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Bloodborne Guide – Nightmare of Mensis, Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Boss Fight, Mergo’s Wet Nurse Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Nightmare of Mensis

Continue along the path, creep up behind the Werebeast and attack without mercy. Be aware this creature is different from other Werebeasts you previously killed. Upon death, two snakes erupt from the corpse. Keep this in mind whenever you slaughter a Werebeast while exploring Nightmare of Mensis.

Quickly move down this path and look towards the cliff to see an Imp attempting to flee. Dispose of it and then continue exploring to find a body containing a Frenzied Coldblood. Walk a bit further and someone will take a shot at your hunter. Getting hit results in your frenzy level increasing, and if that happens, pull out a Sedative to prevent your bar from filling completely.   We also suggest using cover points to avoid getting shot and waiting for your frenzy meter to decrease.

Activate the Nightmare Mensis lamp and then continue forward until you come to the Werebeasts.  Kill the enemies and then look for a body with eight Blood Vials. If you wish to press onward, look left and go up the stairs. Before doing that, however, going right leads you another lamp and some Fur Giants. In addition, you’ll encounter a Bell Caller. Kill it and you’ll prevent other players from invading your game.

Walk up those stairs on the left, kill the Werebeasts and then take the path right.  Now go left and walk up the hill, since doing this lets you avoid frenzy attacks. Look left to see a body with a Frenzied Coldblood, along with a couple of Fur Giants a bit further ahead. Pick up the Frenzied Coldblood and then destroy the Fur Giants.

Trudge up this hill and walk towards the building ahead.  You’ll have to deal with four Fur Giants. If battling all of them at once seems like a bad idea, head towards the building and go inside. The creatures cannot follow your hunter. Try to pick them off one at a time, and when they’re dead, look for a body with a Blood Stone Chunk.  From here, walk to the left side of this building and there’s a body holding a Blood Stone Chunk.

Ascend the steps and walk inside of the building.  Look for a room with some spiders, but do not engage. Instead, walk up the steps on the right, head down the hallway and look for another spider. Pull out a ranged weapon (Molotov Cocktail or Pebble) to knock the hanging arachnid to the floor and then slaughter the creature. Go right and look at the small balcony to find the Bell Caller. Make it dead, then look for a corpse in this area with a Kin Coldblood. Now return to the previous room and loot the corpse in the corner for a Madman’s Knowledge.  Turn around, look right and walk across the bridge.

All of a sudden, two spiders fall onto the bridge. Retreat into the previous location so you have more room to maneuver.  Kill the spiders and then go to the bridge. More spiders will show up, and you should use Pebbles to knock them onto the ground, allowing you to dispose of these pests one by one.

At this point a big spider remains.  Blast it with your firearm and then fall down, doing your best to strike the creature during your hunter’s descent.  Remain here and slash it to bits, or ascend the bridge for another jump attack.  This spider will attempt to hit you with a series of poison attacks from in front and behind. We think it is wise to continuously attack off the bridge, but if your character is leveled up, there’s a good chance you won’t have trouble killing it anyway.

With all spiders dead, walk to the end of this room and go up the steps. Rummage through the body to take six Shaman Bone Blades (these cause enemies to lose all sense of direction), look right and walk through the entryway. There’s a Hunter standing at the end of this area that uses a numbing spray and Ludwig’s Holy Sword. Show him you mean business and then pick up three Sedatives. Now continue exploring.

Go left, walk around the corner and you’ll see a chest. Inside you’ll find two Yellow Backbones.  Walk down the steps in the center of this area and you’ll run into a couple of Tiny Gents. Creep up behind them and then kill these relatively weak foes with Charge Attacks. With the monsters gone, safely approach the body nearby and pick up the Frenzied Coldblood. 

