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Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide

by Prima Games Staff

This page will serve as the walkthrough and guide for Destiny: House of Wolves, including Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, and the Queen’s Wrath story missions and bounties.

In addition to adding more content to Destiny with House of Wolves, Bungie also changed up the way that players can level up. You still earn XP from level 1-20, but once you are at 20 it’s far easier to hit the maximum level of Light. Legendary and Exotic drops for House of Wolves events are much more frequent than you’ll recall, and upgrading your gear requires a fraction of the resources it once did.

Players will also notice that there is a new destination when they are in Orbit. This is the Reef, and it brings with it many of the same vendors you recall from the Tower, as well as some new NPCs that will help you to explore the House of Wolves content. For example, Petra Venj will give you many of the quests and bounties for House of Wolves, while Variks, the Loyal will handle most of your activities related to Prison of Elders. For those who enjoy the PvP side of things, Brother Vance can take care of all your needs.

Destiny: House of Wolves Tips

  • Be sure to check in with Petra Venj each day, as she will often have new Queen’s Wrath bounties for you to do. Turning these bounties in will often result in you getting a Treasure Key that can be used in the Prison of Elders.
  • House of Wolves gear will start at Light level 36, or perhaps even 42. If you wish to reach Light level 34 (the current in-game maximum) you must have all four pieces of your gear upgraded so each has the 42 pieces of Light.
  • Earning Etheric is the key resource that players will need to upgrade their armor to the maximum Light. You can earn it during the Weekly Nightfall Strike, Prison of Elders, or while participating in the Trials of Osiris PvP mode.
  • Players can purchase House of Wolves armor (36 to 42 Light) from the Hunter, Warlock and Titan Vanguard. Most gear is sold for 75 Vanguard Marks, but Helmets go for 120. Complete Vanguard tasks to earn Vanguard Marks.
  • House of Wolves gear can be identified by the Roman Numeral II. This gear is almost universally better than anything you could have earned from The Dark Below. Be on the lookout for it during all of your Destiny activities.

Destiny: House of Wolves Story Missions

Destiny: A Kell Rising – Destroy the Fallen Walker

The first story mission in House of Wolves is one of the most challenging. We’ll help you destroy the Fallen Walker and show you how to use the Scorch Cannon.

Destiny: The Silent Fang – Skolas’ Elite Assassins

Make your way through some familiar territory on Earth, carefully navigating through the traps and taking out the Fallen enemies that aim to block your path.

Destiny: A Ruling House – Defeat Yavek, King Baron

House of Wolves will continue with the high intensity action, having players face off against Paskin, King Baron, Vekis, King Baron, and Yavek, King Baron.

Destiny: Wolves’ Gambit – Destroy the Six Oracles

Players will feel like they’re back in the Vault of Glass, as they’ll end up destroying Oracles in a very familiar place. We’ll even help you kill the Wolf Guards.

Destiny: Queen’s Ransom – Capture Skolas, Kell of Kells

The fight in this mission is very intense, as you aim to capture Skolas, Kell of Kells alive. We managed to solo this mission, so we figure you should be fine.

Destiny: The Archon-Slayer – Find and Defeat Skoriks

This mission only becomes available after you speak to Petra Venj at The Reef, receiving the Archon-Slayer bounty. Save up your Heavy Ammo for the final fight.

Destiny: House of Wolves Bounties

Destiny: House of Wolves – Beltrik, the Veiled

Make your way to the Ember Caves on Venus to track down Beltrik, the Veiled. His death will grant you an Ether Key, and with it a shot at some Legendary rewards.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Drevis, Wolf Baroness

We’ll help you track down Drevis, Wolf Baroness at the Forgotten Shore on Earth. This is a tought fight regardless of your skill, but we can help you solo it if need be.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Ether Runner

The hardest part about this Bounty is getting to the location where you can eliminate the target. This Servitor is found at the Endless Steps on Venus, a long way away.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Grayor, Wolf Assassin

