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Dark Souls 3 – Beat the Curse-rotted Greatwood, Find Siegward, Save Irina

by Bryan Dawson

In the midst of the Undead Settlement is a boss battle against the Curse-rotted Greatwood. After the battle you can find Siegward of Catarina and save Irina of Carim and enlist the services of Eygon of Carim. Before we get to the side activities, let’s focus on the boss battle against the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

Throughout the first phase of the boss battle against the Curse-rotted Greatwood, enemies will continuous spawn from the sides of the arena. Unless they’re right next to you or you see one with red eyes, ignore them and focus on the boss. You need to attack the front base of the Curse-rotted Greatwood right between its legs. There’s a group of sacks here that must be popped to enter the second phase of the battle. You can also attack a similar group of sacks on the leg and back of the boss, but if you attack anywhere else you won’t inflict any damage to the Greatwood.

The Greatwood attacks in a variety of ways. If you’re close it will perform a wide attack that sweeps across the front of the boss. It will lean back slightly before initiating this attack, so if you see a lean prepare to dodge. To avoid the attack you can quickly back away, or if you have good roll timing you can dodge right as the attack is sweeping across and you won’t take any damage. Use this attack to clear out most of the ancillary enemies so you don’t have to.

Occasionally the Greatwood will lift itself into the air. This is your warning to move away as quickly as possible. The Greatwood slams back down to the ground, creating a pool of poison pollen on the ground below that remains for a short time. You’ll slowly take damage if you stand in the pool, so it’s best to back away, but if you’re brave and want to quickly move on to phase two, face the poison and continue attacking.

From a distance the Greatwood will stand and fall forward, causing heavy damage to anything beneath it. If you see this, quickly move to either side to avoid the fall. The Greatwood may also turn on its side and roll toward you, which is fairly easy to avoid, but will inflict considerable damage if you get hit.

No matter where you’re standing, the Greatwood will occasionally drop balls of poison pollen in rapid succession. Generally speaking, you can avoid most of these attacks by staying right by the weak spot between the Greatwood’s legs and attacking. The closer you are to the boss the less likely you are to be targeted. If you’re far away the poison balls will almost always fall directly on top of you.

Once you pop the weak spot between the Greatwood’s legs, it raises up slightly and slams back down to the ground, causing the floor to cave and everything above to fall to the area below. Don’t worry, you won’t take any damage from the fall, but if you happen to die from this point forward, your souls will remain on the lower section until the floor is broken during your next attempt. They won’t magically appear on the top floor so you’ll have to fight a bit before you can get them back.

After the fall the fight changes slightly. The random enemies no longer spawn, and any that were left die during the fall. In addition, it’s a bit easier to attack the group of sacks on its left hand, left ankle and back. Destroying all of these sacks ends the fight.

While the Greatwood retains most of the same attacks during the second phase, it also sprouts an extra arm from its stomach which can be attacked as well. Anytime you’re close it will try to attack with this third arm. If it seems to stop moving for a moment get ready to dodge or back away to avoid the grab attack that follows. In addition, it uses multiple swiping attacks that cover the area directly in front of the boss. Finally, when the boss uses the wide swiping attack from the first phase, the third arm will reach around and attack behind it shortly after the initial attack, so be ready for that if you happen to be close to its back at the time.

Overall this is one of the easier bosses you’ve had to face up to this point. Once the battle comes to an end you are rewarded with the Soul of the Rotted Greatwood and a Transposing Kiln. You can take the Transposing Kiln to Ludleth of Courland, sitting in one of the thrones in Firelink Shrine. Give him the kiln and you can purchase various equipment in exchange for boss souls and other items.

For now, light the Pit of Hollows bonfire, and collect the Homeward Bone and Wargod Wooden Shield from the corpses near the bonfire.

Undead Settlement – Side Areas

You should now head back to the base of the stairs that leads into the next area (from Route B) by traveling to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Assuming you’ve unlocked the shortcut mentioned in Route B, head right across the bridge and through the opened gate. Move to the right once you get inside, then drop down into the sewers. Take care of the rats if they’ve respawned and head to the ladder to the far left.

At the top of the ladder is an undead hound who will drop down if it spots you. Take care of the enemy and head through the opening, then look across the bridge to the right. Across the bridge are three large enemies and a few smaller ones. A good course of action here is to use ranged attacks to lure the larger enemies across the bridge one at a time. If you collect the Ember on the corpse in the middle of the bridge one of the smaller enemies will likely run across and attack so be ready for that.