You’ll see more Tiny Gents directly ahead, but we suggest leaving them alone and walking towards the lift. Take it down, now head outside and pan the camera left to see Mergo’s Loft: Base Lamp. Go back to the lift and take it up, kill whatever Tiny Gents remain and go down the steps until you come to the Lady Gent. After she attempts to hit you, stun her with your hunter’s firearm and then strike again with a visceral attack.  If you haven’t leveled up in a while, this may require two attacks.

Rummage through the dead body close by and you’ll add a Madman’s Knowledge to your inventory. Walk to the far side of this room but make note of the big holes in the ground. Nearby is a Tiny Gent, three Tiny Gents brandishing crossbows and finally, a Lady Gent.  Use stealth to surprise one of the Tiny Gents with a Charge Attack, then do your best to separate the Lady Gent from the others. With the Lady Gent gone for good, go back and throw Pebbles at the remaining enemies and then take them out one at a time.

Move a bit beyond where these creatures were located and walk around a pillar. Loot the body for two Lead Elixirs and use the lift.  Walk down the hall and you’ll exit into an open area with a Crow Hound awaiting your arrival. What is a Crow Hound? Exactly as it sounds, a Crazed Crow with a Hound’s head. Quickly take it out and go right around the corner to battle more Crow Hounds and… a Hound Crow. The latter is basically the reverse, a Hound that has a Crazed Crow head.

Walk up the steps and there are two Crow Hounds in a cage directly above your hunter. In addition, you’ll see two Hound Crows on the left and below. Kill the Crow Hounds and then focus your attention on the Hound Crows.  After killing those Hound Crows look for two bodies. One contains a Blood Stone Chunk, while the other one has a Kin Coldblood.

Go back to the top of this area and then look right to find a Crow Hound inside of a cage.  Since it hangs in midair, you’ll need to roll into the cage. Whatever you do, always roll because jumping does not work. Inspect the cage and you’ll find a body with a Tempering Damp Blood Gem.

Fall down and then walk back up again. Pan the camera left and you’ll see two lifts. Go towards the one on the left and this unlocks a shortcut back to Mergo’s Loft: Base lamp.  From here, go back up and ascend using the steps.

Take the bridge, killing skeletons as you go. Walk through the entrance, watch the cinematic and prepare to fight Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

Boss Fight with Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

  • Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare to receive the Mensis Cage.

At the start of the battle, you must chase after Micolash while dealing with the Tiny Gents and skeletons, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first task is to find the boss. Walk up the steps all the way to the top and then loop around. Micolash will immediately escape into a room. When you go in there you’ll discover not only your intended target, but also a couple of skeletons.  Kill these skeletons (they shouldn’t be too much trouble) and then turn your attention towards Micolash. Dodge its tentacle arm attack that you’ve seen from other enemies before. You know it’s coming whenever a blue spark appears. Quickly dodge behind Micolash or to the left/right.  From there, nail the boss with a Charge Attack and visceral strike.

Hack away until the boss loses half of its health bar. At this point Micolash vanishes, so you want to exit this room and take the stairs on the right. Escape the mist and ascend the circular staircase. Kill the Tiny Gents (one has a crossbow, so take them out one at a time), and loot all of the bodies up here to get a Blood Stone Chunk, 8 Blood Vials, a Frenzied Coldblood and 12 Quicksilver Bullets.

The next time you see Micolash it will run away again, falling to the area below and then fleeing into a different room.  Give chase, but you won’t be able to enter because the door shuts. Keep walking upwards and then go right. There’s a tiny entrance in the floor ahead, so go right and fall through it. There’s nowhere for Micolash to go now.

For the most part Micolash uses similar attacks, but now it also has a sphere over its head that unleashes powerful beams. It is extremely important to either dodge or hit the boss before this attack occurs. Even your firearm can disrupt it.

After killing Micolash you receive the Mensis Cage.  No need to linger here. Exit the room, look right and then walk down the steps.  Go around the corner, and before you round the next one, pan the camera left and you’ll barely see a body all the way in a corner. Inspect the dead person and pick up the Kin Coldblood. Now continue walking on the right to pick up the Iron Door Key.

