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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – Discover the Revelations Behind Satan

by Bryan Dawson

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

After the cut-scene, jump down to the area below and walk forward to see another cut-scene. The following battle features several Dark Monks that come together to form a Dark Apostle. They also summon a few lesser enemies. While the Monks are split, focus on one Monk at a time to decrease their numbers as quickly as possible. When they glow green, dodge to avoid the following unblockable attack. When the Monks come together to form the Dark Apostle, use a Void Projection to take it down and separate the Monks again, then resume your attack of the individual Monks. 

Defeat the Monks, then head to the far end of the area. Replenish Dracula’s health using the statue to the right, then access the device in the middle and ask the Lieutenant to assist. After the cut-scene that follows, use the Mirror of Fate again. 

This time take the piece in the upper right corner, turn it so the black portion is on the left side, then place it in the upper left corner of the mirror. Take the piece in the upper left corner and turn it so the black portion is on the left side, then place it in the lower left corner of the mirror. Take the piece in the lower right corner and rotate it so the small black portion is on the left side, then place it right above the previous piece. Take the top piece and turn it so that that black portion is in the upper right corner, then place it in the lower right corner of the mirror. Finally, take the last piece and turn it so that the black portion is on the lower right corner, then place it in the only remaining slot on the mirror. 

Head through the doorway, across the bridge, and into the throne room to watch another cut-scene. During the cut-scene there are two brief intermissions in which Dracula must relive past battles. These are all in slow motion and only require a few attacks to complete. After the cut-scene you face off in a boss battle against Death.

Boss Battle: How to Beat Death 

The battle with Death starts out fairly straightforward. Attack from maximum Shadow Whip range and when his large scythe starts whirling around, dodge to the left or right multiple times to avoid the coming attack. All of his scythe attacks are linear at maximum scythe range, but he will appear to be using a horizontal attack before finishing with a linear attack, so stay on the move until he stops attacking. 

While he will block many of Dracula’s attacks, stay at a distance and use the upgraded Guillotine skill. Death will block the aerial attack, then get hit by the fully charged ground follow-up. You can also hit Death immediately following many of his attacks. 

Once enough damage has been dealt, Death summons several Servant Corpses to aid him. If you need to replenish Dracula’s magic, or you need health, use these lesser enemies to do so. The upgraded Sustained Sweep skill works very well to take down these lesser enemies with ease. Once you have replenished Dracula, or if you do not wish to battle these lesser beings, use Chaos Bombs to take down the Servant Corpses perched above the area in a circle. Once they’re defeated, the lesser enemies disappear as well. 

During the next phase of the battle, Death adds two new attacks to his arsenal. When you see a green glow, this signals a projectile attack that slowly follows Dracula. Dodge continuously until it dissipates. When Death begins swirling his scythe around, he will perform one of two attacks: either the linear attack from the first phase of the battle, or an extremely wide circular attack that encompasses the entire area.

You can determine which attack it is by watching the scythe while it swirls before the attacks initiate. If the scythe extends high above Death, the linear attack is coming. If the swirls begin to extend to a wider range, the circular attack is coming. If you have trouble figuring out which is coming, jump at the sign of either, then dodge left or right back down to the ground to avoid the linear attack, or use Demonic Wings to avoid the circular attack. 

Deal enough damage and Death summons the Servant Corpses again. Once more, if you need to replenish resources do so, otherwise take out the enemies above with Chaos Bombs.

In Death’s final phase, his scythe forms a chain that swirls around him. Use Mist Power to get through the danger and initiate a cut-scene with a quick time event to finish him off. 

After the boss battle head down the hallway to find a Memorial and Pile of Sacrifice on the right, and a Dungeon Key slot on the left. Instead of a Kleidos, this Pile of Sacrifice allows Dracula to carry more Dodo Eggs. Continue down the hallway and into the next area where a Rot Mech and two Horned Demons face off. 

