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Battlefield Hardline Episode 8: Sovereign Land – Get Your Gear

by Prima Games Staff

Drive to the Compound

It’s a shame that you have to complete the objectives to beat the game, because after the dozen or so warning signs that things are about to get ugly, we would not have driven to this compound. Since we (and you) have no choice, follow the arrow on your map until the objective is complete.

Escape the Silo

There’s only one (correct) way to go, so start moving forward. If you wander into a wrong room, you’ll be able to tell since Marcus will wait on the correct path. When you come to a lone worker, choke him to death with your handcuffs, sort of like in No Country for Old Men. Sound good, Friend-O?

Move through the door ahead of the now dead worker and hang a left, following the long hallway and taking another left. There is a lone guard there, and since you’re low on bullets we advise freezing and restraining him.

Continue moving forward until you come to a room with four or five guards standing around. You can freeze the one on the far left sitting alone in a hallway, but things get more complicated with the guys huddled up in the sitting room. Try either freezing or knocking out one, but make sure you grab the shotgun resting on the nearby table in case things get crazy. When the room is clear, grab your Scanner from the table and head up the ladder.

Get Your Gear

There are a lot of bad guys down there, and it’s an absolute must that you scan as many as you can. You’ll need to sneak around and quietly thin their numbers, and doing this requires that players know the locations of their foes at all times. There’s also one of the Suspects with Warrants down there, Jim Preston.

As Boomer and Mendoza discussed, there are three ways to get into the trailer park to get your stuff back. There’s to the left and over the fence, the middle which serves only to inflate egos should players live through it, and the right, which is where we’re taking you. The right side lets us sneak under the fence, nab Jim Preston, disable an alarm box, snag a T62 CEW and find all of the Evidence that can be added to the game’s Case Files.

Tip: We’re not going to be tell you where every piece of Evidence is, so if that’s what you’re here for, use the link above to find a dedicated guide for those collectibles.

As discussed, head to the right and beyond the communication trailer, ducking under the fence and (quietly) dealing with the two guards. Disable the alarm system nearby, then grab the stun gun from the picnic table.

Continue around the perimeter of the trailer compound, taking out any guards you find and using the Scanner to locate the Evidence. Since your ultimate goal is to get your gear back, expect to find this in the mobile home with a front patio. Once you get that, you complete the objective. Oh, and don’t forget to “arrest” Jim Preston, should you feel the need.

Get to the Car

Assuming most of the opposition has either been electrocuted, shot or detained, the path to the car should be fairly clear. Head towards the waypoint on the map to meet up with Boomer and Dune.


There’s little strategy here, unless you consider closing your eyes and covering your ears an effective survival technique. If we could give you any advice, it would be to move to the back of the building and grab some guns, preferably big ones. Maybe also grab that armored insert if you’re hoping to be able to take a bit of extra damage, which you’ll probably need.

Tip: Just beside the front door of the building is an old refrigerator, and it doesn’t seem like bullets are able to pass through it.

Back up into the doorway that separates the front room from the one with your gear, putting the old refrigerator between you and the truck. This gives you cover, and allows you to lay waste to anyone who comes at you. Oh, and if you get a shot on one of the dudes firing the turret, take him down to make things easier.

Drive to the Airfield

There are no tricks here. Drive to the Airfield and enjoy the chatter between Mendoza and Boomer. Look around for Evidence before jumping into the vehicle.

Get the Brute

Head inside with Boomer to get the Brute, then go out the side door to find some Tactical Gear. Mendoza will spot more bad guys, and before they realize what’s happening, players will receive some much needed fire support. As soon as the two helicopters (and dozens of other foes) are down, run to the objective marker on the screen and grab the Brute.

Defend the Airfield

It’s sort of anti-climactic, but all that players need to do is shoot down the incoming helicopter. You can lead it, or just let it stop moving for a second and blast it out of the sky. It’s that simple.

Defeat Tony Alpert

The key to winning this fight is to keep moving. You’ll have to hit Alpert’s tank several times, as well as take down the two helicopters. It’s not really that hard, but we say that because we minimized the amount of times he could hit us. When all three are down the objective is complete.

Escape in the Plane

Drive the tank to the plane (through the fence), exit and get into the plane with Boomer. This will complete the episode. Only two more to go.

Feel free to return to our main walkthrough for Battlefield Hardline, a place where you’ll find all of the episodes in one location, as well as guides to all of the Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants. For players eager to continue with their experience right away, continue to Episode 9: Independence Day.