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Destiny – Queenbreaker Captain

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill the Queenbreaker Captain by visiting Docks-13 on Earth. It is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Consider this one of the easiest Queen’s Wrath Bounties in all of Destiny. It’s simple to find, and not too difficult to do, even if you are running it solo.

Begin by visiting The Reef and speaking with Petra Venj. She is the NPC who will give you the Bounty, and if she doesn’t currently have this one in stock you’ll have to wait until her weekly reset on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST. If you don’t currently have the Bounty and can’t get it, don’t bother locating this fool and killing him, as there is really no point. This is not one of the Bounties where you get an Ether Key to open a chest.

Wanted: Queenbreaker Captain

Make your way to Orbit and then choose the Patrol option on Earth. This will deliver you to The Steppes, and while we’d normally suggest grabbing your Sparrow, this is a pretty short trip. From your starting location, turn around and head into the building that is guarded by some Dregs and perhaps a few Vandals. Pass through several rooms until you go down some stairs, at which point you should see more Fallen enemies sitting just outside. The Queenbreaker Captain is with them, but a bit off to the right when you go through the door.

If you don’t play your cards right, this can be a tough fight. These enemies are a high enough level that if you get into a melee battle, you might end up dead in a big hurry. Our strategy is to get their attention, and then back up into the room just before the Queenbreaker Captain. We’ll even back all the way up the stairs. Your foe will chase you in there, but typically won’t go up the stairs. This allows you to engage them with minimal risk.

The Queenbreaker Captain will retreat back to where they were first located, so you may have to play a game of cat and mouse to get them to keep coming after you. We found that use of Heavy Ammo, our Grenade, and even Super Ability were more than enough to win this fight, so we expect that should work for you as well. Just focus on staying safe first, and dealing damage second.

When the Queenbreaker Captain falls, you’ll get a notification that the Bounty is done, but you won’t see the notice about the Either Key that other Wolves give off. This is because there isn’t one, so the only reward you get will be when you return to Petra Venj. If you don’t have anything else to do, head back to her location at the Reef. If you would rather continue on and complete more Bounties, or other activities, be sure to visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide.

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