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Destiny: The Taken King – The Dreadnaught Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

This is a step-by-step walkthrough of The Dreadnaught, the third story mission in Destiny: The Taken King. It marks the first time you’ll explore Oryx’s ship, and your primary objective is to take down the Dreadnaught’s Death Star like super weapon, the same one that shredded the Awoken during the intro scene. 

Watch the cinematic where you arrive on the Dreadnaught via Eris Morn’s ship. Although the stealth drive malfunctions and the ship gets obliterated, you somehow make it onto the Dreadnaught unscathed. 

Proceed forward into the trench and then go left. First up, you must track down the weapon’s power source. This place is huge, but thanks to your Ghost, you merely have to follow the waypoints, or sneak around if you wish. There are a variety of Calcified Fragments to find, so take your time. 

While walking towards the waypoints, you’ll see a ball of light disappearing around corners and down corridors. You first saw it during the first story mission, The Coming War, while exploring the Cabal base on Phobos. Make sure you follow it. 

The orb leads you to a bridge that suddenly vanishes. Fortunately your Ghost will illuminate these invisible platforms to help guide you across. You will, however, need to do some careful platform hopping to avoid falling to your death. Do your bet Indiana Jones impression from The Last Crusade and step along these semi-transparent platforms.

Go right and then left through the hallway. Crouch and enter the tiny opening on the left, which brings you to an area with some Thrall. Kill these guys and go through another small opening until you step into the Hall of Souls. 

Another chasm! Use your Ghost to reveal more platforms and cross the bridge. Stick to the left and you’ll discover one of the Dreadnaught weapon’s power sources. Scan and then blast this object to bring it down. Two more to go! 

Bringing down the power source causes Taken to appear. Slaughter everything that moves and travel across the red walkway to the second power source. Kill the Taken surrounding it and then disable this power source similar to the first.

When you reach the weird chandelier (Oryx has a unique taste), cross yet another bridge and then follow the waypoint right. More enemies appear, with the remaining power source in sight. Destroy the Taken (including two Tortured Wizards) and eliminate the final source of power. 

Congratulations! You successfully deactivated the Dreadnaught weapon, but there’s still more to do. Now you must secure the transmat zone. Proceed through more corridors and you walk into the Hull Breach, where the Cabal are currently battling Hive. Go towards the waypoint but pay close attention to enemy locations. Kill creatures that get in your way while also utilizing cover.

When you’re at the transmat zone, put a beacon on the highlighted area and then get ready to square off against a Goliath Tank. Take out its legs for critical damage and use rockets (we hope you have a rocket launcher) until the thing explodes. When the tank goes down, the mission ends.

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