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Battlefield Hardline Episode 10: Legacy – Secret Mansion Entrance

by Prima Games Staff

The final episode of Battlefield Hardline includes only two objectives, and since we’re not focusing on the Suspects with Warrants or the Evidence that makes up the game’s Case Files, we can guide gamers to the conclusion of this campaign rather quickly. In fact, we can do it while only having to pass by a total of six enemies (not including Dawes himself).

Of course, if you are looking for the collectibles and suspects, follow the links up above to a complete walkthrough of those items. Otherwise, get ready to beat Battlefield Hardline.

Get Dawes

The first two guards that players need to deal with are directly in front of them. Sneak up and place them both under arrest, then get ready to do some sneaky stuff to pass by almost the entire level. There are many more guards that you could fuss with, but we’re here to help you beat the game, so that’s what we’re going to focus on.

Move forward and past the cabanas, then continue on by the utility complex. Players will want to hook to the left of the mansion, and will know they are in the right place when they spot two guards standing on the beach, with a platform high on the rocks above them. Freeze the two guards, then use the Tactical Gear to grab a Grappling Hook. For the record, a Zipline isn’t necessary, but a T62 CEW wouldn’t hurt for the two guards waiting at the top of the cliff.

Use the Grappling Hook to climb to the first platform, then again to reach the second. Once they are on the same level as the mansion, players will have two guards directly in front of them, and these two can be placed under arrest to ensure the noise level stays to a minimum. From there, just walk in through the front door and into the office where Dawes is waiting. It’s as easy as that.

Open the Passage

Now that players have taken care of Dawes, look on his desk to find a note. This note is a piece of Evidence (the final one of the game), and if players have all the Case Files completed they will unlock a trophy called World’s Greatest Detective.

The note serves another purpose, as it shows Mendoza where to find the secret passage. Once players find that, the rest of the game is just a cut scene to wrap up the campaign. Enjoy it, then get ready to make another pass through and find all of the collectibles.

Of course, we’re always interested to see what you think. Were you happy with the way Battlefield Hardline ended, or were you expecting something different?

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