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Battlefield Hardline: All Suspects with Warrants – Bring ’em to Justice

by Prima Games Staff

There are two types of collectibles in Battlefield Hardline. First there are the various pieces of Evidence that can be found throughout the campaign, all of which makes up the numerous Case Files that can be completed. We already covered that in a separate walkthrough, so today we’re going to go over a slightly different type of collectible, Suspects with Warrants.

Suspects with Warrants are much more hands-on than the other type of collectible, requiring players to first identify these types of enemies with the Scanner and then arrest them. Apprehending them all is worth the trouble, since there is a possibility to earn four trophies/achievements for doing this.

  • Bring ’em to Justice: Capture all Suspects with Warrants alive
  • By the Book: Use a non-lethal takedown on 10 criminals
  • You Tazed Him, Bro!: Zap 5 Criminals with the T62 CEW
  • Watched, Dawg: Identify 10 Suspects with Warrants using the Scanner

Tips for Arresting and Taking Down Suspects with Warrants

  • Aside from Shea Dorsett, Suspects with Warrants must be identified using the Scanner. We may not say this for every individual outlined below, but it must be done.
  • There are two ways to neutralize a suspect using non-lethal means, using the T62 CEW for a Takedown, or performing an Arrest. The former is worth 500 points, the latter 1,000.
  • For suspects who are in the middle of several thug buddies, try throwing shell casings to distract and pull individuals away from the group.
  • Once they’ve been tagged and identified, enemies with warrants should have handcuff icons above their heads. These can be used to pinpoint their locations.
  • Be sure to search anyone who has been taken down or arrested, as some of the suspects will have Evidence on them, an essential component to completing the game’s Case Files.


Shea Dorsett

The first suspect with a warrant is pretty easy to catch given the fact that he’s part of the story. Shea Dorsett will enter the room and then immediately flee. Players will need to follow him in their cars, then arrest him to complete the prologue.

Episode 1: Back to School

Lawrence Kent

Following a conversation between Tap and Tyson, two vehicles will enter the courtyard. Scan the man in the right, rear passenger position of the first car to identify Lawrence Kent. This will place a handcuff icon above his head, allowing players to track and arrest him.

Episode 2: Checking Out

Javier Rosado

Mr. Rosado can be arrested after taking out the first two thugs in the lobby. Look ahead for another exit, identifying the suspect on the right using the Scanner. Feel free to take out his posse, then approach and arrest Javier using non-lethal techniques.

Gary Volker

Players will receive an objective that requires them to Escape the Lobby, at which point they will be able to use the Scanner to identify Gary Volker. Let him pass underneath, hopping down and hitting this fool with the T62 CEW to bust him. Nicely done.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

Luis Minguez

When players receive the objective that asks them to Investigate the Boathouse, that’s their cue to scan three thugs and identify Luis Minguez. In fact, all three of these suspects can be frozen with a flash of the badge, then arrested.

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell is a real piece of work, which probably explains why he’s found in the middle of the gator farm. Players can tag all the suspects in this group, then handcuff or use the T62 CEW on each one. However, Mr. Bell is the big fish here.

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown hangs out near the big barn at the saw mill. Be sure to identify him with the Scanner, then work on a method to either arrest or take him down with the T62 CEW. Whatever option players choose, make sure it’s non-lethal.

Episode 4: Case Closed

Philip Evans

Players will find Philip Evans standing guard at the alarm box outside of Domo Roboto warehouse. Make sure to identify him with the Scanner, then arrest him or hit him with the T62 CEW. Feel free to shoot any other bad guys in the area.

Leonard Miller

This suspect can be tagged from the parking garage, and is found patrolling outside the mall with several other thugs. Once he’s identified, wait for him to wander away from his pals before moving in for the arrest or a non-lethal takedown.

Frankie Diaz

Mr. Diaz is found on the first floor of the mall, but the situation is complicated by the guards standing on the balconies above. Consider eliminating them, then moving to the first floor to arrest Frankie Diaz when he doesn’t have any muscle behind him.

Xavier Gonzalez

The final suspect with a warrant in this episode is found in the food court of the mall with some buddies. Look for Xavier Gonzalez on the left side, identifying him with the Scanner before moving in and hitting this fool with the T62 CEW.

Episode 5: Gauntlet

There are no suspects with warrants to be identified and arrested in this episode.

Episode 6: Out of Business

Edgar Kwok

Players can enter the salvage warehouse using a set of stairs on the right side. In front of them will be several thugs, including Edgar Kwok. Use the shell casing distraction technique to separate the suspect from the group and then arrest him.

James Mun

Mr. Mun hangs out behind the salvage yard warehouse, and players can opt to take him and Mr. Kwok out in whatever order they please. Tag him with the Scanner, then move in for the non-lethal takedown using the T62 CEW.

Ji-hun Oh

The final suspect of this episode is in the chop shop, close to the alarm box. Take out the guards outside, then open the garage door to draw Ji-hun Oh out. Use the Scanner to identify him, then equip the T62 CEW to take him down.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

Cameron Briller

Following the meeting in Roark’s mansion, two guards will sit in the first floor living area. Players should use the Scanner to identify Briller, then approach from the stairs, flash their badge and place the suspect under arrest. For that matter, arrest them both.

Marvin Thomas

Marvin Thomas hangs out at the tennis courts with one of his thug pals. Use the Scanner to identify him, then approach and use the T62 CEW to take him down with non-lethal means. Feel free to give his buddy the same treatment.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

Jim Preston

Before entering the compound, players should spend a few moments using the Scanner to tag all of the targets inside, including Jim Preston. He patrols the inner circle of trailers, but can be lured out to make arresting him somewhat easier.

Episode 9: Independence Day

Derek Kelly

The first suspect with a warrant can be found inside the lobby. Either use a shell casing to lure him away from his pals, or sneak up behind him to perform the arrest. The second option is riskier than necessary. Go with the shell casing technique.

John Starnes

Mr. Starnes is on the 19th floor, but players can use the Scanner to identify him from the 20th. Make sure to maintain stealth in this area, eventually working close to the suspect and taking him down with the T62 CEW.

Episode 10: Legacy

Howard White

Mr. White hangs out at the roadblock, so be sure to use the Scanner to tag all the enemies until he’s been identified. Next up, start taking out guards with silent takedowns and various stealth tactics. When only two thugs remain (Mr. White being one of them), approach and place them under arrest.

Lyle Feldman

Lyle Feldman hangs out at the cabanas, smack dab in the middle of them, in fact. Work on eliminating some of the opposition around the outsides, then freeze Mr. Feldman and his thug pal with a flash of the badge, placing them both under arrest.

Craig Foster

The final suspect of the campaign who has a warrant for his arrest is Craig Foster, a man hanging out near the utility complex’s northeast side. Identify him using the Scanner, then lure him outside and take him down using some non-lethal tactics.

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