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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough: Majula – How to Find Heide’s Tower of Flame

by Bryan Dawson

Head back to Majula and open the previously locked door to the hut next to the Blacksmith. Open the chest inside to obtain a Short Bow, then speak with the Blacksmith just outside. The door to the large rundown house on the far right side will open thanks to a key you obtained in the last area.

Go over to the house and open the door. Head inside and down the hall into the room ahead. There’s a Pharros’ Lockstone in the corner by the stack of books. Pick it up, then head down the hallway to the left of the entrance. Follow the hall as it turns to the left, then head up the stairs at the end of the hall.

Go into the room to the left and open the chest in the corner to obtain three Titanite Shards and three Torches. Head back downstairs, then take a left at the bottom. Continue down the next flight of stairs and take out the skeleton at the bottom.

The item just ahead is another Estus Flask Shard. Pick it up and head through the doorway to the left. Open the coffer inside to find a Soul Vessel. Head back out of the house and to the left into the church-like building. Head down the stairs and continue through the hallway to the right and down the winding staircase.

When you reach the bottom, pull the lever just ahead. Continue through the opened door and go up the stairs on the right. When you emerge, you will be in Heide’s Tower of Flame.


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