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Bravely Default Free Walkthrough – How to Beat Chapter 2: One day, Beneath a Blue Sky

by Prima Games Staff

To continue your journey, read Prima’s free Bravely Default walkthrough.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the incredible amount of game to cover, this walkthrough will get you where you need to go and follow the main storyline. There are several features and side quests thrown at you on the course of the adventure. For more details, refer to our General Tips & Strategies guide, and be sure to check here on Prima for future updates.




Locked Chest 

Phoenix Down






Earthing Rod  

Turbo Ether 



Tip: Your biggest threat in Miasma Woods will be the enemy known as a Myconid. These fungi-like creatures can continue to spawn their offspring. Use Fire/Fira and attack them aggressively. 

Talk to the Fox Trader if you’re low on items (there’s no new material here). Travel north, then begin going east. Whatever you do, DO NOT step into the ponds; they’ll poison your entire party! Follow the path north, then go west at the second branch, which leads to a chest. Open it for a Remedy.  Afterward, exit the area via the north passage. 


In Miasma Woods—Central, head east first and go north at the first fork (the east chest is locked). Then head east again and open the chest for a Phoenix Down. Backtrack to the bottom of the area and head east. Follow this path carefully to the north section and claim 2000pg inside the chest.  Now move east from the chest to reach the northeast area. Head south there and grab the Scimitar inside the chest (a useful sword for a Knight class). 

Return to the entrance of the area and take the north path just left of the locked chest. The path will lead you to the northwest part of this area. Head through the exit. 


Move along the narrow pathway above the pond in front of you. Grab the Hi-Potion from the chest, then return where you entered and travel south. Turn east at the split below to find another exit. Head through there to return to Miasma Woods—Central. Open the chest there for an X-Potion, then return to Miasma Woods—North.  

Work your way to the west side, and head north at the first split leading to the central part of the area. There, you’ll discover another chest containing an Ether. Afterwards, move south and you’ll run into a circular cliff. Loop around it (on its west side) and follow this path to the southeast corner. Open the chest to claim the Earthing Rod. 

Turn around and proceed further west. Take the lowest-path available and walk along the narrow path across the water. This leads to the southwest corner, and a Turbo Ether. Cross back over the narrow path and head northwest towards your destination mark. Along the way, you’ll see a chest to your right; open it for another Remedy.  After, proceed north from here and talk to the Adventurer. Save up and then exit the area through the north passage to leave Miasma Woods. 

A cinema will be presented upon exiting Miasma Woods. After the cinema concludes, make your way to Florem marked on your map.  You will need to cross a couple of bridges to reach its entrance. 




Bomb Fragment 

Lilith’s Kiss 

Star Pendant 

Tengu Yawn 

Bomb Arm (Cellar Laboratory)


As bizarre as it sounds, not one male populates this decorative city. At least Tiz and Ringabel are pleased. Check the large flower bush near where you entered for an Either. Head to the east side of town and inspect one of the plants near the magic shop. You will find a Bomb Fragment here. Afterward, descend the north stairs and proceed in the following area. 


Head inside Matriarch’s Hall to the east and speak with Lady Matriach to get a clue of Olivia’s whereabouts. When you’re done chatting, re-enter the Matriarch’s Hall and examine the east wall, where you’ll find a Star Pendant (that voids poison). The flower behind Lady Matriach carries a Tengu Yawn (a wind damage item). Exit and head north in Florem Plaza. Ascend the stairs leading to a large flower. Inspect the right-side leaf to find Lilith’s Kiss (an MP absorb item). We’re done collecting here, so let’s leave this pretty city and head to the Temple of Water (just southwest from Florem). 

Tip: Florem has several upgrades, including magic scrolls. If your Dark Mage reached his/her job to Level 7, you’ll be able to purchase these spells, such as Cura, Fira, Blizzara, etc. Each cost 800pg, but they’re sure as heck worth it! For your White Mage, you can upgrade to Cura, Raise (brings a member back to life) and Esuna (cures various status ailments). You can also purchase Time Magic for Haste, Teleport (to warp out of a dungeon) and Quara (an earth attack). If you’ve completed Side Quest #2 and acquired the Time Mage asterisk in Ancheim, you’re capable of using these spells. 





Phoenix Down

Ice Charm



Rebuff Locket

This temple has no enemies and only one floor. It still has some treasure chests, so we’ll get that out of the way before proceeding. 

