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Battlefield Hardline Episode 6: Out of Business – Salvage Yard

by Prima Games Staff

Investigate the Dealership

Follow Tyson into the dealership and investigate the back room, finding some Tactical Gear so you can set up your loadout the way you want it. From here, spend a few moments searching for the two pieces of Evidence in the area, a task that is much easier if you check out our guide to all of the Evidence and Case Files in Battlefield Hardline.

When gamers are ready, they can move to the back office and interact with the computer to complete the objective, plus receive a new one.

Transfer the Data

This objective is mildly deceiving, because it’s about surviving two waves of angry enemies while you slowly wait for data to transfer. Luckily, those two waves are fairly easy to deal with, as the bad guys like to wander off on their own and give players a chance to pick them off one at a time. When they’re all down, the objective will update and things will get considerably crazier.

Retrieve the Data

By this time, there will most likely be a vehicle with a mini-gun shredding everything that you would consider good cover, and Tyson likes to stick his butt in the way of you getting back to the data. Make your way around him, then grab the portable hard drive from the PC.

Get Back to Car

Forget stealth and being careful. Just shoot out a window (assuming there are any left) on the side of the building that the car is parked, then sprint and jump through it. Don’t worry about the bullets flying all over the place, just head straight for your ride to complete the objective.

Tip: There is a brief, scripted scene before the next objective pops up. Just shoot at the truck and wait to regain control.

Steal a Car

Work your way through the enemies that are scattered around the parking lot, taking cover behind the cars yourself. A quick look at the map will show the location of a vehicle you can steal, and that should be the ultimate goal. Hop in and get ready to do some driving.

Drive to the Salvage Yard

The path forward is not always clear, but the map will show players where they are able to travel and what is blocked off. Obviously, staring at the map (rather than the road) is dangerous, but a few quick looks to see the ideal direction of travel is fine. After moving a short distance, a cut scene will take gamers to the next portion of the episode

Investigate the Salvage Yard

Move into the building on the right side of the car and post up next to Tyson, taking out the Scanner and tagging all of the thugs up ahead. One of them happens to be Ji-Hun Oh, one of the Suspects with Warrants, and we have a detailed guide on how players can go about dealing with them.

Head to the bottom floor of the warehouse and out the front door, moving all the way to the left and working around the salvage yard in a clockwise direction. This will bring players into contact with several bad guys, including another one of the Suspects with Warrants. Work on freezing and arresting some of the isolated targets, then continue around the back of the building. Keep clearing out enemies, with your primary goal to disable the alarm. From here, continue hunting down and arresting bad guys, eventually releasing the crane and opening the trunk.

Note: Since Nick Mendoza isn’t a police officer any longer, can someone explain why he’s arresting people?

Find the Laptop

Head into the warehouse and arrest the dude who’s dancing by himself in the office. This is also where players can change up their Tactical Gear, or perhaps use the Scanner to find another one of the Suspects with Warrants. There’s also two pieces of Evidence to be found. If gamers are having trouble with either of those, take a look at the previous objective where we kindly linked guides to both.

When ready, head down the stairs and start working through the half dozen or so thugs hanging around. It’s actually quite hard to arrest them all, given their lines of site cross paths so frequently, but a few suppressed pistol shots should clear things up quite nicely. Just be sure not to murder Edgar Kwok, one of the Suspects with Warrants.

When the room is clear, exit out the back door (not the side door) to find a car. Open the trunk and collect the laptop to complete the objective.

Meet up with Tyson

Time for a little run-and-gun fun. Head in the only direction that you can, clearing out the bad guys. Don’t bother trying to arrest them (you’re not a cop, remember?). Just shoot them all in the head. After working into the warehouse and out the side door, clear out the remaining thugs that lead to the street. This will see the objective completed. On to the next.

Escape in Car

This is by far the most fun players will have in a car, at least up to this point in the game. It involves some driving, some dodging of RPGs and even some hanging out the window and shooting. It has everything that players could want in a car chase.

Unfortunately, describing the path is nearly impossible, so once again look at the map for clues, as well as listen to Tyson. There’s not much strategy here, it’s just a lot of fun driving and shooting.

Investigate the Chop Shop

There’s going to be several bad guys outside the chop shop, plus a few more on the inside. There’s also a suspect with a warrant who likes to hang out near the alarm (inside), so there’s that to be concerned with as well.

Our advice is to slowly take out the guys on the outside by letting them split and then arresting them by themselves. There will be one group of three, but as gamers might recall, they can all be arrested at the same time. When the outside is clear, it’s time to head indoors.

To get indoors, either choose one of the doors, or use the Grappling Hook to reach the roof and go in that way. Whatever option suits you, arrest the suspect, disable the alarm and then get busy finding the three pieces of Evidence, including the Photo of Lily Kang and Roark, Bomb Under Kang’s Bianchi and Pallet of Hot Shot.

To complete the episode, open the door near the alarm, then take out the four guys on the inside. This will lead gamers to the next episode.

Feel free to return to our main walkthrough for Battlefield Hardline, a place where you’ll find all of the episodes in one location, as well as guides to all of the Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants. For players eager to continue with their experience right away, continue to Episode 7: Glass Houses.