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Destiny: The Taken King – Cayde’s Stash Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

Cayde’s Stash is the second story mission in Destiny: The Taken King. Before taking part in this quest, visit the Tower and meet the Vanguard, who hands over a new class item for your Guardian. Now go to Orbit, then Earth and select Cayde’s Stash, where you must find the stealth drive in order to sneak into Oryx’s Dreadnaught ship.

When you land on Earth, move forward and kill the Taken nearby. When they’re dead, proceed to the Devil’s Lair, making note of the mysterious and sparkling space debris. Walk up some steps until you enter the area where you took down Sepiks Prime, presumably hours upon hours ago depending on how long you’ve played Destiny. Slaughter more Taken, then walk through the vault door.

Go inside of the vault and take the walkway near the room’s edge. Enter through the door on the right and you’ll be in the Devil’s Spire. Time to battle Taken Thrall, and there’s a chance you’ll waste some ammo during the fight because these guys have a tendency to quickly change direction. Short, controlled bursts Guardian!

With the Thrall deceased, walk into the old looking elevator located where the Thrall originally appeared. Next stop, top of the Cosmodrome!

Your next objective is to reroute the power to manipulate the bridge. Look for a nearby staircase and walk up these steps. Carefully jump to the top area and put those hacking skills to use. Well, press the one button that allows you to hack the power box, then watch as the bridge moves into its new position.

Cross this bridge and go into the colony ship, where Taken Vandals and Thrall await. Be especially aware of the Vandal hanging out high above on the walkway. He only has one job, to snipe you at all costs, and he’s crazy accurate. Kill him immediately.

Give the Taken a beat down and take the short path to walk up this colony ship. Now it’s time to jump on a series of platforms outside to another vault door. If this proves tricky, pan the camera down some so you know where to land. Additionally, be extra careful when you reach this open door, because the Taken Phalanx guarding it will use its shield to push you off the edge to your doom. You will, thankfully, respawn close by.

Kill the Phalanx and go into the room. Use the platforms to reach the top of the ship while slaughtering more Fallen. You’ll come to a place requiring you to crouch and then go through a small opening. Use the metal beams and move in the right direction, and do this slowly to avoid plummeting to the ground below.

Take the corridors leading further upward and you will see a glowing light shaft. Proceed into the light (don’t worry, you will survive) and it will take you all the way to the top.

Unfortunately it brings you into an arena where you’ll battle a new form of Taken, the Echo of Oryx.  Providing you’re a high level Destiny player, he won’t pose much of a challenge.

When he’s down, go after the stealth drive. Use your Ghost to scan the container in the corner, which not only reveals the drive but also ends this story mission. Watch the cut scene and continue your adventure through the galaxy!

Continue inching towards the final confrontation with Oryx in the next story mission, The Dreadnaught, or visit Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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