When attacking the three larger enemies here, ideally you want them to throw the big pot at you. If you keep your distance they will eventually throw it. Once this happens they will pull out an axe and probably run toward you. Dodge to avoid the attack then quickly attack the enemy from behind. This enemy does not turn around well in the midst of its attacks, which gives you plenty of time to attack from behind. However, when it’s ready to turn around it will do so with an attack, so be ready to dodge.

Defeat the enemies, then head up the stairs to the right to find a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse, Thrall Hood and three Alluring Skulls on the corpses around the back side of the house here. Watch out for the two undead hounds that guard the corpses near the back side of the house.

Collect the loot then head back down the stairs and continue through the village to the right. As you move into the clearing look over the edge of the cliff to the left to see a hanging body. If you look closely you’ll see the faint glow of an item. Shoot the item corpse down with a ranged attack because you’ll be down in that area shortly.

You can speak to Eygon, a knight of the Carim (the man on the far left) if you’d like. There’s an entrance nearby to a cell. If you try to open the cell door it can’t be opened from this side, but the attempt will give you additional dialogue with the NPC just outside.

Siegward of Catarina, The Giant Arrow Shooter and The Balrog

Head into the larger doors up the stairs at the end of the path. As you approach the stairs at the end of the room the lift comes down and Siegward of Catarina steps out. Speak with Siegward to learn of his dilemma. He needs to head up the lift, but it only goes down. If you step onto the lift, then immediately back off the lift it will head down while you remain on the same level. Wait a moment and a second lift will come from the upper floor. Step on this lift and you can head to the top level.

When you reach the top of the tower, look in the nearly hidden alcove in the corner to find a corpse holding the Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Head up the stairs on the opposite side of the room and speak with the giant at the top. This is the person who was throwing spears at you along Route A leading up to the Curse-rotted Greatwood boss.

Select the option to offer him a token of friendship and he will stop throwing spears at you along the path (Route A) to the boss. He’ll still throw spears at enemies, but won’t target you. This lets you head back to that area and collect any loot you may have missed the first time through.

As you go back down the lift you’ll hear Siegward. Step off the lift at that level and head left to the balcony to find him sitting on the ledge. If you miss it, just step back on the lift and try again.

Speak with Siegward and he’ll reference the flaming Balrog in the area below. Drop down onto the roof and attack the Balrog and Siegward will spring into action coming to your aid. If you have ranged attacks you can remain on the rooftop safe from harm while Siegward does most of the heavy lifting.

When the beast goes down you obtain a Fire Gem and Siegward sits down on the ground. Speak with him a few more times and he’ll give you a Siegbrau, along with the Toast and Sleep gestures. Explore the immediate area to find a Homeward Bone on a corpse in the corner by the roof where you dropped down. On the far side of the large fire there’s a corpse holding a Large Club weapon and two more hanging corpses that you can shoot down. Search them to find a Pale Tongue, Northern Helm, Northern Armor, Northern Gloves and Northern Trousers.

Move deeper into the village and head right to find a ramp going up to the second level of the house. There are a number of hanging changes just before the ramp but none of them are living so you can pass under them without fear. To the left of the ramp you can roll through the carriage to find a corpse holding two Red Bug Pellets. Collect the loot then head up to the second level and watch out for the two living cages hanging in the alcove to the left. Shoot them down to avoid an ambush, then collect the two Alluring Skulls and the end of the alcove.

Head through the doorway and across the bridge to see another living cage to the left on the balcony ahead. Take it out and pick up the five Fading Souls nearby. There are two undead hounds in the room in the far right corner, with four living cages hanging above them. Lure out the hounds first, then engage the living cages.

Open the chest in the room to obtain four Human Pine Resins, then engage the two sorceress enemies on the next floor up. Lure one down to the lower floor so you can take them on one at a time to make it easier. Once they’re down, head through the opening in the corner of the upper level then continue up the stairs to the rooftop.

Make your way up the stairs to find a corpse that holds Flynn’s Ring. Drop down to the far side of the roof where there’s a platform you can fall down to, then continue down onto the adjacent tower. Circle around the balcony of the tower to find a corpse on the far side. Collect the two Homeward Bones, then head inside the tower.

