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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – End of the Line

by Prima Games Staff

The opening cut scene has Hesh wondering where Rorke is. If he’s as good as they say he is, what lies in store for the Ghosts? The factory contains something that the Federation never wanted them to see, but soon enough, they were going to find out exactly what it was.

As the mission starts, it’s Logan and Merrick. Drop down and knife the soldier to kick things off. Merrick is slightly more emphatic about his kill. Follow him and take out the lone guard on patrol. Meet up with Keegan and Hesh as you gain entry to the factory.

Move with your squad until you go through the large door. Once you’re inside, seek cover and begin to work through the opposition. Listen closely to the callouts to help locate targets around the room. Once you’re inside Black Zone, you find what looks like space based weaponry. Use the camera to send back the images requested by Elias.

Follow your squad to the next area and approach the computer. Use the on-screen instructions to copy the data. As you’re finishing up, the door is breached and Merrick is knocked to the floor. This is all about survival, so take cover and start wasting Federation troops. Once your squad drops smoke, equip your thermal goggles and shoot the heat signatures. The enemy can’t see you, so push forward. Lose the thermals when instructed and proceed to move and shoot. Many of the Federation soldiers here have blast shields, so use cover and take full advantage of your grenades.

When you get the all-clear, run with your squad to the next set of doors. Once the doors are breached, it’s more of the same. Find cover behind any objects you can and start thinning out the enemy numbers as you push forward. Jump down to face a full on assault, complete with Hummers. Use the loading bay as cover and defend yourself until the trailer arrives. Jump on and turn your attention to your six o’clock. Engage the pursuing vehicles until you’re out of ammunition and the mission ends.

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