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Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat the Belfry Gargoyles

by Bryan Dawson

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Reward: Belfry Gargoyle Soul

The longer you battle against the Gargoyles, the more difficult the fight becomes. The battle begins with only two Gargoyles attacking. However, as the fight progresses, a total of six Gargoyles join the battle. While the Gargoyles all share a single health bar, if you do not kill any of the Gargoyles individually, you will end up fighting all six at once by the end of the battle.

There are four main attacks the Gargoyles use. They breathe fire on the ground or in the air. In the air, the fire breath is always a frontal circular attack, while the ground-based flame can be a linear attack or a circular attack. Avoid these attacks by staying a moderate distance away from the Gargoyles when they prepare to breathe fire (watch their heads pivot to determine when they’re about to use it). 

When the Gargoyles jump into the air, in addition to the fire breath, they may dive towards you. This attack doesn’t have a great deal of range, but it has a lot of recovery, meaning you can attack the Gargoyle as soon as it lands. If the Gargoyle jumps over or to the side of you, face that Gargoyle immediately to block the attack that follows, or dodge to either side.

At close range, the Gargoyles use two different attacks. They use a frontal circular melee attack that can be followed by an overhead linear melee attack. Neither attack has much range, and the linear attack is easily dodged to the left or right. They also pause for a moment to channel lightning, then use a lightning attack that covers a moderately wide radius around the Gargoyle. 

While you will inevitably fight multiple Gargoyles at once, they do not attack as often as other enemies, especially compared to the battle against multiple Sentinels earlier in the game. Use a weapon that inflicts as much damage as possible, even if it attacks slower than some other weapons. Weapons that can hit multiple targets with ease (have a wide swing) are especially effective. However, if you have ranged attacks (either magic, arrows or crossbow bolts), they are extremely helpful in this battle. With ranged attacks, you can stay at a distance and inflict damage most of the battle. 

After the bosses are down, search the far side of the rooftop to find a Soul of a Proud Knight near the far corner, to the left of the doorway. Head through the doorway and down the stairs. Open the coffer at the bottom to find a Southern Ritual Band, then continue through the next doorway and light the bonfire at the end of the path.

Head down the ladder to the right to engage seven dogs and Vorgel the Sinner. Take out the dogs as quickly as possible so you can focus on Vorgel by himself. Vorgel attacks multiple times in rapid succession, will parry your attacks and will use a guard crush attack to knock your shield away temporarily. Wait until you see a pause in his attack pattern, then get in as much damage as you can before he begins attacking again. Have a few health items ready, especially if you’re going in without a proper shield. 

Defeat the enemies, then pick up the Bastille Key at the end of the hall. Climb the stairs to find an Enchanted Falchion on the balcony above. With the Bastille Key, you can open the doors at the end of the two staircases just before the entrance to the Lost Sinner boss battle. The door on the right provides a Smooth & Silky Stone, while both doors allow you to ignite fires in the boss battle room to make the fight a little easier. 

You can also go to the top of the Lost Bastille and open the cell in the room with all of the zombie-like enemies that explode on the floor. Inside the cell is a Petrified Dragon Bone and three Firebombs.

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