When you enter, head west and wrap around to the wall. Grab the Remedy from the southwest chest. Proceed east and inspect the south-central room for some dialogue; check the left corner of this room to discover a hidden passage, leading to a chest. Open it to claim a Rebuff Locket (that nullifies charm). Continue east and descend the south stairs. Open the chest here for a Hi-Potion. Afterward, make your way to the southeast corner of the temple and claim a Phoenix Down from the chest. Next, head north (from the east side) and turn right at the top branch. You’ll find an Ice Charm to the northeast. 

Now head over to the path just west of you and open the nearby chest. Inside is an X-Potion. Inspect the other rooms if you please for some more clues; otherwise, proceed to the northwest corner of the temple. Before going to your destination, take the narrow path on the far-west wall and go south for one more chest. Grab the Ether inside. 

When you’re ready, talk to the Adventurer and then head through the opened door ahead leading to the Altar of Water. Here, you’re greeted by a cinema. The Water Crystal is protected by the efforts of Olivia. Agnès insists that you find Olivia, and recommends the group return to Lady Matriach in Florem. Exit the temple and make haste to Florem. 


Head inside Matriach Hall and speak to Lady Matriach. It seems our heroes are stumped on the location of the vestal, and still do not know where Olivia is. Instead, Agnès decides to enter the fashion festival in hope to get Olivia’s attention. Now that things have gotten a bit weird, we need to ask around town for a Spirit Hairpin. Check the quick steps below and who to talk to; each one will be pinned on your map. 

Speak to the girl near Matriach Hall. 

Visit the Trader Shop and talk to the Trader Clerk. 

Speak to the girl near the Adventurer. 

Speak to the man on the south part of town. 

Speak to the girl in front of the central garden. 

The last girl informs you of an perverted old man of the woods. Now who could that be? Head back to Florem Plaza and talk to Lady Matriach again. Turns out our buddy Sage from Yulyana Woods is the man we need. Leave Florem and head east. You will find a cave in the mountains there; head inside and enter Mount Fragmentum. 

Note: Side Quest #3 is now available in Florem. Completing this will win you the Summoner asterisk. The Summoner character allows you to cast powerful magic attacks. You encounter Owl Sages in various dungeons. Talking to them earns you another summon spell, but you must endure each summon attack they cast on you to claim it. Follow the quick steps below for reference. 


Return to Florem after visiting the Temple of Water 

Speak to the Armory Owner.  

Exit Florem and head to the mountains southwest. 

Save the girl from the monsters. 

A new blue blip is marked on your map; go there and enter Florem Gardens. 

Be careful of the purple flowers—they can poison you. 

Venture through the gardens to reach the boss. 

Defeat her to obtain the Summoner asterisk (her weakness is Fire).  











Turn west and follow the path to the southwest. Loop around the walkway and grab the Ripper from the chest (this sword improves a character’s aim, but decreases their strength). Return to the entrance and go southeast. Open the chest there for a Remedy. Continue east, turn right and claim 1000pg from the chest. Afterward, carry on east to reach the next area. 


Open the chest nearby for 500pg. Next, go east (from the top path) and snag the Hi-Potion along the way. When you reach the far-east side of the area, you’ll come across two exits. Pass both of them for a second, and travel west from the bottom path. There, you’ll find a chest containing an Ether. Now head back to the far-east side, and take the north exit. Open the chest there to receive the Nodachi sword. Then return to the Slope area and head through the southeast exit below. 


Follow the trail here leading to an Adventurer. Save up, ensure your part is at Level 26 or higher, and then continue east to face the boss. 


HP: 15,000 

Weakness: Water  

Rewards: Hi-Potion, Light Curtain 

Your White Mage should have the Abate Water ability by now, so be sure to assign it the character. Also, equip your Dark Mage and/or a Spell Fencer with the Ice Charm accessory, since he’ll be dealing the most damage here. The biggest problem the Land Turtle performs is the Reverse Angle. By doing this, he deflects all of your magic attacks. Don’t bother using your magic against him at this point; instead, remain on the physical offense (with your Knight or Ranger) and Antarctic Wind items if you have them. Because of the reverse spell, it’s safe to only cast Blizzara once at the start, and wait for this spell to wear off if it is deployed. Cast Protect in case of his deadly Spin Attack, which can hit your entire party, or a single character for massive damage. 