You need to get to the wall on the far left side where you can climb up to the area above. You can finish off all three enemies, or you can make your escape while the Mech distracts the two Horned Demons. Head back to the room where you accessed the Mirror of Fate. Defeat the enemies that spawn, then climb to the top of the area. 

Head through the circular doorway, then go right through the rubble and climb up again. When you reach the top use Demonic Wings to reach the platform above, then use Mist Power to go through the gate. Continue straight ahead and through the next gate (with Mist Power). When you reach the green neon sign, climb up to the platform above, then fly to the left to find another Memorial two platforms over. 

Climb up the wall behind the Memorial, and around to the left. Jump onto the steel girders and make your way over to the next platform to find a Pain Box that holds a Void Gem. Head back the way you came, then jump down to the left when you reach the end. 

Continue down the path and jump down to the section just above the lowest level (if you go too far down, defeat the enemies then climb up one level). Head to the right and up the ramp. Climb up to the walkway above, then go left and through the gate. Continue along the walkway, use Mist Power when you reach the fan at the end, then climb the ladders to the top. 

Head to the end of the walkway on the left, then jump and use Demonic Wings to make your way to the Pain Box below. Open it to obtain another Void Gem. Jump down behind the Pain Box and make your way back to the upper platform you just jumped from. When you reach the platform, head to the immediate right and into the hole in the wall. 

Use Mist Power to move up to the floor above, take the ladder up and open the door at the end of the tunnel. Drop down to the area below, then head up the ladder on the other side of the room. Run up the rubble and head through the opening, then defeat the enemies on the other side. 

Continue toward the objective marked on the map, defeat the one additional enemy that spawns, then head through the flaming rubble as you make your way up to the next floor. Turn around and use the broken ladder above to climb higher, then head through the doorway and down the hall. 

Access the lever to restore power, then head through the door. Make your way across the roof, then drop down the to the street. If you need to replenish any supplies, head to the left and use the wolf to make your way back to the store. Otherwise, turn around once you reach the street and head through the corridor straight ahead and to the left. 

Use Mist Power to get through the gate, then approach Alucard on the other side of the area. Climb up the corner of the wall, and make your way to the top. Drop down into the church and head down the hallway where you need to solve the Mirror of Fate puzzle again. 

Grab the piece in the lowers left corner, turn it left twice and place it in the upper left corner of the mirror. Take the upper left piece, turn it left twice and place it to the right of the previous piece. Turn the upper right piece to the right three times, and place it to right of the previous piece. Grab the bottom piece, turn it right four times and place it under the previous pieces. Turn the left piece right twice and place it on the bottom right corner of the mirror, then take the last remaining piece, turn right twice and place it on the mirror.

Head through the doorway and up the stairs to initiate a cut-scene. Make your way up the side of the beast while watching out for the black holes that indicate green slim is about to shoot out. When you get high enough, enjoy another cut-scene, then run along the beast’s back to reach the chains at the end. Grab the chains to see another cut-scene. Climb to the left, then up to the beast’s back and take down the enemies that attack as you make your way to the chains on the right. Grab the chains to watch another cut-scene, followed by a boss battle against Satan in control of Alucard’s body. 

Boss Battle: How to Beat Alucard

The battle against the Satan-controlled Alucard is difficult for one main reason, many of his attacks are difficult to see. Attack relentlessly until Alucard flinches. As soon as he moves, dodge to either side. In almost every instance Alucard attacks twice in a row, so you need to dodge enough to either side to evade both attacks. Following each set of attacks, stay close to Alucard and attack with your most powerful attack available. When he disappears, dodge repeatedly until he reappears.

When you have damage Alucard enough, he jumps into the air and begins a barrage of aerial attacks that leave black pools on the ground. Stay on the move and do not touch the black pools to avoid taking damage. When Alucard lands, repeat the same strategy as above. He jumps in the air two more times throughout the battle, but follows the same attack patterns. 

Defeat Alucard to complete the game. Congratulations!