Chapter 4: Unexpected Guests

After the cinematic, it's time to get your people back. You need to head across town again, but before you do, make sure you have at least one gun with you and one or two combined weapons. When you get to the destination, head up the small stairs and over to the container beside them. From there, you can climb up to the roof where Red is waiting for you. Talk to Red to get another cut scene.

You can do this mission a few different ways. The easiest way is to climb down and head toward the destination across the street, but before you cross the street, head to the right to find a military truck. In the back of the truck are two Special Ops uniforms. Don one of the uniforms and you can easily sneak into the base. Blueprints for the Split Shot are in the back of one of the trucks, along with the items needed to make it.

Head for the door ahead to initiate another cut scene. After the cut scene, kill the single soldier that attacks, then head through the next door and make your way toward the generator. Destroy the generator, then head out the window, take out the zombies in the immediate area and destroy the second generator just outside.

Continue toward the next destination point and open the gate to trigger another cut scene. With your friends moderately safe, take down the remaining soldiers, then attempt to open the gate. When you do, the commander appears to stop you. The best course of action is to rush him and attack with one of your combined weapons. However, you can also use the truck as cover and shoot him from a distance. Shooting from a distance will take longer.

With the commander down, open the gate to initiate another cut scene. Secure a vehicle and head across town and under the bridge to the storage location. The first storage bay on the left is the one you need to get into, but it's locked. The second storage bay to the left contains the blueprints to the Super Crossbow weapon, as well as the items needed to make it.

Head into the office to find the key on the counter, then open the locked storage bay. After a moderately disturbing cut scene, hop in the low-rider that holds the fuel and drive to the next destination. The low-rider has a health bar, so try to avoid hitting anything aside from the zombies that you can't maneuver around. Deliver the fuel to complete the chapter and earn the blueprint for the Forkwork vehicle.

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