With the pesky turtle defeated, exit Mount Fragmentum from the northeast passage. Arriving back in the overworld, you find yourself close to Yulyana Woods. 


When you arrive in Yulyana Woods, you’ll meet up with Sage. After the hilarious cinema, travel back to Florem (through Mount Fragmentum).  


Back in Florem, you’re treated to a cut scene (opening Side Quest #4). When you gain control, ascend the stairs leading to Florem Plaza. Another scene is presented, and Agnès reaches out to Olivia. You receive a letter at the scene’s climax: it looks as if Olivia heard Agnès’s speech! She mentions her location is in the village beyond the ruins. Exit Florem and head southwest. Cross the bridge, travel west and enter Twilight Ruins (marked on your map). 

Note: Side Quest #4 is available. Completing this will earn you the Valkyrie asterisk. The Valkyrie asterisk  Launches hit-and-run leaping attacks. A huge help in performing strong attacks, and favors spears, but you’ll need BP to perform these techniques.  Follow the quick steps below. 


After you visit Sage Yulyana in Yulyana Woods, return to Florem. 

A red soldier will bump into your team as you enter. 

Follow the soldiers to Witherwood (marked near the north lake). 

Venture through Witherwood to reach the boss. 

Defeat Valkyrie Einheria to earn the Valkyrie asterisk (use magic attacks). 



Hi-Potion (1F)

Ether (1F)

Remedy (1F) 

500pg (B1—East)

Zeus’s Wrath  (B1—East)

1000pg (B1—East)

Birch Bow (B2)

Ether (B2)

Hermes Sandals (B2) 

Turbo Ether (B2—West) 

Courage Ring (B2—West) 

X-Potion (B2—West)


Minotaur: Earth 

Aqua Lantern: Thunder 

Imp: Earth: Earth Light 


Go forward and ignore the crystal switch momentarily. Head right, then north to find a chest containing a Hi-Potion. Next, return to the crystal switch and inspect it to unlock the door in front of you. Follow the path to the west side of 1F to find another crystal switch. Trigger it to unlock the door ahead, and snag the Ether from the chest beyond there. 

Afterward, head back to the crystal switch and trigger it again to open the gate east of you. Go through the new path and turn right at the end. Open the chest to claim a Remedy. Now head to the opposite end (west) and descend the stairs to B1.   


Make your way north and pass the crystal switch to find another chest holding 500pg. Backtrack to the crystal and trigger it to unlock the south door. Run through the new passage to find another switch. Ignore this one and take the right path. Pass the red crystal and open the chest to claim Zeus’s Wrath (a lightning attack item). 

After collecting this item, trigger the red switch closest to you to open the west gate. Make your way over there and trigger the green crystal to open the nearby gate. Follow the path north, turn west, and then go south at the first split. Continue south to reach the southwest corner, and open the chest for 1000pg. Just north of this chest is a staircase; wrap around the hall and turn at your first left. Descend the stairs to B2. 


There are two doors beside you on your left and right. Head through the door (that’s open) and trigger the red crystal ahead, opening the gate ahead of you. Grab the Birch Bow beyond there. Next, hit the same crystal again to open a door east of you. Take the central path north, wrapping around the outer-edge of B2. This brings you to the west side of B2. Remain in this path all the way north to bring you to another chest that contains an Ether.  

A locked chest can be found in the southwest corner of this floor (which you cannot open yet). Trigger the switch near the Ether chest to open the west gate. Before going there, head all the way back to the stairs where you entered this floor. The crystal nearby should be yellow now; trigger it to unlock the left-side gate nearby. Proceed in this path and trigger the blue crystal to open the path ahead. Beyond there, you’ll find the Hermes Sandals accessory that raises agility. 

We’ve done everything we can on B2. Back up and trigger the blue switch again (nearest to you) to open the central gate. Take this path back to the west area, and head through the northwest passage to reach the stairs leading to B1 (West). 


As you enter B1 (West), turn left at the first split and hug the southwest wall to discover a hidden passage, which leads to a chest containing a Courage Ring (this nullifies dread). Next, return to the main hall of this floor and go east. Stick right and go through the northeast passage to reach a Turbo Ether inside the chest. 

