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Destiny: House of Wolves – Welcome to the Reef Quest

by Prima Games Staff

After downloading and installing the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace, gamers will have a batch of new content they need to work through. As with most things Destiny related, it’s not always clear what needs to happen, or where you need to go to earn that shiny new weapon.

In order to make your return to Destiny a smooth transition, we’re going to help you navigate through House of Wolves from the moment you load it up until the last of your enemies die.

Destination- Vestian Outpost

Destiny: House of Wolves Vestian Outpost

When the DLC has been downloaded and installed, you’ll be greeted with a message about House of Wolves, letting you know that “The Queen has opened The Reef.” This should pop up while you’re in Orbit, allowing you to immediately do some exploring of the new content. Set your destination to the Vestian Outpost and then grab a drink while you wait out the following load screen.

Queen’s Wrath – Petra Venj

Destiny: House of Wolves Petra Venj

The only person you’re likely to have business with is Petra Venj, indicated by the unique icon above her head when you arrive. Don’t bother talking to anyone else, as you’ll get to that in a moment. For now, head over to the Queen’s Wrath and accept the quest that she has for you, taking note this is where you come to receive unique quests related to the House of Wolves content in the future.

Quest: Welcome to the Reef

Destiny: House of Wolves - Welcome to the Reef

The good news is you’re about to bang out a quest and get rewards for mingling with the other NPCs and vendors at The Reef. It’s not much, but 50 Queen’s Wrath and 1,000 Experience is nothing to be upset about.

Head off and speak with Variks, the Loyal, who doesn’t have a lot to say to you, but will give you 10 Ether Seeds as an introductory gift. He is a vendor specific to the Vestian Outpost, and will sell weapons, armor, shaders and jumpships that can be purchased with rewards from the Prison of Elders. His inventory, like other vendors in Destiny, will rotate each week. If you see something you want and you can afford, grab it now or wait until it comes back around.

Next up, you have Master Ives, a  Cryptarch who operates similar to the one in the Tower. When you interact with him for the first time he will give you three Motes of Light, which is about as useful as any Cryptarch has ever been in the history of Destiny.

After taking your Motes of Light and running, continue working in a clockwise direction and visit Brother Vance, an NPC for the Trials of Osiris PvP event. He will give you three Passage Coins, which are a currency you can use to purchase Trials Rewards and Trials Supplies. In other words, he’s an important guy, but we have other business to deal with before we get deeper into the Trials of Osiris and everything it has to offer.

Now that you visited the three main NPCs you’ll deal with at The Reef, head back to Petra Venj and complete this simple quest. As you might expect, this will lead you a new quest, and it’s one that will come with a much better reward than Welcome to the Reef.

Destiny Reward Screen

Your next quest is Gone to Ground, and it’s also given to you by Petra Venj. Accept and then prepare to earn better rewards, which of course means a step up in difficulty. If you’re not quite ready to tackle that, we advise that you ensure you have found all of the Gold Chests in Destiny, then come back to House of Wolves when you’re ready.

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