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Battlefield Hardline Episode 5: Gauntlet – Avoid the Helicopter

by Prima Games Staff

Get to the Water Tower

This chapter isn’t particularly long,and it doesn’t contain any of the Evidence that makes up the game’s Case Files, but it is quite a bit of fun. Gamers will also notice that they don’t have their Scanners, and there are no Suspects with Warrants to be apprehended for those big points.

When the initial cut scene ends, take note of where the water tower is and start heading that way. You’re completely unarmed, but the cops are reasonably spread out. Wait for one to turn his back to you, then assault him and take his T62 CEW. Once you have it, start working your way through the maze of yards and buildings, lighting up anyone who gets in your way.

Tip: Pass over the bodies of electrocuted officers, picking up extra ammo (juice?) for your stun gun. We didn’t know it could run dry, but apparently we were incorrect with that assumption.

The path to the water tower isn’t easy to describe, but we opted to hook to the right until we couldn’t push forward any longer. One really easy way to figure out where to go is to look at the map, as the areas you can move through are clearly displayed.

Optional: Create a Distraction

Past several rows of houses after the beginning of the episode (near the middle) is a meth lab, and this is an opportunity for players to create a distraction. We’re not sure what the consequences are if you don’t do this, as we still had to weave in and out of patrolling cops, and even afterwards the place went up in a huge fireball.

Essentially, gamers need to work their way inside and find the gas, turn it on and then do the same with the nearby Bunsen burner. Doing this is completely optional, but it will earn gamers the Knock Knock trophy for their troubles.

Optional: Leave the Methlab

It’s safe to say that if you decided to do the first optional objective, this one becomes much more mandatory. First of all, you have to leave if you want to complete the mission, and second, who wants to be stuck in a building that’s about to explode?

Sneak out of the house to witness its demise, then continue to push forward, avoiding the cones of detection from the patrolling police officers. You might still bump into a few here and there, but they still seem to be fairly spread out and susceptible to the T62 CEW. Once you reach the water tower and meet up with Tyson Latchford, the first half of the chapter is complete.

Meet Up with the Contact

The final objective of the episode is a lot more of the same, minus the houses and with the added complication of a helicopter buzzing around overhead. Just try to stay out of the search light, taking down any officers that foolishly cross your path. Things can get a little sketchy at times, but it’s just a matter of timing their movements and being patient. There’s only one way to go, so head in that direction until the episode is complete.

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