You will notice three crystal switches in this area—they’re all different colors. Trigger the red crystal to open a pathway leading to an X-Potion. Afterward, return to the crystals and trigger the green one to unlock the door northwest of you. Head south from your location and trigger the yellow switch, which will unlock the west door. Follow the new pathway north to find a blue crystal. Hit this crystal to open the gate beside you. Beyond there rests a chest holding a Dark Charm; a helpful accessory that suppresses dark magic. 

When it’s all said and done, return to the blue crystal and trigger it to open the pathway leading to the last staircase. Talk to the Adventurer and save your game. There’s no recommended level to be at this point—you’ll soon know why. However, it wouldn’t hurt to build your characters up to Level 30 for the time being, especially in this dungeon.  

When ready, ascend the stairs to be greeted to a cinema. The team meets up with Olivia, and the Witch Victoria ruins the fun, along with her pal Victor. You’re then pitted against these two villains. You will quickly realize this fight is impossible to win. After you fall, you’ll watch another cinema. 

All that’s left to do is awaken the crystal at the Temple of Water. It’s a good idea to heal your wounds from the beating you just took at the hands of Victoria and Victor (since most of your party has no HP). Exit out of the dungeon, stop at Florem to rest up and then return to the Temple of Water. 

Note: Side Quest #5 becomes available upon returning to Florem. Complete this to earn the Red Mage asterisk. A Red Mage can use both White and Dark Magic, making them an efficient support and attack member. Follow the quick steps below. 


Return to Florem after completing Twilight Ruins.  

Chat with Dandy DeRosa in front of the Scroll Shop. 

Rest at Florem Inn. 

Leave Florem, and then return at night. 

Go to Florem Plaza to meet DeRosa again. 

You will have to repeat these steps several times 

Talk to her the girl near DeRosa, then approach DeRosa again.  

Edea will set up a trick on DeRosa, and the team will find a hidden passage to the cellar. 

In the Cellar, defeat DeRosa to earn the Red Mage asterisk. 


Equip one of your characters (preferably, your Dark or Red Mage) with the Rebuff Locket we grab earlier in this temple. Another good idea is to equip the Ice Charm on your second-best character. Lastly, a Freelancer and Spell Fencer in addition to a Dark Mage class will be helpful in this fight. When you’re ready, save your game at the Adventurer and head through the northwest door to witness a cinema. The next boss greets you at the conclusion. 


HP: 30,000

Weakness: Lightning 

Rewards: Turbo Ether 

At the start of the battle, you’ll face off Rusalka one-on-one. His Aqua Regia isn’t too deadly, and deals moderate damage to your party. Cast Thundara and any other lightning attacks you may have, such as applying the Spell Fencer’s lightning Sword Magic ability. Eventually, Rusalka will perform his Seep attack that will greatly damage your party. From this point, your White Mage will do the handy work. Rusalka morphs its body into four forms. Having a Freelancer with Examiner can determine the correct boss. Though Thundara can wipe out Rusalka’s clones by attacking them all, it’s more efficient to attack it single-handily. 

Note: Side Quest #6 is now available, where you can earn the Ranger asterisk. Follow the quick steps below. 


Speak to Lady Matriarch in Florem Plaza after you complete the Temple of Water. 

Exit Matriarch Hall and speak to the young chick nearby. 

Head to Florem’s entrance and talk to the Traveling Merchant.   

Head back to Florem Plaza and talk to the young girl once more. 

Head to the Trader Shop and speak with the Trader Clerk. 

Exit Florem and head for the blue blip on your map—you’ll meet up with the Traveling Merchant in the grassy field.  

Defeat the Legion Impaler and Legion Mage. 

Follow the Traveling Merchant to the next blue marker northeast. 

You will trigger a scene where a large tree rests, leading to Treetop. 

Defeat Ranger Artemia to acquire the Ranger asterisk.  


Following the battle, you’re presented another interactive cinema. As before, tap X rapidly in the series of prompts to awaken the Water Crystal. When succeeded, your Support Ability cost increases by one. Good news! Afterward, exit the temple to witness another cinema. Once you’re done talking to Lady Matriach, leave Florem, head back through Miasma Woods and return to your airship at the lake. Travel west at the sea to your destination, and continue on to find a ship. The chapter ends. 

Be sure to read the Bravely Default free Prologue walkthough and the free Bravely Default Chapter 1 walkthrough.

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