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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Beat the Gorgon

by Bryan Dawson

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

After the boss battle with Raisa Volkova, head down the hall and up the stairs to initiate a short cinematic. Break all the objects as you make your way down the next hall, and interact with the fallen knight to obtain another Soldier’s Diary. Head into the room on the right at the end of the hallway, then access the lever on the door to the left of the room to activate the lift. 

Head through the open door for another short cut-scene. To the left, in the lower section, access a Pain Box that holds what should be your fifth Void Gem. This increases Dracula’s Void Magic capacity. Jump back up and head up the stairs directly ahead. 

The next battle is against a Dungeon Jailer and several Dungeon Minions. Focus on the Minions first, because you can’t inflict damage to the Jailer at this time. Keep the camera facing the Jailer and watch for his running attack. When he runs, dodge to avoid the attack and follow him as he slams into a wall. At this point, ignore the Minions and focus solely on the Jailer until he frees himself from the wall. Occasionally the Jailer will get tired and put his weapon down, at which point he is also vulnerable to attack. These are the only times you can damage the Jailer with your current set of weapons. 

Defeat the Jailer, which in turn takes care of the Minions, and you obtain the Dungeon Key. Head over to the large mechanical object on the side of the room and interact with it to use the Dungeon Key. Interact with it again to turn the wheels in accordance with the quick time event.

Head over to the side of the room with the glowing red object on the ground and interact with it to open the door. Just inside on the right is another fallen knight. Examine him to obtain a Soldier’s Diary entry, then turn around and head to the left to open the next door.

Follow the path to the right. If you need to replenish Void Power you can access a wolf summon by running across the beam to the left of the large pillar. Jump across to the other side, then climb up the rocks and call the wolf from the yellow circle. Climb up the beam ahead and to the left, then make your way to the left where the wolf awaits. There’s an area just above, but it requires another Dungeon Key to unlock the door, so for now continue to the wolf and follow it into the darkness.

If you don’t need to replenish, or when you return, head to the right of the beam you crossed and jump across to the platform. Move out onto the small bit of steel protruding from the edge of the platform and jump across to the chain. There are two chains here that move down as soon as Dracula comes in contact with them. Jump up the first chain to reach the top rivet of the pillar to the left. You may need to jump to the lower rivets if the chain starts moving too fast. Once the chain stops moving, jump back over to it and continue jumping up until you can reach the upper most rivet.

Move over to the left and jump across to the other chain. Jump off the chain when you see the lower pillar to the left, then continue to make your way to the left until you reach the rocky platform. Move across the platform to the small steel beam that protrudes toward the pipes shooting lava upward. 

You need to jump across to the pipes, but you must time your jump accordingly to avoid the lava that shoots upward. Wait until you see three lava shots in a row, then jump to the closest pipe. Continue jumping from pipe to pipe until you reach the next rocky platform to the right. Move forward to initiate another cut-scene. 

Head down the hallway until you reach the end. Move to the left to see another Pain Box on the next ledge over. Jump over to the ledge, being careful not to fall down to the area below. Access the Pain Box to obtain another Life Gem, then drop down and take out the Minions that attack. If the Minions use a defensive stance to block your attacks, target a different Minion until it resumes a normal fighting stance. The Sustained Whip attack series works well against these enemies. 

Climb up the wall on the opposite side and move down the hallway. Interact with the fallen knight on the left to obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry, then access the device at the end. Extend the platform forward three times to lock it into place, then use the platforms to cross over to the next junction point and initiate another cut-scene.

You are now tasked with freeing the Chupacabras. Head down the stairs and access the device at the bottom. Extend the platform forward three times to once again lock it into place. Head across to the next junction point and access the device again. Move the platforms left once, then forward once and run across to the next junction.

Access the device in the wall to the far right to lower the Chupacabras’ cage. Head back across the platforms and use the device to move them forward once, right once, then forward again. Run across the platforms to the next junction point, then use the device to move the platforms left once, then back twice. Access the Pain Box at the next junction to obtain another Void Gem. 

Head back to the device and extend the platform to the left three times to move them under the Chupacabras’ cage. Use the device to move the platforms forward twice, then right once. Run across and use the next device to move the cage left once, then back once. This frees the Chupacabras from his cage and completes your objective. 

The Chupacabras opens the previously sealed door. Head through the door and offer Dracula’s blood at the end of the platform to create a path. Move forward as the path forms, so you can make it across before the path dissipates. Head up the stairs to the left to initiate a very brief cut-scene that concludes with a quick time event to avoid an attack from a Harpy.

Three Harpies now attack Dracula. They remain aerial at all times, which makes the Aerial Whip and Guillotine skills valuable. In addition, Dracula can use a Void Projection to freeze the Harpies and drop them down to the ground. Avoid the unblockable attacks and focus on one Harpy at a time to take them down with ease. Defeat the Harpies, then climb up the red pillar on the structure in the corner. Examine the fallen knight at the top of the structure to obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry, then proceed across the bridge. 

When you reach the end of the bridge, more Harpies attack. Take then down, then head to the opening to the left (from the perspective of standing on the bridge). Jump over to the pillar, then climb around and make your way to the top of the next platform over. Head toward the mechanical gear to the left to spawn two Dungeon Jailers.

