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Destiny – Eris Morn Bounty Guide – Blades of Crota

by Prima Games Staff

The more that we spend hours grinding out those Vanguard bounties for Xander 99-40, the more we realize that it’s really Eris Morn and our Crota’s Bane that we need to be ranking up. For starters, once you hit a certain level of light and begin completing the raids and nightfall strikes, you’re bound to end up with some exotics, or at least enough Strange Coins to buy some exotics. This means that people like the Hunter, Warlock and Titan Vanguards, as well as the Vanguard Quartermaster are less and less useful selling you legendary gear, which is pretty much the primary reason for ranking up your Vanguard reputation.

What you’ll really end up needing Radiant Energy and Radiant Shards, essential to ranking up each piece of your armor to that elusive light level of 36. One way to score those materials is by chance, while the other is to get Eris to convert one to the other for a small price. This is where your Crota’s Bane rank comes into play, as you need to level four in order for that to happen.

The Blades of Crota Eris Morn Bounty

Let’s have a serious chat for a moment. If you’re one of those players who likes to ride their speeder to Skywatch and spend 30 minutes waiting for the Blades of Crota to show up… we have a bone to pick with you, for you have been gumming up the Skywatch works for far too long.

Instead of hanging out and waiting for the ritual to begin, launch a mission called the Fist of Crota that takes place on Earth. It’s part of The Dark Below DLC so you’re going to need that to proceed. Once you’re loaded in and ready to go, hop on your speeder and make your way to the right side of the battle that is going on between the Hive and Fallen.  You should notice a small set of stairs, and just after you pass them you’ll see a Wizard and two Knights. Head into the building and make your way forward until you drop down a very small set of steps.

Get off your speeder and go around the corner to find two Acolytes hanging out. Shoot one in the head, then get ready to throw your grenade, super ability and anything else you have at the Blade of Crota that is going to spawn in. Basically, just kill the dude with whatever tactics will work. When he’s down you will have completed one third of your bounty.

Rather than continue on to beat the mission, just back out and head to Orbit, then load it up a second time. You’ll be back at the start, so repeat the steps to kill the Blade of Crota a second time, then back out and do it once more. When it’s all said and done this bounty should take you no more than 10 minutes, and there are actually several others that you can complete in the process, such as Let’s Dance (quickly kill seven enemies with a melee attack), and Cut Them Down (kill 15 Hive enemies with the Blade’s Sword on Earth).

That’s it for this bounty, but you can be sure that we’ll covering additional tasks that your NPC friends at the Tower continue to assign you, as well as any other strategy related content that Destiny has to offer.

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