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Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounty – A Voice in the Wilderness

by Prima Games Staff

Exotics are hard to come by in Destiny, so when Xander lets you know that he has an Exotic Weapon Bounty for you, it’s best to do your research and complete the tasks. Of course, some are much harder than others, which will also have a major impact on what you choose to do with the options presented.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Exotic Weapon Bounty called A Voice in the Wilderness, which upon its completion will reward players with a Heavy Weapon called Super Good Advice. When fully upgraded, this monster of a gun can deal Solar Damage up to a maximum of 331 per shot. This makes it extremely beneficial in a variety of circumstances, not the least of which is the Crota’s End raid.

The named items in this Bounty will show up as one of two options, although the stages required to get the gun are exactly the same. Basically, just follow the steps and ignore the names.

Find a Mournful/Recalcitrant Gun

This is done by opening up chests on Mars, something that is most easily accomplished by hitting up a patrol in that area. Chest farming is obviously easier in some areas than in others, so hit up YouTube to see what is the current best spot. It should also be noted that this is not how you get the Bounty that happens randomly when you visit Xander 99-40. This is the first step once you accept the task.

Bring the Frame to the Gunsmith

You now need to take the frame to the Tower and visit the Gunsmith. As we mentioned, you may see the weapon referred to as either A Pleased Machine Gun, or possibly A Mournful Gun. Ignore what it’s called and just go about your business, something that doesn’t even require a walkthrough. Can you tell we’re adding fluff to this step?

Buy an Ammunition Module from Xur

Because Xur is a major slacker who only hangs out in the Tower between Friday and Sunday, you’re going to need to do this on his schedule. It’s quite simple, though, as you should have no trouble earning a random Strange Coin, the price of the Ammunition Module. If your biggest problem is finding out when Xur is there or what corner he’s hiding in, we update you with this information every single week.

Kill 500 enemies with a Machine Gun

Welcome to the grind, Guardian. You now have to kill 500 enemies with a Machine Gun (well, earn 500 points), and switching to your Rocket Launcher will reverse your progress. This is made difficult by the fact that Heavy Ammo drops seem to become more rare, and purchasing/equipping the Heavy Ammo Synthesis is a pain. Just be patient and let this happen naturally, keeping in mind that headshots give you three points. Best to get a Legendary Machine Gun, then pick off lower level enemies from a distance, one shot at a time. If you do feel the need to whip out your Rocket Launcher, expect every kill you get to deduct five points from your overall progress. Happy hunting.

Bring the Frame to the Gunsmith

Yay, you’re done. Well, except for heading back to the Gunsmith at the Tower to claim your weapon. As mentioned, it’s a pretty beastly gun. Just try to keep in mind that you can only have one Exotic Weapon equipped at a time, something that adds a little spice to the decision-making in Destiny.

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