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Destiny: The Dark Below – The Fist of Crota, Siege of the Warmind and The Wakening Quests

by Prima Games Staff

Although we never fell out of love with the grind for Exotic gear that Destiny puts players through, The Dark Below DLC has most certainly reinvigorated our passion. Whether it’s the PlayStation exclusive Strike, The Undying Mind, or The will of Crota which is available to all DLC owners, there is just so much to do.

Before players can take down Omnigul in The Will of Crota, however, they must first complete several Quests and Bounties at the request of Eris. While we did briefly touch on this in a previous article, today we’re going to give you a full written and video walkthrough of The Fist of Crota, Siege of Warmind, and The Wakening. Once you’re finished with those, you can head back to the Tower to collect your Legendary Murmur Fusion Rifle, then set out to complete the Strike.

The Fist of Crota

This is the first Quest that you can get from Eris, and you must do so before you can get either of the other two that are required to unlock The Will of Crota. Once you’ve picked this up from the Tower, head to orbit and set a course for the Forgotten Shore on Earth.

From your starting location you should see an on-screen objective marker at about one o’clock. Approach it to trigger a fight with some members of the Fallen and Hive, none of which should be too difficult to take out. The only thing you really need to keep an eye out for are the Wizards and the Knights, but any two person fireteam should be able to handle this easily.

Make your way into and through the building (use your Ghost to guide you to the objective marker) until you trigger the Blade of Crota, a very angry looking Knight that will mess you up if you allow him to get too close. With him down, one of the members of your fireteam should pick up the sword, then rush forward and demolish anything that stands in your way.

After entering and passing through a tunnel that leads to The Grattos, your objective will update and spawning will be restricted. It will be about this time that Sardon, the Fist of Crota will spawn, and he’s the last foe that you need to defeat to complete the Quest. Well, him and the dozens of minions that will spawn and attempt to protect him. Finish them all off and return to the Tower to pick up the next Quest from Eris.

Siege of the Warmind

After completing the previous Quest and returning to Eris, she will give you another, this one called Siege of the Warmind. It also takes place on Earth, but this time between the Forgotten Shore and the Kings’ Watch.

Make your way to the objective marker on your screen. If you don’t have one you can use your Ghost to guide you along. When you arrive, prepare to use a weapon with Arc damage to neutralize the shields of any Knights that you encounter along the way.

Work your way to the bottom of the ship until you hear some music, then begin fighting through the Hive scum that block your path.

Locate the control panel as instructed by Eris, then get ready for a fairly tough battle against more Knights, as well as the Watcher of Crota. Actually, you’ll have to kill several versions of the Watcher of Crota, something that can be made easier by using Solar weapons to lower its shields. You’ll also have to deal with an ugly looking Ogre that goes by the name Might of Crota. Shoot him in the exposed brain for critical hits that will put an end to his nonsense, and the Quest.

The Wakening

Unlike the previous two Quests in this trio, this one takes place on the Moon, and as you might expect, in the Temple of Crota. If you’re not sure where this is, it’s one of the original loot cave locations. In fact, it might have been the very first one.

When you arrive at the temple doors you’ll be facing some lower level enemies, as well as couple of Wizards that are vulnerable to Solar damage. Clear out the area, then head inside and start your descent to the lower levels, clearing out any opposition along the way. This will take you several minutes and challenge you with multiple waves of adversaries, but the process is fairly straightforward.

When you eventually make your way to a room which will almost certainly stand out as the grounds for the final battle, keep an eye out for some very powerful Knights and the always pesky Thrall. They aren’t horribly strong on their own, but given that your back is against the wall it’s very easy to find yourself in trouble. Work your way through them, then switch to Solar damage in order to take out some Wizards that go by the names Waker of Crota.

Eventually, you’ll trigger the Soul of Crota to make an appearance, an extremely large boss that will complicate things due to the fact you need to focus your attention upward in order to engage it. For this reason, it’s advised that one member (or two) of your fireteam keep the ground clear from the lower level enemies, while another (or two) take down the Soul of Crota itself. However you opt to approach this task, when the boss is down the Quest is complete. Time to head back to the Tower to claim your Legendary Murmur Fusion Rifle.

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