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Battlefield Hardline Episode 2: Checking Out – Escape the Lobby

by Prima Games Staff

Apprehend Leo

A lengthy cut scene will ease gamers into this episode, but the action will quickly pick up with the introduction of the first objective. As soon as players are in control, chase Leo up the ramp to the second story of the parking garage. There will be several enemies here, including at least two that can be taken down with a melee attack or the T62 CEW. Things got ugly for us shortly afterwards, so we switched to a gun and started putting bad guys down for good.

When the parking garage is clear, keep following Leo into the building and up a few flights of stairs, opening the marked door. Follow the hallway until instructed to take out the Scanner, locating and identifying the five enemies inside. They can all be taken down with non-lethal tactics, and that is what will get players the most points. It’s also noting that several pieces of Evidence are in the area and the rooms beyond, which we’ve detailed in a separate walkthrough already.

The chase with Leo will continue as players make their way through the laundry building and out to the hotel pool. Be sure to slow up and scan for potential targets, resisting the urge to sprint through. It might take some time to deal with everyone in a humane manner, but eventually players will go back inside the hotel, following the halls while chatting with Khai.

Maintain a close eye on the map, as players will eventually come to a lobby full of bad guys, with the first two primed and ready to be arrested. Flash that badge and get them to give up before they scatter, handcuffing them and thinning out the number of eyes in the lobby.

Tip: Javier Rosado stands guard near the lobby exit, and is one of the Suspects with Warrants. Be sure to check out our full guide of where these guys can be found.

Work around the lobby in a counter-clockwise fashion, passing behind the elevators and arresting as many bad guys as possible. This should make it fairly easy to get Javier in handcuffs, at which point players will need to climb the spiral stars to the second story. There’s only one more bad guy to take care of up here, then it’s on to a cut scene with Leo and Khai.

Escape the Lobby

The lobby and area just outside will see players fighting through anywhere from five to eight bad guys. Of course, alternate methods can be used to escape, such as throwing shell casings and making arrests, or throwing shell casings and simply sneaking forward. The one area we did need to use our firearm, however, was the truck that pulled up. The gentlemen in there were less than agreeable, which is why they all have an extra hole in their heads for their trouble.

Tip: Gary Volker is in the group of guys who approach the lobby after the cut scene with Khai. He’s another one of the Suspects with Warrants, and that’s another solid reason to avoid shooting everyone as they enter the hotel.

Get in the Truck

Oh c’mon… you can handle this part on your own.

Meet Dawes

The remainder of the episode will play out via a driving scene, and it’s nothing that should be even a little bit challenging. The truck players are in is basically a tank, and smashing through other vehicles and or debris is no problem at all. Just drive in the only direction possible for about a minute, then meet with Dawes to complete the episode.

Feel free to return to our main walkthrough for Battlefield Hardline, a place where you’ll find all of the episodes in one location, as well as guides to all of the Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants. For players who are eager to continue with their experience right away, continue to Episode 3:Gator Bait.

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