You need to jump over to the wooden platform halfway down on the opposite side, then drop down to the bottom floor. You will take a bit of fall damage so make sure you have enough health. Collect the Mirrah Vest, Mirrah Gloves and Mirrah Trousers from the corpse, then roll through the barrels on the opposite side to find another corpse that holds a Chloranthy Ring. Head outside and drop down to the ground below to find yourself very close to the boss battle against the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

Find the Grave Key and Save Irina of Carim

You may recall Eygon, a knight of the Carim located just outside the building where you met Siegward of Catarina. He was the NPC with the big mace sitting down next to the prison cell. If you’ve already spoken with the giant at the top of the tower (completing the “Siegward of Catarina, The Giant Spear-Thrower and The Balrog” section of this article) you should have an easy time getting the Mortician’s Ashes from the Route A location where the giant was throwing spears. If you don’t have the Mortician’s Ashes, be sure to follow the “Siegward of Catarina, The Giant Spear-Thrower and The Balrog,” and the “Route A” sections of this article to find the item.

Once you have the Mortician’s Ashes, head back to the Firelink Shrine and speak with the Shrine Handmaid to give her the ashes. This causes the Grave Key to appear in her store. Buy the Grave Key for 1,500 souls to gain access to the next side area of the Undead Settlement.

With the Grave Key in hand, head back to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire and make your way across the bridge to the right. Continue into the structure and to the left, then drop down and take care of any rats that attack. Look toward the fog on one side of the hall and used ranged attacks to draw out the two normal rats and one giant rat.

Once the enemies are down, you can now use the Grave Key to open the locked gate on the left (just before the fog). Open the gate and head down the ladder beyond. When you reach the walkway ahead, go right to find a corpse holding a Loincloth next to a statue of Velka, the Goddess of Sin, where you can request absolution. Turn around and head to the far end of the path to find a slightly elevated area to the left where another item corpse holds a Red Hilted Halberd weapon.

Collect the loot then head through the archway in the corner. In the next room there’s another slightly raised area. Be careful here as the bones on the floor will come to life and attack. These enemies are fairly easy to bring down, but they will reanimate with a small amount of health and continue attacking, so be ready. In this room only the skeleton on the elevated platform will reanimate.

Kill the skeleton enemies, then collect the Soul of an Unknown Traveler on the corpse in the middle of the room. Continue into the next room where two more skeletons and a normal undead enemy attack. Be careful because the skeleton near the entrance to the room doesn’t animate until after you pass over it, meaning it will attack you from behind.

Make quick work of the enemies, then head outside through the opening ahead. To the right there’s a Crystal Lizard on the ground that will scurry away as soon as you start to get close. Run after it and kill the Crystal Lizard to obtain a Heavy Gem. On the nearby corpses you’ll find two Titanite Shards.

Turn around and head down the path to the right to find the item corpse you shot down earlier. If you didn’t shoot the corpse down, look up and shoot it down now if you have a ranged attack. Collect the Blessed Red and White Shield +1 on the corpse, then head through the archway to the left.

In the room ahead you can see one rat below. However, as you approach the item corpse in the far corner, six more rats crawl through the various openings in the room and attack. You can engage the rats head on, or quickly climb back up the ladder and use ranged attacks from a safe distance.

Clear out the rodents, then collect the Saint’s Talisman weapon in the corner and head up the next ladder. You’re now in the cell guarded by the NPC that you passed a bit earlier. Speak Irina of Carim inside. Select the option to touch her to obtain the Prayer gesture, then speak with her again and accept her into your service. This relocates Irina to the Firelink Shrine, down the stairs to the right of the blacksmith, then down the next hall on the right. Once there she will sell Miracle spells and a Saint’s Ring. Open the gate and head outside. Speak to Eygon again and he will agree to help you for the time being.

Onward to the Road of Sacrifices

Make your way back over to the elevator in the tower, but this time head down. You may need to step on the lift and immediately off again to get the correct elevator. Take the lift to the bottom to find Irithyll in the basement. This is a tough enemy that uses frost-based attacks that can cause frostbite, slowing your attack and inflicting damage over time. You can kite him around between the two rooms, or use ranged attacks to hit him from the doorway of the first room, then run back toward the elevator. This hit and run method will take a bit of time, but when done right Irithyll will not directly attack, instead simply stopping at the doorway and then moving back to his original position. Defeat Irithyll to obtain the Irithyll Straight Sword weapon.

Open the doors on the far side of the room to enter the Road of Sacrifices area. At this point you can continue on to the Road of Sacrifices (coming soon) or head back to our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide!

Bryan Dawson

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