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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 8

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 8: Hemlock Can Be Fatal

Your next objective is to follow the plane. However, you don’t need to actually follow it. The destination is marked on your map. You just need to reach the destination. Fill up with as much ranged ammunition as you can, then use a car to make your way across town to the location marker.

When you arrive at the theater, head up the stairs to the right. Go left, around the corner, then up the next flight of stairs. Go through the door at the top for another cinematic. Drop down to the ground level and climb on top of one of the cars. Your objective is to destroy as many drones as possible and stop them from taking the zombies. Attacking from on top of a car will stop the other zombies from attacking so you can focus on the drones.

Take down all of the drones and the helicopter moves on to the next destination. If you’re low on ammo or weapons, stock up at the closest safe zone, then head to the next location marker. The helicopter moves several times, and you need to take out the drones before the bar at the bottom of the screen fills up, which indicates all the necessary zombies have been collected.

There are two endings to the game. If you destroy the drones before the necessary amount of zombies are retrieved, you get the good ending. If you fail to destroy the drones in time, you get the bad ending. Either way, this is your last stand, so good luck and save world!

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