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Battlefield Hardline Prologue: Collect Evidence and Make Arrests

by Prima Games Staff

Raid the Hotel

Similar to most single-player campaigns these days, the prologue of Battlefield Hardline will act as not only an introduction to the story, but also an on-the-fly tutorial aimed at educating players on some of the more important game concepts.

The first interactions that players need to participate in will have them taking on the role of Nicholas Mendoza. Follow the instructions to knock on the door, then kick it in by pressing the buttons that appear on-screen. Continue to follow the prompts, shining the flashlight in the face of the suspect on the right, and then again to arrest him. Repeat this process for the criminal on the left side of the table.

It’s right about this time that things go sideways in a big hurry, and players would be wise to abandon their attempts to arrest each suspect and simply shoot them. This will bring about an updated objective.

Gather Evidence


The evidence that players are looking for is near the woman’s body. She’s the one that burst out of the bathroom talking all sort of nonsense and popping off shotgun rounds. Head over to her final resting place and gather up her wallet.

Chase the Suspect


This is pretty straightforward stuff here, as the controls for driving vehicles (on console) are similar to that of what players will remember from Grand Theft Auto 5. For the PS4 and Xbox One, the right trigger is used to accelerate, the left trigger is the brake (or reverse if the vehicle is stopped) and the left stick is used to turn. For advanced users, the right stick can be used to look around without changing the direction of the vehicle.

Tip: This chase can get a little bit tricky due to the amount of debris players have to deal with. Pop a quick look at the mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen to see where the suspect’s car is.

Chase the suspect through the streets for a few brief moments. Don’t bother trying to take him out because it’s not possible. Just try to keep him close until Stoddard leans out the window and shoots the tires on the suspect’s vehicle. This brings the chase to an end.

Make the Arrest


As surprising as it might be, the suspect actually survived that crazy wreck, and thus the game will take this opportunity to reinforce the concept of making arrests. Approach the vehicle, then press the button indicated on the screen to arrest Shea Dorsett. In this case it will bring about the end of the prologue, but players can expect to do this many more times throughout the campaign. In fact, there is an in-game challenge called Suspects with Warrants, something that we already posted a complete guide for.

Feel free to return to our main walkthrough for Battlefield Hardline, a place where you’ll find all of the episodes in one location, as well as guides to all of the Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants. For players who are eager to continue with their experience right away, continue to Episode 1: Back to School.

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