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Destiny: The Taken King – Calcified Fragment Locations

by Prima Games Staff

This Destiny feature will tell you where to find the Calcified Fragments aboard the Dreadnaught in The Taken King. Calcified Fragments are new Grimoire collectibles in Bungie’s latest expansion. They reveal new pieces to the plot, and in one of the early quests, Eris Morn asks you to locate five Calcified Fragments and bring them to her at the Tower.

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Similar to Dead Ghosts, these things are small and easily missed, but thanks to the Destiny Reddit community and YouTube member tassssssssss, you’ll have little trouble stuffing your virtual pockets with Calcified Fragments. 

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Calcified Fragment XVI 

Look for this Calcified Fragment at the beginning of The Dreadnaught mission (Level 28 Story), which is the first time you step foot on Oryx’s ship. Immediately head to the left and pan the camera down until you see banners fluttering in the wind. Carefully drop down, move forward a bit and you can’t miss the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment XVII

Close to the start of The Dreadnaught mission you enter a rather large area. Go left and when you reach the end hang a right. Proceed down the corridor and look left to spot the Calcified Fragment. 

Calcified Fragment XV

While on The Dreadnaught mission, you’ll need to use your Ghost to illuminate invisible platforms. Do this and carefully hop to the other side of the area. From there, pull out your Ghost to scan a worm, then look right and make note of the tilted pillars. There’s a Calcified Fragment on top.

Calcified Fragment XIX

Sticking to The Dreadnaught mission, proceed across those invisible platforms and then walk past the room you should enter until you come to another platform. Use the Ghost to reveal a safe place to land and head to the other side. Now take the hallway on the right. The Fragment is at the end.

Calcified Fragment XX

You must be on The Dreadnaught story mission to find this Calcified Fragment. When you reach the disappearing platforms, proceed straight and when you reach the other side go left until you come to the edge. Call upon your Ghost and it will reveal a new path leading to the area you came from, but to the right; when the platforms fork, stay to the left. Go into this new location and keep left to see the Fragment near a pillar.

Calcified Fragment XIV

While on The Dreadnaught mission, wait until the game asks you to scan the worm with your Ghost. Proceed forward a bit until you see the tiny opening on the right. Crouch to enter the room and move forward but slightly to the right until you come to another small opening. Crouch to go through, turn left and run to the end of this area. You’ll see the Calcified Fragment beneath some pillars.

Calcified Fragment XII

While on The Dreadnaught mission, enter the Hall of Souls. Cross the series of invisible platforms and go into the first room on the right. Look for some pillars against a wall on the left. You’ll find the Fragment stuck to the wall on the left. It’s wedged in there pretty good, so you’ll need to hop onto the pillars and do some careful jumping to reach it.

Calcified Fragment XI

During The Dreadnaught mission, go into th Hall of Souls. Navigate across the invisible platforms and then enter the first room to your right.When you reach the power source to deactivate the Dreadnaught’s weapon, look for a platform high above your location; if the mini boss spawns you went in the wrong direction. Use your Ghost to reveal invisible platforms leading up and the Fragment is close by.

Calcified Fragment X

Sticking with The Dreadnaught mission, head into the Hall of Souls, where the objective is to take down the power sources to eliminate the ship’s weapon. When you reach the other side (after taking the second set of invisible platforms), head left and then enter the room. Keep walking until you discover an open area. Proceed past the item of interest into another open space. Opposite your location is a small room. Go in here, head right and crouch to keep moving. You will go from one room to another. Immediately go right and you’ll see the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment VIII

While rampaging through The Dreadnaught mission, wait until you enter the Hull Breach. When you’re in this huge open area, look left and notice the busted wall. You can jump on the platforms to reach the very top and grab the Fragment. Jump carefully!

Calcified Fragment IX

In The Dreadnaught mission, you’ll enter into Hull Breach with the crashed Cabal ship. Proceed forward towards this spacecraft and you’ll see some debris with reddish markings, laying atop a mound of dirt. Tough to miss this Fragment.

Calcified Fragment V

For this one, stay in the Hull Breach area on the Dreadnaught. Look at the Cabal ship and pan the camea towards the green part (if you just entered Hull Breach it’s to the right). Go in this direction and you’ll see an entrance that is part of the Dreadnaught ship. Go inside (the path will curve right) and look for the Fragment stuck to some debris on the left.

Calcified Fragment VI

Go to the Hull Breach area and stick to the right wall. Walk past the first door and you will eventually see a busted ledge. Go beneath it and you will discover a door. Proceed inside and go left. Crouch to fit through the tight opening. You’ll see another small entrance dead ahead, but do not proceed forward. Instead hang a sharp left and travel down the long passage, past some worms and into an open area. Keep left and you should see the Fragment stuck to a wall.

Calcified Fragment IV

From the Mausoleum entrance, head to the right and look for a beam with red markings along the bottom. The Fragment is on top of this beam, but you must pass underneath it and then turn around to spot the collectible.

Calcified Fragment I

You’ll find this Fragment during the fourth mission, Enemy of My Enemy. When you reach the Masoleum aboard the Dreadnaught, begin by going right (same direction that took you to Calcified Fragment IV) and walk towards the large beam of light. Keep to the right until you can’t go anymore; you should be on a circular platform. Look to the right and you’ll see another circular platform in the distance. Use your Ghost to reveal hidden platforms and use these to reach the aforementioned circular platform. When you get there, wrap around the wall and the Fragment will be yours!

Calcified Fragment XXIX

You get this Fragment during the King’s Fall Raid. Go into the room with the teleporter, but don’t take it up. Jump onto a nearby pillar in the middle of this room and search for the Calcified Fragment along its edge on the right.

Calcified Fragment XXX

After you grab Fragment XXIX, use the teleporter to gain access to the next area. After going into the Basilica, head to the right and find Fragment XXX stuck to the base of a pillar. 

Calcified Fragment XXXI

While on the King’s Fall Raid, defeat the Warpriest, then go into Golgoroth’s Cellar. Go immediately left down the corridor, then left again when you reach the intersection. You will come to a dead end. Leap onto some rocks by the wall and pan the camera right to see Fragment XXXI.

Calcified Fragment XLVI

All you have to do is beat a Nightfall Strike to get this Fragment. Kill Darkblade and collect the loot. Done!

Calcified Fragment L

In order to snag this Fragment, you need to take part in the Tier 1 Court of Oryx Public Event in the Hall of Souls. Get the bounty and then complete the chained objectives to receive the Calcified Fragment. Since the bounty drop is randomized, you must continue playing until you get the bounty resulting in this particular item.

More Calcified Fragments coming soon!

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