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Destiny: House of Wolves – A Kell Rising

by Prima Games Staff

This page will serve as the walkthrough for A Kell Rising, the first story mission that players will encounter when they play the House of Wolves expansion for Destiny.

Up to three players can participate in this mission, but you should have no trouble finishing it with two players who are reasonably within the level range of the difficulty you are playing it on. If you have three players who are maximum level or even close to it, this should be a breeze.

Begin by moving forward and getting on the Heavy Pike. Follow the tunnel forward until your objective updates and requires you to destroy the Fallen Walker. It’s actually an Elder Wolf Walker, and there are some supporting enemies that you’ll need to watch out for as well. You can stay on the Heavy Pike to deal some damage to the supporting cast of enemies, but you may want to dismount when dealing with the Elder Wolf Walker. At the end of the day this is a play style preference.

The Elder Wolf Walker can be killed using the same tactics as its cousin from The Devil’s Lair. Aim for its legs to deal critical damage, waiting for it to fall and expose its core. Aim for the core until the beast gets back up, then go for another one of its good legs. Continue to follow this formula until the Elder Wolf Walker falls for good.

Hop back on your Heavy Pike or Sparrow, then move forward until the game tells you to disembark by way of an obstacle. You’ll see a Wolf High Servitor ahead, but this can be defeated from range and by targeting its eye. There will be some Shanks in the area as well, but if you keep your distance and use something like the Ice Breaker you should be able to finish it off. Perhaps have one of your teammates can work on the Shanks, well someone with an Ice Breaker wears out the Wolf High Servitor.

Push forward until you reach an automatic door that opens and presents you with Skolas, Kell of Kells. You can’t kill him, but you do need to smack him around a little. Put some fire on your foe, then move to your right and along the cliff. You’ll have some Exploder Shanks to deal with, and a little further ahead will be Tracer Shanks and an Elder Servitor. Deal with them, then carry on until you reach a cave that is blocked off and guarded by two Silent Fang enemies. Beware of their ability to turn invisible, but take them out as you would any other enemy, perhaps with just a little more caution.

You’ll have an opportunity to work on your cardio as you run through the cave, but before long you’ll be face-to-face with Skolas again. He won’t stick around long, but you will have to deal with some Wolves’ Guard and a few Dreg enemies. Take them down and have one of your teammates pick up the Scorch Cannon that is dropped, using it to obliterate the onslaught of enemies that are attacking from the far end of the cave. The Guardian with the Scorch Cannon should focus on the higher level foes that are there, such as the Reaver Captain, while the supporting Guardians can clean up the Tracer Shanks and lower level opposition. This part gets quite intense, so be prepared to revive fallen teammates, or evade damage if you are the Last Guardian Standing.

When the battle ends (it could take five to 10 minutes depending on skill, rank and the number of players with you), run around and pick up all of the dropped loot, and then exit back to Orbit. You’ll want to travel to the Reef and turn in The Hunt for Skolas quest before you proceed any further. Once you’ve done that, head off and begin The Silent Fang, the next story mission with the House of Wolves DLC.

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