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Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle Walkthrough

by Bryan Dawson

After the opening cinematic, your first order of business is to replenish your health. Pick up and eat the super rations on the ground just ahead. Pick up the knife, handgun and sledgehammer on the ground nearby. Your inventory slots from the main story mode carry over into the Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC, so pick up as many weapons and items as you can hold.

Your next objective is to escape the Aquaduct. There’s a horde of zombies between you and the destination marker you need to reach. Your supplies are low, so weave in and out of the zombie horde as best you can. The shovel or sledgehammer is your best weapon here, but only use it when there’s no way around the zombies and continue pressing forward.

Head up the ramp to find your fallen comrade, as well as more guns and quite a few rations. Replenish any lost health, refill your inventory, then examine your fallen friend to acquire his dog tags. Just ahead is a battery next to a 2X4. If you still have the sledgehammer, you can combine it with the battery to create the Electric Crusher combo weapon.

As you enter the station, another large group of zombies awaits. Head to the left, through the train car and up the stairs as you continue toward the next destination marker. Head outside of the station and to the right to engage two military men trying to take you down. The guns you picked up earlier come in handy during this quick fight, or you can close in on them and use your melee weapons.

The next destination marker is on the far side of town. It’s best to find a vehicle to make your way there. Head slowly toward the marker on foot and a side mission to find Hancock. Head toward Hancock’s location to find him near a usable car. Unfortunately, Hancock has been turned, so take him down and grab his dog tags before getting into the car.

Take the freeway and head toward the destination marker on the far side of town. When you get to the side mission to find Brady, you should see a motorcycle near a steamroller. Combine these two vehicles to make the RollerHawg. With this, it becomes much easier to make your way around town. Brady is just ahead, but he’s been turned. Use the RollerHawg to take care of him, then grab his dog tags.

When you reach the location marker, Chang’s body is just to the left of the downed helicopter. He’s already dead, so just grab his dog tags, then head inside the chopper to pick up the flight data recorder. Head out the back end of the chopper to find a larvae container on the ground.

Your next objective is to head to the motel nearby. When you reach the motel, head around back and up the stairs to the second floor. Interact with the door to complete the objective.

A side mission to locate Han is close by and moderately on the way to your next destination marker. When you get close to Han, watch out because he’s armed. Evade his first shot, then take him down with a single attack. Collect his dog tags, then head for the destination marker. There’s a garage on the way if you need another ride.

When you reach the location marker, interact with the switch to close the gate, then you need to clear the taxi company of all zombie activity. There are four quadrants that each need to be cleared to complete this objective. If you still have the RollerHawg, it makes clearing a good portion of the zombies fairly easy. If not, there are weapons all around the area that you can use to take down the zombies.

Once all four quadrants are clear, head inside, then up the stairs to the roof. Pick up a flare gun on the roof and shoot it into the air to initiate another cinematic.

Your next objective is across town again, with a side mission close to it. Head back to the garage to get another combo vehicle, then proceed to the destination marker. When you get to the location of the side mission, kill Dickson and obtain his dog tags.

Head over to the destination marker and go inside. All of the soldiers are now undead. Take out any that stand between you and the Armadillo in the middle of the warehouse. Get in the Armadillo and drive it to the updated destination marker. It’s important that the vehicle does not take significant damage, so avoid confrontations with zombies whenever possible.

Kill Jefferson and pick up his dog tags along the way. The primary freeway route is blocked, so you’ll need to go through the fireworks shop on the west side of town. It looks like the road is blocked on the map, but if you continue straight, through the fireworks shop, instead of turning right into the road block, you can make it to the freeway and the next destination marker.

The Armadillo can’t take much damage at all, despite being an armored vehicle. It’s best to take another car through the path you’re planning to take the Armadillo, to clear the way and make sure you have the least amount of obstacles between you and your destination. Once you reach the location marker, park the Armadillo in the garage.

Your next objective takes you all the way across town again. Head to the garage to pick up another vehicle, then make your way to the new destination marker. Take out the soldiers that once guarded the President, then pick up the GPS tracker from on top of the stage.

Head across town to the next destination marker. You’ll need to head up to the mansion, which means you can’t drive all the way to the next marker. Head through the gate and up the stairs, taking down the soldiers, Secret Service agents and zombies that stand in your way.

After you take down the first Secret Service agent, use a gun to shoot the laser sight up the stairs before you continue. When you reach the front of the mansion, you’ll discover that the door is blocked. Head around to the back, fighting off more soldiers, zombies and Secret Service agents.

When you get into the mansion, fight your way upstairs to clear all of the guards. Once the area is clear, head back downstairs and into the kitchen to replenish your health. Take at least one or two extra food items with you, then head back upstairs.

The President’s room is locked, but if you head around the corner, two more Secret Service agents appear. Take them out to obtain a key to the side door of the room and approach the President to complete the first episode of the Dead Rising 3 DLC.

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