These Jailers are a little different from the last ones because they will ignite their weapons in the fire surrounding the platform. While the weapons don’t remain ignited for the entire duration of the fight, while they are lit, watch out for the Jailer’s attacks because they have extended range. They use a circular attack that engulfs the area immediately surrounding them, as well as a linear attack that shoots fire along the ground. The Sustained Whip is a great skill to use against these Jailers to inflict damage quickly and from a distance. 

With the Jailers down, pick up the two Dungeon Keys left behind and access the mechanical device in the corner to remove the gate that blocks your path. Head up the stairs and into the next room, then access the alter in the middle to reveal stairs along the outside edge of the room. Take the stairs down and examine the fallen knight at the bottom to receive another Soldier’s Diary entry. 

Drop down the opening to the left of the fallen knight, and use a Dungeon Key in the alcove to the right. Offer Dracula’s blood at the newly revealed altar to obtain 2,000 experience points. Head back the way you came and proceed down the hall when you reach the top to initiate another cut-scene, followed by a boss battle against the Gorgon. 

Boss Battle: How to Beat the Gorgon 

The battle against the Gorgon takes place in an area with the Gorgon’s three heads on one end, and its tentacles spread out along the opposite side. Focus on one head at a time, and attack the heads with the Aerial Whip and Guillotine skills until it slams its hand on the far left or right side of the area. When this happens, quickly move toward the tentacles to avoid the sweeping hand attack that follows. 

While you’re attacking the heads, the Gorgon will occasionally slam a quick fist toward Dracula, or spit fire at him. Stay in the air as much as possible to avoid both of these attacks, but if you see them coming, dodge and jump to make sure you stay clear and don’t take any damage.

Once enough damage is inflicted, the dual circle quick time event occurs and the Gorgon slams its fist near the center of the area, where it gets stuck. If you’re successful with the quick time event, Dracula dodges to avoid the initial attack. Switch to the Void Sword and attack the vulnerable spot on top of its fist with a Void Projection. This freezes the Gorgon’s hand and creates armor on her wrist. Switch to the Chaos Claws to destroy the armor, then climb up her arm and around to her face. Avoid her claw attacks as you climb, and use the quick time event to destroy another head. 

If you run out of Void Magic, attack the tentacles to replenish it with the blood orbs that appear with each defeated tentacle. While Dracula is attack the tentacles, the Gorgon spits fire at him. A single dodge is enough to avoid the fire, then quickly continue attacking the tentacles until you have replenished Dracula’s Void Magic. 

This process repeats until one head is dead. At this point the fight is the same with one addition, the Gorgon starts to use an optical attack that homes in on Dracula. When you see the green circle moving across the ground, quickly dodge to move away. When it locks in, dodge again to avoid it if Dracula is too close. 

Once two heads are down, the Gorgon uses a massive flame attack that covers half of the area. It’s telegraphed by the Gorgon standing straight up and shooting fire into the sky. The Gorgon also shoots a massive line of fire toward the area, which can be avoided with a few well-timed dodges. Continue following the Gorgon’s attack patterns until the final quick time event that finishes her off. 

After the boss battle, collect the Primordial Chaos Gem, then switch to the Chaos Claws and use a Chaos Bomb on the flaming orb above. Climb up the Gorgan’s arm to reach the hallway above. There’s a small corridor to the left, but at the moment you do not have the abilities to make use of it. Continue down the hallway and into the first opening on the left. To the left is another Pain Box that holds a Chaos Gem. 

Head back out to the main hallway and replenish your Void and Chaos magic just ahead.  At the end of the hallway, climb up the left side to the area above. Head through the doorway and down the stairs, then interact with the gold statue in the middle to move down to the lower level. Continue down the path and engage the Jailer and Minions at the end. 

This time when you fight the Jailer you don’t have to worry about their defensive stance. Simply switch to the Chaos Claws to remove their defensive capabilities, then switch back to the Shadow Whip to continue pummeling them. Watch out for the line of fire that erupts during the battle. It’s easily avoided with a dodge, but it does spread throughout the area.

Defeat the enemies and pick up the Dungeon Key that the Jailer drops, then use it at the altar to open the door to the left. Head through the door and offer Dracula’s blood to extend the walkway. Just like before, do not wait for it to fully extend. Instead, walk across as the platforms move into place to avoid falling into the lava below.

Head into the next room to initiate another cut-scene. Exit the elevator to enter Chupacabras’ Shop. Here you can purchase various items, most of which can be found as you play through the game. Replenish any supplies you may need, and pick up a Dungeon Key or two for use when you need it. You’ll find all that you need as you play through the game, but with a few extra on hand you won’t have to backtrack as much. 

The mirror in the corner allows Dracula to use the Kleidos, which he doesn’t yet have. When you attempt to leave, you obtain the Talisman of the Dragon relic, which allows Dracula to turn into a dragon as a powerful attack.

Move into the elevator and interact with the lever. When you exit the elevator head to the right to find another fallen knight. Examine him to earn another Soldier’s Diary entry, then head to the other side of the elevator to find a Pile of Sacrifice. Interact with it to obtain the Kleidos relic required to use the mirror in Chupacabras’ Shop. You still can’t access the challenges offered via the Kleidos with only one in your possession. 

To the right is the circle required to summon the wolf, but before you do that, head up the stairs to the right of the circle and enter the room at the top. This is the Map Room, which allows Dracula to travel quickly between destinations. There’s no need to use it yet, but activate it for ease of use later. There are other treasures in this small hub, but nothing that you can acquire with Dracula’s current skill set.