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Destiny – Gulrot, Unclean Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to battle and defeat Gulrot, Unclean in the Prison of Elders. This PvE game mode is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

The fight against Gulrot, Unclean is easy as far as boss fights go. It can take place at level 32 or 34 depending on the week, and players will have to battle through four rounds of enemies to reach it. Those rounds are subject to change each week, so we’ll only be focusing on the boss fight itself.

Defeat Gulrot, Unclean

When taking on Gulrot, Unclean, players will want to head left out of the airlock, moving all the way along the wall until they reach an alcove (sort of) that they can tuck into. This is where you want to stay to do battle, as there are minimal worries about enemies getting up in your face.

Shortly after the battle begins, Gulrot will warn you that his stomach rumbles, and a few seconds later you will be unable to move. You can still shoot, throw your Grenade or melee, but you won’t be able to get out of the line of fire if you are already in it. For this reason, make sure that you seek cover when you see that his stomach is rumbling. We’ve found that the best way to live through this is by using a Hunter with the Bladedancer Subclass. You can set it up so that when you crouch you go invisible, and that will last until you are able to move again.

Besides Gulrot himself, the biggest concern are two Wizards that can be a real pain to take down. They have Solar shields and will not hesitate to get right into your hideout and take you out. This is especially an issue if you can’t move, which is again why invisibility works so well – the Wizards can’t see you. A good habit is to have all three of your Fireteam members take out the Wizards as soon as they show up, and then turn your focus to Gulrot and the rest of his minions.

Although Gulrot, Unclean is an Ogre, he is more like Phogoth from the Summoning Pits than most of the Ogres you see. His critical point is the tumor-like mass that hangs on his chest. Players will want to target that, and we are particularly fond of doing this with our Ice Breaker. As a level 34 Hunter with a fully upgraded Ice Breaker, we were dealing well over 3,000 damage per shot for each critical hit. If you let your Ice Breaker accumulate six rounds while battling Wizards, you can then fire six consecutive critical hits into Gulrot, Unclean without interruption.

Of course, not everyone has the weapons we speak of (you can also use a Gjallarhorn, obviously), so just know that you can do this even if you are using regular weapons. It might take you longer, but that just means you have to be extra careful of the Wizards. Save your Heavy Ammunition for them, and put a rocket into each one when they show. If the other two members of your Fireteam follow this method, the battle will be over in no time at all.

When Gulrot, Unclean falls, make your way back to the airlock and get ready to enter the Treasure Room. We hope you remembered you key, but if you didn’t, you can use the Destiny companion application to transfer one from another character to your vault, and from your vault to your current Guardian. We’ve had to do this on several occasions, but it works.

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