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Bravely Default Walkthrough Chapter 8 – How to Beat A World of Echoes: Circle

by Prima Games Staff

You begin Chapter 8 at the Caldisla Inn for the fifth time. Nothing is different. The group is displeased with the failure of sealing the Great Chasm. They must reawaken the Vestal Crystals one final time. 

Note: As with Chapter 7, additional side quests are available throughout the overworld where you battle groups of bosses. It’s not mandatory, but it’s not a bad idea to build up your party.

Enter each temple as you’ve done in the past and defeat each boss. If you’ve made it this far, these bosses should not a cause a threat. The same strategies apply, though they’re a bit tougher.  Ensure your party is at Level 80 or so. Again, this all depends on the difficulty you’re playing on. The boss stats are below. 

Temple of Wind Boss: Othros (Fifth Round) 

  • HP: 101,250 (Each Head) 
  • Weakness: Fire (Ice Head) Water (Fire Head) 
  • Family: Beast 
  • Rewards: Artic Wind, Bomb Arm 

Temple Of Water Boss: Rusalka (Fifth Round)  

  • HP: 101,250 (Max)
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Family: Aquatic  
  • Rewards: Turbo Ether, Potion  

Temple Of Fire Boss: Chaugmar (Fifth Round) 

  • HP: 114,750 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Lightning 
  • Family: Demon 
  • Rewards: Reflect Ring 

Temple Of Earth Boss: Gigas Lich (Fifth Round) 

  • HP: 175,500 (Max)
  • Weakness: Light
  • Family: Undead  
  • Rewards: Giant Axe 

Now that you’ve defeated all the bosses and reawakened the crystals for the fifth-consecutive time, the Holy Pillar will appear at the same spot on the overworld. You now have a decision to make. Flying to the pillar’s portal and entering it will initiate a cinema, leading to the “true” final chapter, The End: Bravely Default. 

If you want to get to the less exciting ending, continue to shatter a Vestal Crystal in any temple. Forgot what Airy says and her sympathy—keep tapping X. Doing so will bring you to the Finale: Lying Fairy. 

Whatever path you choose, it’s safe to say you can always go back to get the other one. Luckily, the game allows you to experience both. We will provide more details in the last two parts of our Bravely Default walkthrough.