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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – Into the Deep

by Prima Games Staff

As the cut scene plays, Elias tells us that the diversion worked and most of the Federation fleet was heading for the Atlas. One ship remained to guard the missile factory, a destroyer packed with advanced weaponry. The only way to take it down is from 60 feet below the surface. Keegan and Logan are tasked with sinking it.

When you gain control, you’re playing as Logan again. Just follow Keegan for the first little bit and enjoy the scenery. Shoot the two soldiers on patrol before taking cover in the shipwreck. Keep moving forward on Keegan’s mark and clear out the varying levels of resistance. When you get close to the doors, help him cut through.

As you move forward, the destroyer starts to drop sonar blasts. Stay right behind Keegan and take the control panel from him. Guide the missile towards the large heat signature on the ship to sink it. The lighthouse you were in will crumble, knocking you out. When you come to, Keegan will help you fix your oxygen mask. Just follow him through the water and take out any divers you might encounter.

When the enemy starts to drop depth charges, do as instructed and take cover in the ship. Keep right on Keegan’s six until you come across a pool of sharks. Once Keegan is clear, it’s your turn. Try not to get too close to these devastating predators. Anticipate their movements and stop if you have to. One wrong move and you’re going to be missing a large chunk of your body. Once you’re clear of the sharks, swim towards Keegan to complete the mission.

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