Perhaps the easiest to find and most popular of all the Queen’s Wrath Bounties, Grayor, Wolf Assassin is found in the Mothyards on Earth. Go get him.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Howling Raiders

This is another hard Bounty to find, and it’s on Venus like the last difficult to locate event. We’ll help you get to the Hall of Whispers on Venus to get the job done.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Kaliks-12

Kaliks-12 is a Servitor that can be found in the Skywatch region on Earth. We’ll show you how to find him, and how to kill him, even if you are running solo.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Mercher Orbiks-11

This Bounty will have players setting a course for Venus. We’ll help you find Orbiks-11 (the easy part), and then gives you the tools you need to kill him and claim your reward.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Peekis, the Disavowed

You’re headed to the Ember Caves on Venus, which is actually a lot easier to find than you might think. We’ll show you how to take out your target, Peekis, the Disavowed.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Pirsis, Pallas-Bane

You can find Pirsis, Pallas-Bane hanging out at The Divide on earth. We’ll show you how to get there, as well as a pretty cool little cheese spot that can make any fight easier.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Queenbreaker Captain

This is one of the easiest targets to find, as it’s actually on the way to slay Pirsis, Pallas-Bane that we outlined above. You can even solo this one, although you won’t get an Ether Key.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Queenbreaker Vandals

Perhaps our least favorite Bounty, this one has Guardians hiking through the Ember Caves until the reach The Cinders. Again, there is no Ether Key for your troubles. Sorry.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Silent Fang

The Silent Fang is perhaps the most annoying of all the Queen’s Wrath Bounties. We’ll help you find it, complete it, and then do it three more times. Seriously.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Saviks, Queenbreaker

Saviks, Queenbreaker is very close to a popular spot on the Moon, so you likely won’t have to solo this one. If you do, we have some advice that will carry you through.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Tracer Shanks

This Bounty can be completed by traveling to The Breach on Earth. We’ll show you where to find these easy-to-kill Tracer Shanks from a distance.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Twisted Claws

The Twisted Claws can be found deep within the caves on the Moon. Getting there is by far the hardest part, but we can help you work your way there.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Veliniks, the Ravenous

This Queen’s Wrath Bounty on the Moon is much easier to find, but the fight will test anyone who has to go it alone. We’ll teach you how to solo Veliniks, Wolf Ravenous.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Weksis, the Meek

Stciking with the Moon, Weksis is extremely easy to find, but again will give you a big fight if you are alone. Luckily this area is very popular with other Guardians.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Wolf Enforcer

Players looking to find this Wolf will be surprised to learn that the event takes place where the Devil Walker fight happens during The Devil’s Lair on Eartch.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Wolf Scavengers

These three Dregs are a bit of a pain in the cloak to track down, but we know a fairly short path that should make your journey easier. Just watch out for all the Acolytes.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Wolf High Servitor

When we found the Wolf High Servitor, we found a spot on the map we didn’t know existed. You’ll never guess where this Fallen foe is tucked away until you see it yourself.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Wolves’ Guard

It’s a long trip through the dangerous areas of Venus to find this target, but we know the way. We also have some tips to help you take this Scorch Captain out.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Repeater Shanks

Not to be confused with the Tracer Shanks we’ve already covered, the Repeater Shanks can be found at the N/Gen Branch on Venus. Let us show you the way there.

Prison of Elders Guide and Tips

Destiny: House of Wolves – Prison of Elders Tips

The Prison of Elders can be challenging for even the highest ranked and best equipped Guardians. We can help you get the most out of your Fireteam, no matter the level.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Gulrot, Unclean Boss Fight

This guide will help you defeat Gulrto, Unclean in the Prison of Elders. The battle can take place at level 32 or 34, but generally this is one of the easier bosses.

Destiny: House of Wolves – Valus Trau’ug Boss Fight

This is perhaps the easiest boss fight in the Prison of Elders, but things can go wrong if you aren’t careful. We have a nearly fool proof strategy to prevent your team from wiping.

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