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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Get Through Bernhard’s Wing

by Bryan Dawson

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

After the boss battle against the Stone Golem, examine the head (glowing yellow stone on the floor) to obtain the Primordial Void Gem. Head into the room on the side to replenish Dracula’s health and Void power. Head back into the main room and use a Void Projection to freeze the waterfall. Quickly climb up to the top before the water thaws. 

Destroy the objects at the end of the hall on the right to reveal a doorway. Approach the relic just ahead to obtain the Tears of a Saint ability. Continue straight, through the small opening in the wall and head down the hallway and through the next small opening. To the right is an alcove that requires a Dungeon Key, which you don’t yet have. To the left there’s another small opening that leads out into the open corridor.

Jump across to the left and make your down the hall using the wooden beams and chandeliers. At the end of the hall is a Pain Box that contains a Void Gem. Head back down the way you can came until you reach the room that housed the relic. This time head right through the opening and into the mist, then down the hall to the left.

Ignore the option to head right and instead make your way to the end of the hall. On the left is an item behind bars that you don’t yet have access to, but on the right is another Pain Box that holds a Void Gem. Head back the way you came and continue down the hallway to the left that you passed previously. 

When you reach the open area, head to the waterfalls straight ahead and to the left. Behind the brick pillar is another fallen knight. Examine him to obtain another Soldier’s Diary. Switch to the Void Sword and use Void Projections to freeze the two waterfalls. Freeze the waterfall on the left first, then the one on the right. With both frozen, climb up the one on the left, then swing over to the right frozen waterfall. Climb up to the top, then make your way around to the center structure. 

Inside the structure is another Pain Box that holds a Life Gem. This should be your fifth Life Gem, which will increase Dracula’s health capacity. Turn around and jump down to the Pain Box below to obtain a Void Gem. Continue past the Pain Box and remember to smash any objects you see to find experience points, items and relics. 

Jump across the gap and head left at the end of the walkway to initiate another cut-scene. Several enemies spawn and attack Dracula and his son Trevor. The enemies attack two at a time, but focus on only one enemy to quickly dwindle their numbers. If an enemy grabs Trevor, quickly attack that enemy to free the boy. 

When the enemies have been defeated. Dracula acquires the White Wolf Medallion. Before you head into the glowing yellow circle in the middle of the room, climb the pillar marked by the swarming bats. Head left and jump across the gap. At the end of the walkway is a Pain Box that holds another Void Gem. 

Jump down and interact with the glowing yellow circle in the middle of the room. Climb up the pillar again and follow the wolf into and through the darkness. When you emerge, jump down to the area below, replenish your Void Power if needed, then head through the small opening on the side, then drop down to the room below. 

Dispatch of the enemy that attacks, smash all of the breakable objects, then head through the door on the right and continue down the hallway. When you reach the end of the hallway, head down the stairs to the left and drop down to the room below. Access the Pain Box in the room at the end to obtain a Life Gem, then climb up and head back the way you came.

When you get back to the room where you were last attacked, head toward the locked doorway on the right. Use a Void Projection to freeze the water to the right, then climb up and make your way left into the next room. On the left wall is a darkness area where Dracula can change into a rat. To the right of that is a fan blowing water upward. Use a Void Projection to freeze the water, then quickly change into a rat and run under the frozen area. 

Access the yellow vent to reach the other side, then jump over the flaming sections as you make your way through the ventilation system. Stay out of the electrified water at the next junction point, jump over the flames again, and interact with the yellow vent to reach the other side once again. 

In the next room, make a sharp turn to the right to find the area where you can change back into Dracula. Use a Shadow Dagger on the panel above you on the opposite side of the room away from the enemy, then change back into a rat and head through the vent to the left of the boxes just before the enemy.

Make your way through the ventilation system. When you get to the electrical cable, wait for it to pop, then jump over the cable on the right side of the vent. There are two pops, one long electrical pop, then a second, shorter pop after a slight pause. Gnaw the wiring at the end of the vent, then head back into the other room and change into Dracula again.

Use Shadow Bats to distract the guard, then run up behind the technician and possess him. Move to the other side of the door to open it and walk through the doorway to initiate a cut-scene, followed by a boss battle.

Boss Battle: How to Raisa Volkova

At the beginning of the fight, immediately switch to the Void Sword and prepare to fire a Void Projection. Move the camera in a circle until Raisa appears. As soon as she does, jump into the air, lock on with a Void Projection and fire. She moves very quickly so you can’t delay. Jumping will evade her dash attack, so if you can’t lock on to her in time, you should still be safe. 

If you hit her once, she stops dashing and fights normally. Use the Shadow Whip and stay at maximum range. When she uses her unblockable attack, dodge to the side, then around behind her so you can continue attacking while she’s recovering from the unblockable attack. If she grabs Dracula, press the Jump button in sync with the two circles on-screen to escape her grasp before she can inflict any damage. 

When she slams her hands into the ground to create lines of electricity, jump away and stay out of the area surrounding Raisa until the electricity dissipates. During this time she may use a singular electrical attack that fires in a straight line on the ground. Be prepared to jump to avoid the attack, then evade in the air to ensure you land in a safe spot. 

Once enough damage has been inflicted, she returns to her quick dashing phase that started the fight. Use a Void Projection again to shut this attack down and she returns to her normal attack pattern. This process repeats a total of three times over the course of the fight.