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Destiny Daily Bounty Guide – Fallen Leaders

by Prima Games Staff

Taking out majors and ultras in Destiny can be one of the biggest pains when it comes to completing the daily bounties, especially if you try to do it while out on patrol on one of the four planets. Luckily for you, we’ve been hard at work not only figuring out where to find those yellow health bar foes, but also the rest of the bounties that you need to knock off in Destiny. Have a look at the list below, then continue reading to find 10 Fallen majors or ultras to kill.

Fallen Leaders Vanguard Bounty

There are many ways to do this bounty. Unfortunately, most of them involve wandering around on patrol while you hope to spot a major or ultra. As fun as doing tricks on your EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow is, there’s just too much to do in Destiny to waste time sightseeing. Luckily, we have the perfect mission to help you get this one banged out in about five minutes.

Start by loading up the story mission, The Archive, on Venus. Make sure to set it to level 15 heroic, then start working your way through the mission. This is one of the missions where you’ll have to battle the Fallen while your Ghost is busy hacking into something, miraculously finishing just as you wipe out the last of the bad guys.

Tip: Majors and ultras have yellow health bars, whereas most enemies have red. This is how you can tell you’re taking on the right type of foe. The reason we suggest this mission is that you have to kill them to complete it, meaning you aren’t likely to overlook one while on patrol.

The bulk of Fallen majors and ultras that you’ll encounter will be in the final battle, after you deploy your Ghost at the main console.  You’ll then be attacked by several waves and start to notice some yellow health bars popping up. They can definitely take a bit more damage than your average foe, but if you’re above level 20 you should have absolutely no trouble putting them down in short order. It’s made even easier if you have one or two people along for the ride.

Tip: Don’t worry about losing major or ultra kills to your fire team members. You should all get credit by association. Worst case scenario, just make sure you do a tiny bit of damage to each enemy, but even that should only impact how much Glimmer you get.

That’s it, by the time the mission is over you should have all 10 of your Fallen major or ultra kills, which means one more bounty to turn into Xander 99-40. For more information on Destiny, including the Weekly Nightfall Strike, be sure to keep a tab open to Prima Games.

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