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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – The Hunted

by Prima Games Staff

The cut scene shows Elias interrogating Rorke about something in San Diego. He threatens to throw Rorke out of the plane, but Rorke won’t break. Informing him that he’s been beaten, Elias pleads with Rorke to give up, he’s lost. Rorke tells Elias that he hasn’t lost. In fact, Elias just made his job a whole lot easier. Rorke’s Federation men board the plan with zip lines. Before you’re thrown from the plane, Rorke tells Logan to come find him if he makes it out alive. There’s always room in the Federation for one more.

As you free fall from the plane, pull your parachute. The landing isn’t ideal and you’ll end up stuck in a tree. Follow the on-screen prompts to cut yourself loose. When you hit the ground, use the heartbeat sensor to locate enemy patrols as you move. Take them down silently to avoid detection. As you come across a large group, move off to the sides. Avoid killing if at all possible and just keep pushing forward. If they get close, try going prone in the forest. As you work your way through, you’ll come to the plane’s wreckage. Follow the instructions and move around it, not through it. If you do get bogged down by an engagement, use the trees as cover and refer to your heartbeat sensor to take the targets down.

After you regroup with the squad, kick off the first engagement to free Merrick and Hesh. Follow your team through the river, but don’t engage the helicopter making the supply drop. Stay low and move with your pistol, knife and heartbeat sensor equipped. When you encounter a patrol, use the waterfall to hide and let them pass. Keep moving with your squad. Do not engage enemy soldiers unless you are spotted. 

When you make it through to the other side of the field, a missile launches. The team wonders if it’s nuclear. Soon after, you’re spotted by an enemy chopper. Head to the left with your squad and slide down the hill. Just run for your life, there’s no shooting to be done here. Head over the waterfall to rendezvous with Riley and your ride home.

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