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Destiny: House of Wolves – Queen’s Ransom

by Prima Games Staff

This page will guide you through the Queen’s Ransom mission that became available with the House of Wolves DLC in Destiny.

After traveling to Venus, summon your Sparrow and make your way from one objective marker to the other, ignoring the random enemies that spawn in the world. Most of them aren’t part of the mission, but are just the regular foes that populate the planet. They tend to endlessly respawn, so there’s no point in fussing with them.

Move through The Citadel and into The Juncture. Your first bit of combat will see the Vex and Fallen doing battle. You can sit back and watch for a minute, or just put them all down and continue along the path and up the stairs. You’ll eventually come to an area and find Vechron, Spire Lord. Stick to the stairs and put fire on this foe, dealing with any minions that might challenge you. Expect to find some Shanks and Goblins in this area, but it’s nothing that you won’t be able to handle.

When everyone is down, loot the area and head toward the lift, looking just to the right to the controls that you need to override. Do so, then jump into the lift and enjoy the ride up.

The next portion is basically just a puzzle that requires you to time your jumps from one platform to the next. It’s actually really simple. Just wait for the platform closest to you to appear, then jump to it. Another will pop up close by, and you’ll jump to that. As long as you keep jumping to the platforms that appear in front of you in a timely fashion, you should be good. We managed to do this on our first try without having any prior knowledge to what was required.

You’ll eventually reach a bridge that winds around, but at least it will stay under your feet. Start working your way through the enemies in front of you, using cover and delivering critical hits as often as you can. Save up your Grenade, Melee and Super Ability, as things will get a bit more intense soon and it’s nice to have them tucked away in your back pocket. You might even want to include some Heavy Ammo in that stockpile.

As you begin working through the enemies here, keep in mind that the Vestian Dynasty Side Arm that you were given earlier in this very DLC can be upgraded to deal additional damage to Fallen enemies. We highly suggest that you make use of this, as it definitely made our lives a lot easier.

Eventually Guardians will have to deal with Skolas, Kell of Kells, and he’s in a rotten mood. He’ll even bring a boat load of Fallen friends, so you have to handle them while simultaneously dealing damage to the big boss. Use your Vestian Dynasty on the supporting cast, and then feel free to let loose on Skolas with your Heavy Weapon. Knock his health down as much as you can as quickly as you can. If he starts to chase you, back up all the way to where you first stepped foot on the bridge. Typically he will not chase you that far, but there is no guarantee.

Movement is key in this fight, as the enemies are going to approach you in huge numbers. We found a lot of use in the Bladedancer Subclass for Hunters, as certain configurations will allow you to go invisible and evade your enemies when you are taking too much damage. That fight isn’t that bad, however, and you should choose whatever Class and Subclass best suits your play style.

When Skolas falls, the mission is complete and you can head back to The Reef.

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