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Bloodborne Guide- Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, Martyr Logarius Boss Fight, Crown of Illusions

by Prima Games Staff

To gain access to the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, follow the Forbidden Woods portion of our walkthrough to enter Iosefka’s Clinic through the back way and obtain the Cainhurst Summons key item. Travel to the Witch’s Abode lamp, then head outside and look for an obelisk near one of the trees. Examine it to summon a carriage that transports you to Cainhurst Castle. 

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle 

Make your way up the frozen stairs directly ahead and through the gate at the top. Just ahead is a lamp. Activate it, then look a bit further ahead to find a corpse on the ground that holds two Numbing Mist items. Crawler enemies patrol the area, so be on the lookout for them. These creatures have deceptively long reach and inflict significant damage if you allow them to. However, they can be stunned with basic attacks depending on your weapon and level. 

Head around to the structure on the right, but before you go in, move around the right side of the structure to find a corpse behind it that holds a Frenzied Coldblood. Make your way down the lower path to the left of this structure to find a plethora of snakes in the snow. Keep your distance so you don’t have to fight them all at once. Near the end of the path is a corpse holding a Tempering Blood Gemstone. 

Go over to the other structure (on the left as you enter the area) to find a corpse to the left of the stairs leading to the large door. Search the body to find a Frenzied Coldblood. There’s another body to the far right of the stairs that holds four Numbing Mists. More Crawlers will be in the area, so stay alert.

Continue up the stairs and through the large door at the top, then move forward into the main room. To the right is a corpse that holds a Madman’s Knowledge. Several Stone Ghouls attack in the area, but they are not aggressive unless you get close. If you back away they will stop attacking.

Search the far right corner of the room to find a chest that contains a Reiterpallasch (primary weapon), then head over to the far left corner to find a corpse behind one of the pillars. Search the corpse to obtain another Madman’s Knowledge. 

Head up the stairs in the middle to find more Stone Ghouls to the right and left. There’s a corpse at the end of the path to the right that holds a Blond Stone Chunk.  Go through the door at the end of the path to the left to find a corpse inside with four Quicksilver Bullets. Finish off the Stone Ghouls in the room, then search the right side to find a chest that contains a Noble Dress (chest attire).

Make your way through the door on the far side of the room, then up the stairs to the area above. There’s a Gargoyle that will jump out and attack if you continue forward. Instead, take the stairs to the right and attack the Gargoyle from behind. There’s another Gargoyle on the upper level to the right. 

Kill both enemies and continue along the upper level path. Head up the circular stairs to find another Gargoyle at the top alongside a corpse that holds a Blood Stone Chunk. Go back down the stairs and continue straight ahead and to the left to reach the next room. 

Head up the small staircase here and attack the Swordsmith enemy just ahead. Keep following the path and head to the right just before you enter the next room. Several Gargoyles wait here, but at the end of the path is a corpse that holds an Executioner Garb (chest attire), Executioner Gauntlets (arm attire) and Executioner Trousers (leg attire). 

Turn around and head into the room on the right to find more Ghouls. There’s a chest on the left side of the room that contains a Vileblood Register (lists all known Vilebloods). Just beyond the chest is a lift that leads down. Take the lift to activate a shortcut, then head back up to the previous room. 

Make your way up the stairs at the end of the room to find another Swordsmith down the path on the right side of the room. Circle around the room to take down all of the enemies standing at the top of the ladders. On the left side of the room there’s a corpse in the corner (on the same side you entered). Search the corpse to find a Blood Stone Chunk. 

There’s a small opening in the window near the far left corner. Head through the opening and drop down to the balcony below. Go into the room on the left and search the corner to the right to find a chest that contains the Executioner’s Gloves (arm attire). On the other side of the room is a chest that holds the Knight’s Garb (chest attire), Knight’s Gloves (summon warthful spirits) and Knight’s Trousers/Dress (leg attire). 

Head back outside the way you came in, then go left and drop down onto the small ledge just below. Move across the small rooftop and pass the doorway to the left. Head over to the next rooftop straight ahead, then move to the right to find a corpse at the end. Search the corpse to obtain a Kin Coldblood. Defeat the Gargoyle that drops down after you collect the item, then head back to the doorway you just passed.

Pull the lever to the right to reveal an opening ahead, then climb up the ladder on the right, just before you reach the stairs. Continue up the stairs to the left to find a chest on the left of the room above. Open the chest to obtain a Warm Blood Gemstone. Go down the hallway to the left of the chest and work your way around to the far side of the room. Kill the Imp along the way, then continue up the stairs at the end. 

When you access the rooftop, head across to the far side to find three Gargoyles near a corpse. Search the corpse to find a Knight’s Wig (head attire), then drop down to the ledge on the right side of the rooftop. Move left to see a bridge-like rooftop ahead. Drop down onto the bridge and continue to the right. Near the end of the bridge, drop down to the circular rooftop to the left, then onto the bridge below. 

Head left to find a corpse near the end of the bridge. Search the corpse to obtain a Kin Coldblood, then climb up the ladder ahead. There’s a long path leading up, but before you go there, head across the rooftop to find a corpse holding a Bold Hunter’s Mark. Collect the item and go up the long path to reach a boss battle against Martyr Logarius

Boss Fight with Martyr Logarius

  • Beat Martyr Logarius to receive the Crown of Illusions

This boss uses a lot of projectile attacks. The smaller ones can be blocked by standing behind the various structures on the rooftop. However, the bigger spells cannot be avoided in this manner. It’s best to avoid standing directly in front of the boss and always remain on the move until you can work your way behind him.

You can tell which projectile is coming if you pay attention to the circular motion he makes before casting anything. A slow circle means the big projectile is coming. A faster circle indicates the cone of smaller projectiles is on the way. If you get close he will use his weapon, but he can be stunned by most basic weapon attacks. After two or three hits with your weapon, dodge away to avoid his counter attack. 

If he plants his weapon into the ground, move away quickly to avoid the area attack that follows. After this point it will be more difficult to stun him with basic attacks, so you’ll have to attack once or twice, then dodge to avoid his counter attack.

If he jumps into the air, wait a moment and then dodge repeatedly to avoid the coming attack. Likewise, if he floats high into the air, get ready to dodge as soon as he moves, or take cover behind one of the objects on the rooftop to avoid the swiping attack that follows. If he leaves a weapon on the ground, destroy it to stop the constant rain of projectile attacks. 

You can dodge his attacks and counter after his combos, or try to stay behind him and attack from that angle. With a faster weapon either method works, but if you’re using a slower weapon you may want to dodge and counter attack. 

Defeat the boss, then activate the lamp and collect the Crown of Illusions (head attire) on the ground. Stand by the throne and put on the Crown of Illusions to see a cut-scene that reveals a doorway behind the throne. 

Head through the doorway and continue up the long staircase. In the room at the top is another lamp halfway down on the left side. On the far right there’s a table where an Unopened Summons rests. Collect the item, then approach the throne at the end of the room and kneel before the queen. Swear an oath to the Vilebloods to obtain a Cainhurst Badge and Corruption items, and the Respect gesture.

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