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Destiny – Silent Fang

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you the location of the Silent Fang, tucked away in The Grottos on Earth. This Bounty is part of the House of Wolves DLC and is obtained from Petra Venj.

Guardians can pick up the Silent Fang Bounty by traveling to The Reef and getting it from Petra Venj. If she has it, this activity is worth doing. If she doesn’t, it’s really not worth the effort, as there is no Ether Key or chest with an additional reward. If Petra does not have this Bounty, you can check back on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST when her stock refreshes.

Wanted: Silent Fang

If you’re not in Orbit, get there and set a course for Earth. This will spawn you in at The Steppes, and you’ll have to summon your Sparrow and go for a decently long drive. Head forward and to the left, passing over the canyon and into the Mothyards. Don’t go up the hill, but take the canyon on the right side of the Mothyards until you reach the Forgotten Shore. Again, stick to the right and continue driving along the water’s edge until you make your way to The Grottos. This is where you’ll find your target.

Unlike other Wolves, this particular fight won’t contain waves, but it will take you longer to complete. To begin, look for an invisible target that is guarded by two Dregs. Kill the Dregs, and then take out the Silent Fang. It really should be that hard if you are even close to the same level as these foes.

The problem with this Bounty is that you have to kill three Silent Fang enemies, and there is only one in this area. We’re not sure if it’s bugged, but for now you have to return to Orbit and then make your way back to Earth, spawning in at The Steppes. You will again have to take the long Sparrow ride to The Grottos, slaughtering the two Dregs and their Silent Fang master. After all of that, you’ll have to do it a third time.

As we mentioned, this Bounty does not come with an Ether Key or chest that you can dig through for some additional rewards. This makes this activity one of the most tedious, and not at all worth it if you can’t get the XP and Queen’s Wrath reputation for turning it in to Petra Venj.

When it’s done, you can make your way back to earth, or you can just go back to the Forgotten Shore. Drevis, Wolf Baroness will spawn there about once every 10 minutes, and at least that event will give you an Ether Key. If you’re going to spend all this time on Earth, you might as well kill someone worth your effort.

If you are looking to complete more tasks before you visit Petra Venj for your reward, be sure to visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide. We can help you with every Queen’s Wrath Bounty, as well as the House of Wolves story missions.

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