As soon as players see that, they need to meet back in the middle and hit Oryx with another full magazine of Sniper Rifle fire. You don’t have a second to spare, so move as quickly as you can. 

If all went well (and that’s a big if), players will now need to run counter-clockwise circles around their plates. This is to avoid incoming fire. When the fire stops, you can then have your entire fire team reset and repeat the process all over again. This is how you finish the fight, except for two more points that you need to be mindful of.

After getting Oryx’s health to 50 percent, he replaces the need for running around plates with teleporting Guardians into the Darkness Dimension. Here you see the Shade of Oryx, and the longer this beast survives the more Guardians end up inside. Take it down quickly using super abilities to finish the battle. Once the Shade of Oryx falls, reset your positions back to where you were at the start of the boss battle. 

The other mechanic to watch out for is when you take down all of Oryx’s health. Once you do, stack in the middle of the area and look toward the far side of the map from where you entered. Oryx pops up one final time, and you must inflict enough damage to finish him off once and for all. Failing to do so results in your entire team wiping and the fight resetting from the beginning. 

Assuming everything was done correctly, this completes the Raid. You should have found all of the chests we currently know about, plus all five Calcified Fragments. Congratulations!

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