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Destiny: The Taken King Fallen Saber Strike –Defend the Warsat, Destroy Saber-2

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome, Guardian! This article will guide you through the Fall Saber Strike in Bungie’s new Destiny expansion, The Taken King. During this Strike, you will defend Warsat, disrupt Rasputin’s defenses, shit down the power and finally, take down the large Shank known as Saber-2. Team with whomever you like, but we suggest creating a fire team where each person is a different class, specializing in the new Taken King subclasses.

When the Strike begins, hop on your Sparrow and (this will sound crazy) sail off the cliff edge into the water. Look directly ahead and you’ll see a hill. Go around it and stick to the path running along the coast. If for any reason you get lost, ask your Ghost for help and head towards the waypoints.  You will arrive at the Grottos.

These waypoints lead to the Warsat, where Rasputin appears from Orbit. The exact location is on top of a cliff where the Grotto path ends. When the Warsat appears, do whatever it takes to protect it from Taken. Make sure you remain inside the ring and fight enemies until the progress hits 100. When this happens, fall off the cliff edge and go into the Mine. 

Continue following the waypoints on your HUD and you will enter a room featuring catwalks on both the left and right sides. Additionally, you’ll see a path in the middle, which takes you to a giant pillar. The current objective is to Disrupt Rasputin’s Defenses. First, though, you must kill the Vandals, Exploder Shanks and other Fallen enemies that show up.

When all of these aliens are dead, travel to the farthest end of the area (on the other side of that pillar) and keep an eye out for a message that informs you that the coolant vent is exposed. A hole will appear and you must chuck a grenade into it. Disrupt Rasputin’s Defenses indeed! 

Do an about face and move to the other side of the room from which you originally entered. When you reach the entranceway, go left and look for a ventilation shaft. Climb inside and then blast the loose panel to fall down. 

New objective, Shut Down the Power. There’s a room with an electric current moving left to right. Instruct one of the other players to go left towards the waypoint. He or she will discover a Relic, and this person should collect it and then head to the next waypoint, which allows them to insert the Relic to shut off the power. Having trouble? Tell one person to go after the Relic while you and a buddy deal with the spawning Exploder Shanks. 

Fight through the bunker while moving towards the next waypoints and slaughtering enemies. Gather whatever ammunition you find and then slide down the slanted wall. It’s boss fight time. 

Destroy the Saber-2

This room contains two key areas. The first is to your right as soon as you fall into the room. To find the other, travel counter-clockwise until you reach the next wall. Which area should you choose? It’s entirely dependent on where the Saber-2 is located, and you must remain a safe distance away.

When the Shank appears hit it with everything you have, but be on the lookout for pesky Shanks spawning into this section of the map. If the Saber-2 bears its teeth, blast this area for critical damage. 

Since you took our advice and brought the new subclasses to this boss battle, tell the Hunter: Nightstalker to tether Saber-2 to the floor with his or her Shadowshot. Now let the Stormcaller and Sunbreaker unleash their super abilities. This boss should go down without much of a hassle. 

You’re done with this Strike, but now with the new expansion. Head to Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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