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Battlefield Hardline Episode 4: Case Closed – Safe Combination

by Prima Games Staff

Investigate Neltz’ Warehouse

There are at least five pieces of Evidence that players can collect during this objective, including the Barrels of Dye, Gym Bag of Money, Burner Cellphones, Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy and the Elmore Plaza Business Card. We’re not going to discuss where they all are, but you can visit our guide to find all of the Evidence and complete all of the Case Files in Battlefield Hardline. There shouldn’t be any opposition here, so grab up all the goods and head to the fourth floor using the rear stairwell.

When entering the room on the fourth floor, look to the right and scan the painting on the wall. Pop out of the Scanner and move the painting, then back into the Scanner to reveal the access code. We’ve also heard of people getting the access code from barrels, but we can’t confirm that.

Meet Khai

Head back down the steps to the ground level and meet up with Khai. There’s nothing to see or do here, unless of course you’ve missed some of the Evidence that was present in the previous objective.

Enter the Building

Take note of the nearby Tactical Gear in case you fancy switching out any of the current weapons that Mendoza is packing. In this case, grab a pistol with a suppressor, the Grappling Hook, and perhaps even the T62 CEW, although a Zipline could work as well. If you want to ride along with us on this one, we’re going all sneaky like and arresting as many bad guys as we can.

Tip: Do not take out the guards on the ground level until all rooftops are clear of threats. Failing to follow this advice could result in very bad things, like bullets in your body.

Hop down from the rooftop and move to the building on the right, using the Grappling Hook to access the roof. There is a lone guard up here, so take a moment to flash your badge and place him under arrest. From there, bust out the Scanner and tag any guards in sight. They will be patrolling on all sides of the building on the ground level, so move around and get them all. After that, either move to the ground and use the Grappling Hook to get onto the second building, or if there is a suitable spot to use the Zipline, go with that option. There’s also scaffolding on the back side that will give players a way to the second and third rooftops in the area.

The second and third buildings (rooftop level) will contain more guards, and they should absolutely be taken out before the ones on the ground are messed with. When they are, head down and start busting the guys below, including Philip Evans, one of the Suspects with Warrants that we’ve covered in a different guide.

Tip: There is an alarm that sits close to where Philip Evans is. Make sure to clear the area of threats and then disable this device to ensure no more bad guys arrive.

The door players need to get to is actually on the roof, and it’s not far from where Mr. Evans likes to hang out (except higher up). When you’re satisfied with the amount of people you’ve busted and shot outside the warehouse, use the crowbar to get inside and complete the objective.

Apprehend Stoddard

Tag the men on the ground by using the Scanner from the office upstairs. They like to stick to the middle of the floor, but shell casings can be used to lure them away from their pals and let you arrest them. There aren’t any Suspects with Warrants in this part, so you could also shoot them if you’re willing to give up the extra points for going non-lethal. Either way, clear the room of all hostiles.

Head down the stairs to the next area, arresting the guard who is operating the security cameras. These can be used so that players can spot their objective, and after they’ll want to head to the grow house. While it is possible to sneak past the bad guys working the plants, those points are valuable and in this case quite easy to get. Just move up and down the rows of plants, arresting each of the enemies while ignoring their vision cones. The plants will block them from seeing you arresting their pals in the next row. Having dealt with all of them, move to the far end of the room and arrest to final two thugs before entering the office.

Tip: Increasing your expert level is done through points. Arresting Suspects with Warrants is worth 1,000 points, but just your regular Joe is worth 250. Arrest as many bad guys as possible.

Escape the Basement

This is just a regular run-and-gun battle that will see players shooting anywhere from five to 10 bad guys who line the path. They tend to come in twos, so an automatic weapon is ideal. Just keep wrecking them as you make your way forward until the objective is complete.

Escape to the Car

Easy stuff, just approach the large garage door inside the building and open it. We probably didn’t even need to mention this, but, you know… it’s nice to be thorough and all.

Enter the Mall

From your position in the parking garage, grab the Scanner and start tagging all of the enemies outside. This includes Leonard Miller, one of the Suspects with Warrants. There is also an alarm on the far left wall, something that players will want to deal with first. The good news here, is that the enemies are all spread out decently well, so arresting Mr. Miller and dealing with the alarm should be a breeze. Make your way to the street and get started. When the street is clear and players are ready to head inside, they can look for the door near where they arrested Leonard Miller. Just make sure to tag and identify him first.

Tip: You can climb to the top floor of the parking garage for a better view, but it’s really not necessary unless you are the overly careful type.

Find Khai

Head into the security office to access some Tactical Gear, as well as use the cameras to see what you’re up against. When you’re ready, leave the office and turn left, following the hallway and heading up to the second level. Do not try and deal with the first level just yet. Instead, use the Scanner to tag enemies, arresting everyone upstairs. Players will also notice Frankie Diaz the first floor, one of the Suspects with Warrants. Leave him until the second level is clear.

Continue to work down the stairs and clean up any stragglers who might have escaped your wrath on the upper levels. This will lead to a locked door that can be opened with a crowbar, then another security office on the right side when you enter. Make any necessary changes to your Tactical Gear, then use the cameras to get a glimpse of the nonsense that Khai is involved with.

Exit the office and move upstairs, taking up a position above the men firing on Khai’s position. A suppressed pistol or sniper rifle is gold here, as you can shoot the bad guys in the head, starting with the furthest back and moving closer to the Domo Roboto store that Khai is hiding in. If done correctly, you should kill them all without anyone ever figuring out what’s going on. Reach Khai to complete the objective.

Get to Dawes

Apparently the captain likes to just meet his folks in the field, in the middle of the action, at the most inconvenient times. Oh well, leading by example is admirable, so start working forward with Khai and Stoddard to reach Dawes.

Players will eventually pass through another locked door, at which point it may seem like they’re being shot at, but they aren’t. That’s just the roof coming down, so no worries. Tag the enemies using the Scanner, locating Xavier Gonzalez, one more of the Suspects with Warrants. From here it’s just a matter of deciding what to do with the thugs standing in the way. Either arrest them by pulling them away with distraction techniques, or start putting holes in places that they aren’t supposed to have them. After that it’s just a matter of moving forward until the end of the episode.

Feel free to return to our main walkthrough for Battlefield Hardline, a place where you’ll find all of the episodes in one location, as well as guides to all of the Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants. For players that are eager to continue with their experience right away, continue to Episode 5: Gauntlet.