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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Find the Pieces of a Mirror of Fate

by Bryan Dawson

Beat the final chapter in the trilogy with Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

Head up the stairs and into the hallway, then continue through the doorway on the left. Access the device on the left to open the next door, then approach the door to see another cut-scene. Head into the dark room filled with rubble to the right to find a fallen knight. Examine him to obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry. 

Move out of the room and head right, down the hall. When the path forks, head to the right. There’s a Pain Box to the left, but it’s inaccessible at the moment. Obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry at the fallen knight to the left, then take out the bad guys just ahead. Continue into the room at the end of the path and access the device to the right to open the door. Head down the path to initiate another cut-scene. 

The next section requires you to sneak around without alerting Agreus. If Dracula steps on any of the dead leaves, it will alert Agreus and Dracula will have to start the process over. You can distract Agreus by shooting Shadow Daggers  at the bells along the walls. However, if Agreus gets too close to Dracula, he will smell him and it will be difficult to shake him off the scent. There are two areas you cannot reach that house secrets, so keep this in mind once you receive Dracula’s final ability. 

Tip: In some instances, when you drop from a structure, if you immediately press the Grab button, Dracula will not make any noise, even with leaves beneath him. 

Use a Shadow Dagger on the bell on the far left wall, then wait near the right corner of the structure right in front of you for Agreus to take the bait. As soon as he passes, quickly jump forward and to the right to avoid the leaves, then grab the structure to the right and move around to the right until you reach the far side. If you’re fast enough, you can do this without using a Shadow Dagger at the beginning. 

Drop down and follow the open path around to the right. Jump over the leaves then grab the structure and make your way around to the other side where it’s safe to drop down. If Agreus is on to you, shoot another Shadow Dagger at the bell just above the entrance. Head to the right wall and grab the structure to move over the leaves as you make your way to the corner. When you reach the corner, head left until you get to the leaves. Make sure Agreus is not close, then  quickly run to the right, ignoring the leaves. 

Head to the right and jump on the structure as quickly as possible and make your way around to the opposite side. If you’re fast enough, Agreus will walk away since he won’t be close enough to pick up Dracula’s scent. Facing the entrance, there’s another bell on the far left wall in this section. It’s okay to rustle the leaves here as long as you make it to the open section near the middle before Agreus gets too close. 

Circle back around to the other side of the structure, then drop down in the safe area. Jump over to the railing along the structure to the right, and move around to the next safe spot. Head to the corner, then jump across to the other structure. You’ll make some noise so move quickly. 

Use the bell on the far left wall to distract him, then you have two options. You can take two attempts to complete your objective, or you can be extremely agile and do it in one take. If you opt for the two attempt method, quickly run to the far corner where the device is located. You’ll rustle the leaves, but as long as Agreus is not too close, you’ll make it to the device and have time to activate it. This opens the gate, which you can then make a run for during your second attempt.

If you opt for only one attempt, you’ll need to use the bells to distract Agreus, access the device, use the bells again, then make it to the open gate. Unfortunately, each bell only works once or twice depending on the frequency between uses. It’s very difficult to make it to the device and the open gate without alerting Agreus, which is why the two attempt method is favored. 

Once inside the gate, follow the path to the elevator, then head up. Replenish Dracula’s health and magic on either side of the elevator, then continue down the path. Use a Void Projection to freeze the owl-like creature ahead, then pick up the fragment of the Mirror of Fate left behind. Agreus appears right after as you engage him in a boss battle. 

Boss Battle: How to Beat Agreus 

The battle against Agreus is far more straightforward than many of the previous boss battles. Agreus uses two weapons, a long spear, or two scimitars. He changes between the two throughout the battle. When he is using the spear, watch out for his unblockable projectile attack. He throws the spear at Dracula twice in rapid succession. Dodge several times continuously to avoid this attack. If either spear hits, you must complete a quick time event to avoid significant damage.

When Agreus uses the scimitars, he throws the swords in a circular pattern around Dracula, then uses a linear attack immediately after. Stay in the middle during the circular attack. If you dodge, you will most-likely get hit. As soon as the circular attack is complete, dodge to the left or right. If you’re far enough away, you can also dodge back to avoid the second attack. 

No matter which weapon Agreus uses, he has an unblockable lunging attack that should be dodged left or right to avoid. He also blocks a good number of Dracula’s attacks. While you can switch to the Chaos Claws to get around the blocking, it’s not necessary. If you stick to the Shadow Whip and stay close to Agreus, dodging backward to avoid his standard close-range blockable and unblockable attacks (used with both weapons), you can capitalize on Agreus’ many openings.

Staying at close range prevents Agreus from using his projectile attacks, which means you only have to deal with the unblockable lunging attack, and his normal melee attacks that alternate between blockable and unblockable. When you see the lunge coming, dodge to the right or left, then dodge again in Agreus’ direction so you remain close. While he is recovering from the lunge attack, he cannot block Dracula’s attacks.

Repeat this process several times, and Agreus won’t last long. In addition, while Agreus blocks two to four of Dracula’s attacks, if you continue attacking, his guard will break and a few hits will land. At this point Agreus dashes away to begin his offense again. Dodge toward him to maintain a close distance and continue the fight until Agreus is down. 

At the conclusion of the battle, drop down into the water on the right to find another fallen knight behind the tree. Examine him to obtain a Soldier’s Diary entry, then jump back up to the main area. Head to the left, up the path and back through the hallway. Use the device to open the door, then continue across the bridge to engage several Harpies. 

