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Bravely Default Free Walkthrough Chapter 7- How to Beat A World of Echoes: Dash

by Prima Games Staff

Enhance your Bravely Default experience with Prima’s free walkthrough.

The team’s plan to seal the Great Chasm failed once more. Can the heroes ever catch a break?  Another cinematic is presented where Tiz wakes up in Caldisla Inn. You learn that all the Vestal Crystals must be awakened for the fourth-consecutive time from each temple.  

You should be at roughly Level 70 or higher by now; that way, these bosses should be a moderate challenge, depending on your difficulty. Like before, the bosses are stronger, so prepare your party appropriately, especially with magic-defensive spells for each fight, while also boosting your magic attacks.

If you unlocked the Conjurer class, you’ll be able to increase your magic attacks significantly to make these battles easier. As before, you can substitute this tactic with Spiritmaster’s Fairy Aid or Performer’s Little Devil.

Note: New side quests are available in Chapter 7. These are optional boss fights. These battles are no joke—the bosses now come in packs. Although you don’t have to complete these, it wouldn’t hurt to take the time to gain some experience and additional items.   

As a reminder, enter the temple’s altar and then follow Airy’s directions to reawaken each Vestal Crystal after the boss fight. The boss stats are below.


Boss! How to Beat Orthros (Fourth Round)

  • HP: 94,500 (Each Head – Max)
  • Weakness: Fire (Ice Head) Water (Fire Head)
  • Family: Beast
  • Rewards: Artic Wind, Bomb Arm

Orthros’ attacks are more powerful, but nothing you can’t handle when equipping Ice and Flame Rings, as well as elemental defense. As before, attack each head with the corresponding magic. 


Boss! How to Beat Rusalka (Fourth Round)

  • HP: 94,500 (Max)
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Family: Aquatic
  • Rewards: Turbo Ether  

Nothing much has changed in this fight, but Rusalka will cast Charm more often than not, so Rebuff Lockets are worth equipping. Use your lightning attacks to pierce Rusalka’s HP, as well as Examine to determine the correct boss. Of course, brace the Seep attack with Default when possible.


Boss! How to Beat Chaugmar (Fourth Round)

  • HP: 108,000 (Max)
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Family: Demon
  • Rewards: Reflect Ring

Chaugmar will absorb more of your members HP, MP and BP this time around, healing or buffing himself in the process. A good tactic is to apply poison to him; particularly, set the Piercing Bolt special with Poison Touch with your magic attacker. Doing so will slowly drain Chaugmar’s HP every turn, making it easier to bring him down (though the poison isn’t guaranteed every time).


Boss! How to Beat Gigas Lich (Fourth Round)

  • HP: 162,000 (Max)
  • Weakness: Light
  • Family: Undead 
  • Rewards: Giant Axe

Remember to equip Safety Rings to all members if possible, because Lich will cast Death even more aggressively this round. His earth attack can be painful, so heal or recover when possible. Combining the Holy One support ability (Spiritmaster) with your White Mage will raise light-based attacks, so make use of it. Additionally, the Templar’s Radiant Blast will be very effective in dealing greater damage.


Before you complete this chapter, make sure you build up a decent Spiritmaster. Level 13 will earn you Enigma, an effective spell that nullifies all elemental attacks. If you don’t have the patience, Adaption and Greater Spirit Ward will do. 


With all the crystals awakened for the fourth time, the Holy Pillar will emerge on the World Map again. Head there and enter the portal to trigger a cinema, leading to Chapter 8: A World of Echoes: Circle.

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