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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Beat the Awakening

by Bryan Dawson

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

After a lengthy cinematic, walk forward through the gate, then follow the boy. When an enemy attacks, block its attacks until another cinematic begins. Walk toward the scared family and follow the on-screen prompts to massacre them and watch another cinematic.

Now that you have your powers back, destroy all of the random objects in the immediate area and around the green van ahead to find artwork. Continue up the ramp to the left and destroy the green containers in the corner. Interact with the Memorial on the opposite side to find the City Memorial: Chronicles of the Ancient Light. 

Head back around the corner and interact with the garage door to open it. Head up the ramp, then use Shadow Daggers to gain access to the next door. Move over to the shadows and take on rat form as prompted, then run past the guard and into the shadowy area beyond to regain your human form.

Sneak up behind the guard and interact with him to posses his body. Quickly walk to panel to the right of the door and open it. You don’t have much time before the guard’s body is destroyed. Head into the next room and use the lever on the left to open the door ahead. 

Use a bat swarm to distract the first guard, then head to the ladder on the left when the other guard moves to investigate. Climb up the ladder, then jump to the rail on the right and into the next room. Proceed to the next ladder, then drop down and head up the stairs to the right. Turn right to go up the next set of stairs, and follow the path until you see another cut-scene. There’s another area above Dracula to the left, but you don’t have the necessary powers to access it at this point. 

After the cut-scene, follow the boy again. Interact with the fallen soldier on the right to find the Soldier’s Diary entry, and destroy all of the random artifacts in the hall. Don’t forget to look behind you for random artifacts to destroy. Head down the hall and to the right, and interact with the statue to replenish your health.

Move up the stairs and jump over to the Pain Box to obtain a Life Gem. Continue forward and jump up to the ledge and across the broken stairs to find another Pain Box and a second Life Gem. Drop back down and head slightly up the stairs, then jump up to the wooden scaffold above. Make your way around to the next area to initiate another short cut-scene. 

Head back into the hallway to destroy a few random objects and find more collectibles. Follow the path around the other direction and interact with the lever in the room at the end. Use Shadow Daggers to remove the blood clogging the gears, then head through the newly opened door. Jump down to the room below and run across to find another Pain Box and Life Gem.

Go up the stairs and jump up the column to the left to read the upper balcony again. Jump onto the first wooden chandelier, and run back and forth to make it sway. When it comes close to the next chandelier, jump over to it, then do the same to the chandelier on the right. 

Jump across to the platform and interact with the Pain Box to obtain a Life Gem. Head back to the chandelier in the middle, then to the one to the right and finally to the next platform. Circle around to the left, and run out onto the wooden beam. Jump over to the structure ahead and make your way to the right.

Climb up to the area above, then head down the decrepit stairs to the left to find another fallen knight. Interact with his body to obtain another Soldier’s Diary entry. Just beyond the knight there’s a column that gains access to an area above. Unfortunately, you don’t yet have the necessary powers to acquire the items in the area, so you’ll have to leave them be for now. 

Head back up the stairs and start down the hallway to initiate another cut-scene. Immediately following the cut-scene, you must make a series of quick jump from platform to platform as the hallway crumbles beneath you. This is followed by a boss battle. The order of jumps is as follows:

  • Left
  • Forward
  • Climb Up
  • Right
  • Wait for the column to fall slightly
  • Left
  • Left
  • Right
  • Forward
  • Climb Up

Boss Battle: How to Beat the Stone Golem

During the first phase of this boss battle Dracula must attack the creature’s lower section. Destroy the statues in the area to make it easier to evade the boss when it attacks. Stay at the maximum range of the Shadow Whip unless you need to switch to the Void Sword to replenish health. When the Golem stomps the ground, jump over the wave of blood that rushes toward you, then jump again to avoid it a second time as it returns to the Golem. When it rushes toward Dracula, dodge to the left or right to avoid the attack.

Once the boss has been weakened enough, it glows yellow for a short time. Quickly run up to it and interact for a quick cinematic that transitions to the second phase. At this point you must jump and attack the upper body of the boss. Continue to stay at maximum Shadow Whip range and dodge the aforementioned attacks. In addition, the boss uses a stone whip-like attack that must also be dodged. When you see the red circle illuminate on the Golem’s arm, dodge multiple times in rapid succession to evade the attack. 

When the boss slams its fist on the ground, a stream of blood homes in on Dracula. Dodge until it gets close, then jump and dodge to avoid this attack. It will also fire a small blue beam from its eyes, but this is easily evaded by a single dodge. When it hits the ground, watch out for the small ice-like area it creates. This area lingers for a few seconds before dissipating. 

If you have to get close to the enemy to replenish Dracula’s health with the Void Sword, be very cautious of its close range melee attacks and it’s energy burst, which pushes Dracula away. It’s best to fight at maximum Shadow Whip range, so only fight at close range when you absolutely must use the Void Sword to replenish Dracula’s health. 

When you have damaged the boss enough, it glows yellow again. Interact with it at close range to watch a short cut-scene in which Dracula stabs it with the Void Sword. This is followed by a quick time event in which you must rapidly press the button shown on-screen. If you’re too slow or press the wrong button, the boss regains a small amount of health and the fight continues.