Keep walking up until you can’t go anymore and you’ll come to a bridge.  Cross it and then interact with Mergo’s Loft: Middle Lamp.  Ascend the steps and round the corner to find another staircase. Take out the two Crow Hounds and the Hound Crow, then loot the corpse for two Blood Stone Chunks.

Walk up the steps and go left to make a surprise discovery. There are three Shadow of Yharnam bosses up here. Yes, the same Shadow of Yharnam you battled long ago. Thankfully your character is much stronger than before, so these guys don’t pose much of a challenge. Ideally, battle them one-on-one.

With them dead, go up the steps and look left to see a tiny staircase. No need to descend because you won’t find anything, but left of these steps is a body with two Blood Stone Chunks.

Reach the top of this location and you’ll encounter three Spider Pigs. Similar to other enemies in this area, this is another twisted creature fusion. Creep up behind the first one and unleash a Charge Attack. With the other two, try and get them apart. Be patient, as this may take a lot of time. If you can’t wait any longer, take them both on and dodge to avoid their attacks.

When you’re in the place with those pig creatures, pan the camera left to discover bodies with two Kin Coldblood and a Nourishing Damp Blood Gem.  Go left and down the steps. When you reach the bottom you will battle a Bell Caller and two Shadow of Yharnam.  After slaughtering the baddies, look for more corpses and grab three Blood Vials and two Blood Stone Chunks.

Descend the steps so you’re in the water.  Look left and walk along the path to see an Imp, which you should immediately kill. Keep going this way, to the left and then up some steps. Fall into the corridor and then walk up more steps so you’re in the place where those pigs used to be.

Head up and take out four Shadow of Yharnam. At the top is a lady in white clothing. Don’t pay her any mind. Instead, walk to the farthest side and down the steps. Go around to the right and open the chest to pocket Iosefka’s Blood Vial.

Pass through the entryway and onto a lift thatll take you to Mergos Loft: Middle lamp. Take the lift up and then ascend the steps back to the aforementioned woman. Now look left and go up another staircase to one more lift.  Walk down this hall where the boss waits for you.

Boss Fight with Mergo’s Wet Nurse

  • Beat Mergos Wet Nurse to receive One Third of Umbilical Cord.


You want to avoid the Wet Nurse’s many arms, all of which have swords. Agility here is key because she possesses incredible range. Best case scenario, you should get behind her as much as possible and then attack. In addition, you can move just close enough to get her to strike, dodge and then land hits of your own. Should you choose this method, use a quick strike weapon. If you are good at dodging, a heavier weapon also works.

Seriously, though, stick behind her to make this fight much shorter and easier. There’s a chance you’ll take some damage, but you’re in great position to reclaim this health with successful counter attacks. Later on the Wet Nurse will jump away from your hunter, and you will then have to approach and then dodge to regain the position behind the creature.

During the fight, the Wet Nurse will put her hands in the air and a purplish ball appears. If this happens run behind her immediately. The area becomes dark and the Wet Nurse unleashes a powerful attack with two of her hands.

At this time, Wet Nurse clones appear.  Avoid the clones while sticking as close to the actual boss as possible. If you wander too far away she’ll disappear, forcing you to find her again.

This is tricky, but continue to dodge the clone attacks in the direction of the Wet Nurse to prevent her from disappearing. Damage may be inevitable, but you’ll probably take much less if you maintain a position behind her.

Continue doing this and the Wet Nurse will succumb to your blows.  Afterwards, head to the center of this place and interact with the Wet Nurse’s Lunarium lamp. Proceed to Hunter’s Dream for a much-needed break. The workshop is on fire but still works.  

How did this happen? Well, you can now proceed to the boss fight against Gehrman, the elderly guy who used to hang out in that same workshop.

We’ll tell you how to beat Gehrman in the next chapter.

Miss a boss or valuable item? Read Prima’s free Bloodborne walkthrough. When ready, proceed to part 11 to kill Gehrman, the First Hunter boss, and unlock New Game +.

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