Defeat the Harpies and continue down the path to find two more. Take them out, then head into the castle and toward Trevor to initiate another cut-scene. Head through the doorway to the left and access the lever in the middle of the room. The Toy Maker now tests Dracula’s aim. Hold R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox) to aim at the tapestries. As soon as you see a face pop up, move the reticule over to it and release to shoot a Shadow Dagger. Do this three times to earn experience points.

Head down the hall and through the doorway and defeat the Cleric and his friends. Move over to the pillar near the edge of the cliff and access it. Follow the quick time event to create a bridge that leads to the upper platform. The bridge does not last long so quickly make your way up the bridge to the platform. 

Jump down on the other side to find a Pain Box that holds a Life Gem. If you wish to travel back to the City of the Damned, head through the doorway to the right and access the lever in the center of the room. Use Mist Power to move through the gate and enter the City of the Damned. Otherwise, head over to the pillar to extend the bridge again, then head back up to the area above. 

Head inside the castle, then up the stairs to the right to find a Pain Box that holds a Chaos Gem. Drop down to the area below and take out the enemies, then examine the fallen knight in the corner to obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry. 

Scale the fish head door, but climb to the left instead of straight up. Continue down the hallway to find a Pain Box that holds a Life Gem. Head back to the main room and climb again, only this time climb straight up. Head down the hallway and jump down into the room below.

All of the chairs in the room can be destroyed for experience points and items. Head to the far left to find another pillar similar to the ones that extended the bridge just outside. Access the pillar to reveal an alcove where you can replenish Dracula’s magic. It does not stay open very long, so replenish quickly. 

On the opposite side of the room, a lever is found near the stage. However, you need to turn the power on to make the lever work. Jump up to the stage, then climb up to the balcony on the right. Examine the fallen knight for another Soldier’s Diary entry, then head through the opening and drop down into the room below. 

Access the Pain Box to obtain another Void Gem, then change into rat form in the darkness just ahead. Head through the vent in the corner, then run around to the vent on the far side of the stage. Use the darkness to the right to change into Dracula again, replenish your magic if need be, then use a Chaos Bomb to ignite the furnace and restore power.

Transform back into rat form, then run up the small ramp in the corner, behind the furnace. When you reach the moving spikes, wait for the first one to move twice in rapid succession before attempting to pass. The second spike moves rapidly multiple times, then takes a brief pause. Get as close as possible, wait for the pause, then quickly move to the other side. The third one is just like the first. It moves once, pauses briefly, then moves twice before pausing again. 

When you reach the end, gnaw the rope to the left, which kills one rat, then take the next rat through the opening ahead. You don’t need to worry about the spikes this time, as gnawing the rope stops the spikes. Follow the ventilation system until you reach the stage room again, then head through the vent on the left and transform back into Dracula.

Climb up the wall, then jump down and access the lever on the right. Use the device that appears, then you must place the character and corresponding decoration on stage at the appropriate time. For every correct placement, you earn 500 experience points. Every time you ask to repeat the narrative, 300 experience points are removed from the reward. However, the reward will never go below zero. The correct order is as follows:

  • Toy Maker with Workshop decoration.
  • Walter Bernhard with no additional decoration.
  • Change to the Castle decoration.
  • Demon with no additional decoration.
  • Kid with Theater decoration.

At the conclusion of the play, head up to the stage and grab the Toy Maker’s heart from the kid to initiate a cut-scene followed by a boss battle against the Toy Maker. 

Boss Battle: How to Beat the Toy Maker

At the beginning of the battle, Dracula must engage the Toy Maker’s puppet. It only has three attacks: a vertical strike, a horizontal strike, and a jumping stomp.  It alternates between the vertical and horizontal attacks, with the vertical attack dodged to the left or right, and the horizontal attack dodged by jumping or dodging away from the puppet. If the puppet jumps in the air, jump and dodge away to avoid the small shockwave when it hits the ground. 

Defeat the first puppet to engage the Toy Maker himself. He attacks with two back to back fists to the ground, which each create a small shockwave. This can be evaded by keeping your distance, or jumping. As soon as you see the visual indicator of an unblockable attack, dodge away from the Toy Maker quickly. The following attack is very difficult to evade if Dracula is anywhere near the Toy Maker, and if caught, it triggers a quick time event that will inflict significant damage if failed. 

Use primarily aerial attacks at maximum Shadow Whip range to temporarily defeat the Toy Maker and spawn his next puppet. The snake uses four attacks: fire breath, deadly spinners, a tail spin, and a shockwave. Listen to the Toy Maker’s narration for clues as to which attack is about to occur. Stay in the air and at maximum Shadow Whip range. If the snake breathes fire, back away and jump over the fire if it gets close to Dracula. When the spinners come, stay in the air to evade them. If the snake jumps into the air, prepare to jump to avoid the shockwave when it lands, and dodge away from the snake if it starts to spin, indicating the tail spin attack is coming. 

Defeat the second puppet to engage the Toy Maker again. The second time around is identical to the first, except that he now ignites circles of flame between attacks. Stay in the air in the middle of the flame circles, and wait until they’ve stopped moving before dodging away while airborne. If you move too soon, the circles follow Dracula, making it difficult to land safely. 

Once enough damage has been inflicted, the Toy Maker stands up on two legs and uses fast, linear attacks. Switch to the Void Sword or Chaos Claws and use a Void Projectile or Chaos Bomb respectively to knock the Toy Maker down. Once down, attack with Dracula’s strongest available skill to inflict as much damage as possible while it’s down. When it stands back up, immediately use another projectile to bring it back down. Repeat this process until the Toy Maker is defeated. 

Head back to Trevor, taking out the Cleric and his crew along the way. When you approach Trevor, another cut-scene begins.