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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 0

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 0: Dead End

After the opening cinematic, you’re in drastic need of food. Walk forward to the crate and press B to pick up the snack, then press X to eat it. You’re almost back to full health, but you’ll still need a bit more nourishment. Pick up and eat the bagel on the ground just ahead, then pick up the large wrench on the ground in front of the gate and use it (press X repeatedly) to break through.

There are a variety of weapons scattered about on the ground. You can hold four items at a time, so grab the 2X4, pallet and shovel, then continue past the fire truck. Press Y several time to use strong attacks against the gate ahead. Follow the location marker to initiate another cinematic.

Head to the left to run through the gap between the zombie cages. Turn your surround sound off when you do this so as not to scare yourself to oblivion. When you get through, head around the corner and to the left, through the small opening. As soon as you move through the opening, a zombie attacks. Rapidly press B to shake the zombie off, then kill it with one of your weapons.

There are more weapons scattered about on the ground. Replenish your inventory if need be, then continue toward the location marker ahead. As you begin to move toward the marker, zombies attack once more. Take them down and continue pressing forward.

Climb up the large crates just ahead and pick up the tactical handgun. Take out the zombies that block your path ahead and head to the truck. Climb up on the bed of the truck, then drop down and head to the left of the school bus. You don’t need to take down anymore zombies before the next cut scene. It’s fairly easy to avoid them just by running past the undead.

After the cut scene, there’s a sea of zombies ahead. Jump along the cars to avoid the zombies as best you can. When you get to the plane, watch out for the zombie on the floor that attacks. Jump from car to car in the next section to avoid most of the zombies as you make your way to the far right corner of the area.

There’s an opening on the left once you reach the tunnel. Head into the opening and down the hallway. Run to the end of the hallway and wait for the zombies to drop into the corridor below. Jump across, then head to the left, down the hallway and around the corner. Head down the stairs and over to the entrance to the diner to initiate another cinematic.

Pick up the cement saw and sledgehammer and combine them into one combo weapon. Head to the back door and press B to open it. Use your new weapon to take out the zombies just ahead, then follow the location marker out of the area and around to the red car. You can ignore most of the zombies here, and as long as you move quickly, you won’t have to worry about protecting your friends.

Walk up to the control panel to the left of the car and press B to activate it and open the gate. With the gate now open, get in the car and start mowing down zombies as you head toward your next destination. When you reach the garage, get out of the car and head into the door to be treated to another cut scene.

It’s time to do some exploring while Rhonda fixes the TV. Head outside and to the right to explore the area ahead. Once you’ve explored enough, you’ll be alerted to head back to Rhonda’s garage and speak to her. Doing this completes chapter 0 and earns you the Tactical Handgun blueprint.

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