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Destiny: House of Wolves – The Archon-Slayer

by Prima Games Staff

This page will guide you through The Archon Slayer mission that was released with the House of Wolves DLC in Destiny.

Set a course for the moon, and more specifically, The Archon Slayer mission. When you hit the surface you will be at the Summoning Pits, and there is a turret that you’ll need to use to survive the first few minutes of the fight. It spins completely around, so even if your foes get behind you it shouldn’t mean the end. Just keep slaughtering the Fallen until they stop coming, then dismount and continue with your journey.

Make your way into the structure and follow the path. You shouldn’t be able to get lost, but if you manage to pull it off anyway, use your Ghost to point you in the right direction. When you come across two Hallowed Knights, kill them and keep moving forward. In fact, if you really don’t want to bother, you can just run, jump and evade the Knights, as well as every other enemy in front of you. Just keep moving along until you reach an area where a ship docks, sprinting past all of the foes and ducking into the room on the right. That’s is where you’ll find the Archon-Slayer.

The room with the Archon-Slayer is round and has a huge chain coming out of the ground in the middle. Of course, your main target will not be alone, and the Vestian Dynasty is a great option to help you take out your opposition in a big hurry. If you have upgraded that weapon, it should deal more damage against Fallen, which means it is basically the go-to gun in this situation. You’ll also want to make sure that you have your Grenade and Melee ready, as well as your Super Ability. This fight is fast, intense, and if you aren’t careful you can become overwhelmed.

As soon as you see Skoriks, Archon-Slayer, hit him with everything that you have. If you happen to be holding some Heavy Ammunition, dump all of it into this fool and try to take him down (or mostly down) as quickly as you can. Don’t waste your Heavy Ammunition on lesser threats unless you get swarmed and need to kill a lot of people in a big hurry. Hunters might find use in the Golden Gun here, as the damage output should be favorable given the circumstances.

You should be able to take Skoriks down fairly quickly, and you’ll want to note that critical hits on this enemy come in the form of headshots. You might enjoy a Hand Cannon or Shotgun here, but mostly this just comes down to movement. Use the play style that makes the most sense to you, otherwise the best advice in the world won’t help you win.

The end of the mission comes when Skoriks falls, and you can then head back to The Reef to claim any of your rewards or turn in any Engrams to the stingy Cryptarch.

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